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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

To My Dear Rapist With Love!

To My Dear Rapist With Love!

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"God forgive him, for he didn’t realize what he had done – It’s unforgivable"

Jennifer, the vivacious girl in her early thirties, was exactly quoting the same word when she went through those gruesome pains. Jennifer didn’t know what price she was paying for the mistake that she hadn’t committed.  

Lying unconscious outside a London pub in the late midnight, she was going through a series of mental and physical agonies which no one else except jennier could comprehend. Her parents rushed to the spot after a few hours. 

“Are you alright, Jenny? The sweet nickname that they used for their lone daughter, Jennifer. As the cadence of her parents’ voice reached into her numbing ears, the 27-year-old MBA student soberly said, “Yes I am okay”, with tears rolling down her cheeks.  

“Now tell us how all this happened?” You don’t need to fret anybody, your parents are here. But Jennifer was circumspect. She clearly ignored what her parents were asking her to do. 

“I will disclose everything only to law enforcement agencies and doctors”. I won’t open my mouth in front of you all. Jennifer’s shrilling voice clearly reflected the distress and woe that she went through a few hours back. Yet she maintained a pin-drop silence. Jennifer draped a shawl that a passer-by gave her to conceal the torn garments which clearly hinted towards the brutality she faced a little while back. 

Despite repeated requests by Jennifer’s dad, she preferred staying mum. Her mother also asked her to divulge everything so that the culprit could be immediately nabbed and put behind bars but Jennifer maintained a stunt silence. 

Devastated dad couldn’t hold it any longer. Out of emotional outburst, he spoke out, “then languish at your own. We gave you enough freedom, now we are here to help you out but you are only annoying us more”!  

“It’s not like that papa. Why should I feel guilty for the thing which I didn’t commit at all? Jennifer tried to put her perspective in front of parents. 

It was a very difficult situation for both Jenny and her parents. Her parents wanted justice for their daughter Jennifer – Contrarily, Jennifer also wanted justice, but in her own way! 

Chapter – II 

The lady police officials arrived there and sent Jennifer for medical examination after a few initial chit-chats with her. “She has been raped and sexually assaulted, it seems she know him, but she is not ready to disclose more about the case, the lady police inspector informed Jenny’s parents.  

Jennifer’s parents were shocked listening to it. They didn’t know how to react. While Jenny’s mom’s eyes filled with tears of vengeance, her father was almost ready to eat the culprit alive.  

Putting emotions in control, Jennifer’s dad said, “What action are you taking? “As of now, we are unable to take any action because Jennifer is not ready to go with the case. She doesn’t want an FIR to be filed against the culprit. Unless she is ready to give her statement how can we pursue the case”, the lady cop explained in an extremely serious voice. 

“But why is she doing it”? Shocked father told the cop. “Maybe, after a couple of days when she will come out of trauma she will divulge more about the case", the lady cop said. 

Coming out from the nearby hospital Jennifer asked her parents to go home and requested them not to torture her more by asking about that worst nightmare. 

Shocked parents took Jennifer home. On reaching home, Jennifer informed her mom that she was feeling hungry. She tried to pretend as if nothing has happened. 

On the dining table following evening, Jennifer’s mother said, “Why are you doing this to us? You think you are alone? Should we simply ignore what has happened to you and forgive the culprit? Jennifer maintained a deafening silence – she didn’t speak any word. Aggrieved dad instantly left the room. 

When Jennifer couldn’t carry it any longer she screamed out, “Let me handle my problems by myself. I am grown-up enough. Many girls face these sorts of atrocities day in and day out. Not every time, parents come to help them. Consider it as my life’s worst nightmare and move on. I have already moved on! 

Jenny’s mom wanted to utter something, but she stopped. Everybody was clueless that why Jenny’s behavior has almost suddenly changed after that incident! 

Jennifer was certainly not in a mood to punish her rapist, but she planned something more dreadful for him. Yes, she knew him very well.  

Chapter – III 

Six months have passed so soon. 

Jennifer’s parents couldn’t forget the mental and emotional trauma that they went through, but Jennifer has transformed her life to a great extent now. 

She has started appearing for college lectures regularly now. She behaved more positively now. There were no traces of emotional anguish on Jenny’s face anymore after that “nightmarish” accident.  

At a college campus field, one fine morning, Nathan came to Jennifer and said, “Such strange is the world. There was a time when you were a happy soul. The whole college admired your beauty and intellect but nowadays nobody cares about you anymore – not even your close friends after that incident at London Pub. Tut-tut, but it’s a reality. You are now just a dishonored belle. So sad”! 

Jennifer was swallowing everything with great difficulty. Her mouth wanted to speak out loud, but her heart stopped her from doing so. After hearing Nathan’s prattle for a long time, Jennifer did the unimaginable.  

Keeping her books and bag aside, at a lighting fast speed she clasped Nathan almost suddenly. Even before Nathan could understand what was happening, Jennifer’s moist lips stuck Nathan’s left cheek.  

It followed with a sudden lip-lock that startled the entire college campus. Suddenly, the attention of entire college campus shifted towards this renewed bonhomie between Jennifer and Nathan. The duo otherwise was known for sharing infamous animosity with each other at college and outside.  

Embarrassed Nathan tried to get away from there, but by then Jennifer quickly jotted down her mobile number on Nathan’s book. She immediately hired a car and went home. 

After reaching home, Jennifer didn’t tell anything to anybody. She secretly went inside her room and wept aloud – probably for the first time in such a deafening voice.

Her loud cry seemed determined enough to punish the rapist, but of course in an unprecedented manner. 

