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Token Marriage

Token Marriage

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It was the dark day of her life. Susan was flying to Dubai with her husband Roy leaving her parents behind. He was her husband yet a stranger! She was happy yet sad... Life was like a toss game.

Roy married her last week and after the bland wedding night.he flew back to Delhi. He had his ailing sister

Richa admitted in Hospital. Susan and Roy had married on a mutual understanding that his wife will take care of him and his sister Richa's son Prithvi at Dubai. He had legally adopted the three year old child and he knew his sister was battling her last few months with a cardiac disease. Susan had her ailing parents and Roy promised to appoint an home nurse and take care of their finanical needs.

Susan wanted a husband who would love her parents as his own. Roy was very handsome and Susan too was very beautiful. She dreamt a beautiful life at Dubai. She was all ready wearing a blue dress and Roy came with a bouquet and his charming smile to pick her up. Susan kissed her parents and put her hands on Roy's waist and bid good bye to parents.

She was blusing and dreaming for the unfullied bed of roses at their Dubai apartment in the next night. They were flying from Mumbai and Roy had booked a suite for the night. Susan's eye's brightnened with the beautiful room. The bed had golden pillows and beautiful flower vases on the sides. She quickly ordered some ice tea and Roy went to freshen up. Roy walked out of the bathroom with bare chest, drapped in his towel. Susan was tempted and she kissed his pecs.

He pushed her to the bed and said:

" Please sleep Susan. Order something if you want... I am off to sleep with an early morning flight to board."

He changed into his Track pants and T-s hirt and slept on a corner of the bed.

Susan gulped the ice tea and weeped the whole night. She had taken 5 Lakhs from him already for her parents care.

He had already told her that he is strong headed and she has to bear with his personality. He had promised her that he will not hit or abuse her.

The morning bloomed and Susan wore her Red netted dress for the flight. Roy looked at her from top to bottom with a smile.

He was seduced and he started kissing her nape of the neck. They almost hit the bed but baby Prithvi called.

" Papa when are you getting new mom." The baby asked.

Susan was furious and she developed some ill feeling for Prithvi. She could not understand how she will fake motherhood with the child?

She boarded the flight with a sullen face and slept. Roy too leaned on her shoulders and took rest till the Air hostess woke them up with their snacks. Susan was feeling cold and she rubbed her netted hands. Roy opened his jacket and gave it to her. She covered her body and leaned her head on his shoulders. He caressed her hair and said:

" Honey, Prithvi is just three and feels I am his father. When he was just one Richa was detected with heart disease. Her husband dumped her and my parents are taking care of her. I married you because I wanted to marry someone who will accept Prithvi and also allow me to toil hard. Susan I can give you more money and luxurious life in Dubai. I can't keep up to your expectations, might not be able to fulfill your desires but I want you to be a good mother to my son Prithvi. As per our marriage 'Will ,' you and me can't take chance for making babies. Prithvi wiill be sleeping in our room. You must be regretting the choice you made but I am happy with my life choice that is you. Marrying you was a right decision."

"I am also happy Roy that I married you. You must be thinking I demanded 5 lakh Rupees from you because I am greedy. Actually I never wanted to get married leaving behind my parents. We don't have enough money and I was the only working member at my home. My mom is bed ridden and dad too is not great with health. But my parents don't know I have kept the demand of money from you. They feel you have given it to them for their need and treatment out of your love. I don't know whether I will be able to be a good mother because I am not one in real but I will try my best to behave like a good mum to our sone Prithvi. On the top of that if you love your sister so much then you have a gem of heart." Tears trickled down Susan's eyes while she was expressing her mind to Roy.

Roy wiped her tears and hugged her softly. The flight landed and they went to their mansion kind of home. There were servants for everything. Prithvi ran and hid behind Susan's suitcase. Susan giggled while preparing herself to be a mother. She and Prithvi mingled in an hour and they became friends. A week passed Richa's health was detoriatring and she wanted to see Prithvi. Roy and family flew back to Delhi but Richa had already breathed her last. Susan was sad but Roy booked her and kids ticket to Mumbai. He did not wanted the little kid to see his sister's last rites rituals. Susan walked into her Mumbai apartment with a heavy heart with Prithvi. With an heavy heart she fainted and her mother thought she was pregnant.

" Amma, (mom) drink a glass of water." Prithvi stood infront for her.

Susan cried and hugged him tight.

" Will you be able to love him after your child is born?" Susan's mom asked her.

Susan hugged her mom and said Good night. She put Prithvi to sleep. His hands on her chest and breathing sound made her feel like a mother. She had decided that night that she won't go for another baby and ruin this beautiful relationship. She will nurse Prithvi and raise him well and never regret of making this choice and never complain about loveless marriage ever. Roy was indeed caring though he was toiling hard for his sister's huge hospital bills. Her death and trauma will make him sick, Susan knew and she decided to give him sometime.

A year passed and it was their first anniversary. Roy had booked a suite for her and him. Prithvi was sent to a friends home and Susan was very happy.

" Before we start let me ask you are you happy with me?" Roy asked.

" I am very happy with you and what I want is more riches than love?" Susan spoke like a vamp.

" Oh Sussy, you are my baby's best mother and I owe you for that." Roy complimented.

" If ever I have made a right decision, it is just you, Roy." Susan opened his shirt and kissed his chest. Soon they were in their blankets feeling the heat of eachother. "

" Marriage is indeed not a bed of roses. Love is not always physical relationship. A healthy marriage needs lot of understanding to make the bed of roses with the thorns in the relationship."

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