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Rinu stays with her aunt. Rinu is a school teacher. Her aunt always asks for marriage but Rinu doesn't find her match. So one day she ask s her aunty for her life. Her aunty smiles and says that she has a mystery.

Next day Rinu is asking for that mystery.

It was about a phone call. Her aunty starts. One day a phone call came and wanted to sone one. Aunt said no. Then the man started to ask so many questions about this. Aunt answered these questions. Aunty didn't know why she was answered. But she did.

Then the next day at the same time the same phone calls the same voice. It took 1 hr for conversation. The next day again .....and again.

The aunt was expecting the phone call every day same time. But never asked the phone number. They talked about so many things. The aunt was happy very happy. But she didn't know was it love?

Weeks passed. .. months passed. ..

One day suddenly the phone call didn't come. Aunty waited a long... The next day the same phone call and next day the same ...

Aunt every day waited for phone calls but no calls. Aunt didn't know the phone number.

One day aunt forgot about the phone call.... but remember about the incident. ...

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