It seemed that the horrifying scenes of that bizarre incident came alive in front of her eyes. 

Suddenly, a mobile SMS diverted Jennifer’s attention. It was of course from an unknown number with the message, “Why you did this to me” - Nathan?  

Taking the mobile she wrote back, “Because I love you. I don’t know about the past, we can still be good friends. Yes, I have moved on in my life. I want you to forget the past and begin a fresh life too”.  

Chapter - IV 

Three months later! 

With the passage of time, Jennifer’s scars also got cured – at least that’s what she pretended in front of the world. Nathan and Jennifer began a completely unprecedented relationship. They were now good buddies. They didn’t share bad-blood anymore. 

One day, Jennifer revealed everything about Nathan to her parents. They were flabbergasted hearing the same. Her parents asked Jennifer to lodge a formal complaint against Nathan so that he could be arrested at once. But Jennifer was adamant. She didn’t want to stall the nascent romantic relationship that has just begun with Nathan. 

Frustated with parent's relentless involvement in her relationship with Nathan, Jennifer ran away from her house with a note saying, “It’s extremely difficult for me to accept so much interference in my personal life. If Nathan did something wrong to me then let me handle the situation. Why are you making my life hell instead? Despite my repeated requests you kept on arguing and poking me. I can’t tolerate it anymore. So I’m leaving this house. And please don’t search for me because I want some moments of loneliness”. Please respect my privacy. – Jenny” 

Jennifer’s parents were worried and extremely upset due to shocking behavior from their beloved daughter. But they stayed mum and decided not to call Jennifer unless she herself returned to the house. 

But Jennifer did the unimaginable, one more time. 

Straightaway, Jennifer reached Nathan’s house. Forgetting all hatred, he instantly welcomed Jennifer and gave her a shelter at his home.

Slowly the days passed on. And their relationship fructified too. Both Nathan and Jennifer turned more than a friend. Jennifer behaved cordially with Nathan as if nothing has happened, but on the contrary, Nathan was at the receiving end. His heart couldn’t carry the burden of injustice he inflicted on her. 

Finally, the day came when Nathan knelt down beside Jennifer and said, “Today I want to repent for my Mistake. I know it’s unpardonable but at that time it was just the spurt of a moment that I decided to teach you a lesson out of jealousy. 

I know you bore all the pains but I have changed too for good. The day we began a new life, I kept no third person in my life. Now you are my love and everything. You could have easily sent me behind bars but you didn’t do so. You chose to live with the rapist who has devastated your life. But I humbly welcomed you to my life and you turned it far more beautiful than I had ever dreamt before. 

If you wish I’m still ready to confess everything before the London police about what happened that night at the pub, Nathan stated. 

 “No Nathan. We have moved on in life. I have freshly begun a new life wiping all the memories of the past. I’m looking into near future when we can live as a married couple”, excited Jennifer told Nathan in a chocked voice. 

What? Nathan was completely taken aback. “Yes, Jennifer you are the best thing to have ever happened in my life. It will be awesome to be your better half. We will marry later this month. 

Saying this Jennifer and Nathan embraced each other as the uncanny warmth engulfed the whole atmosphere – both were heading for a certain deadly future. 

Marriage day soon arrived. Without inviting anyone else, the duo secretly married each other. 

One evening, Jennifer informed Nathan that she was pregnant. It was no longer a rapist’s unwanted and unborn child – but both Nathan and Jennifer’s child. Nathan couldn’t hide his tears of joys either. 

He was happy to experience the fatherhood for the first time in his life. Nathan took care of Jennifer in the best possible manner like any responsible husband would do. 

But destiny planned something brutal for the couple which Nathan was completely unaware of. 


Amidst happiness and anxieties, nine months have passed. 

One fine morning, co-incidentally, it was Jennifer’s delivery date she went missing. Nathan couldn’t find Jennifer in the house. He was shocked and terribly shaken. He called her name loudly, Jennifer.. Jennifer, but no response was there. He quickly dialed Jennifer’s mobile number but it was not responding.

Finally, he took the help of a local police station and informed the cop that Jennifer was missing. He dialed her parents as well, but they clearly stated “We don’t have any relationship with Jennifer. She was once our daughter, but became a stranger the day she started a relationship with a criminal like you”. Saying this, her parents immediately disconnected the mobile. 

Anguished Nathan frantically searched Jennifer here and there. Then he reached the very same pub where he dishonored her. 

Just outside the pub, Jennifer’s soul-less body was laid. She was unrecognizable - her face was smashed very bad. It seemed a clear case of fatal road accident. She delved deeper into an unbreakable slumber from where no one else could wake up. Blood splashed all over her face, dress and everywhere. But her lifeless hand was still tightly holding a letter. 

Nathan reached the spot and broke down. Jennifer’s sudden demise was something which was hard to accept. 

He was weeping aloud. He had no idea how and what caused Jennifer to die. All of sudden, he came across that letter and read it out; 

To My Dear Rapist, 

At this very place, I choose to finish my life. For more than the last one year, you completely shattered my life, dream and relationship. I neither forgave you nor did I ever love you. How I behaved with you after that horrific day was just an illusion to put you inside a deep gorge of relationship puzzle from where you could never come out alive

I swore vengeance on you for the gravest crime you did to me. Yes, today I am dying with a sense of pride that my rapist won’t ever be able to touch my unborn child with his bloody-filthy hand. You can’t walk free from today onwards. After my death, I want police officials to instantly arrest the culprit, Nathan – he is solely responsible for my suicide. No one else is. And I want someone to also inform my parents that their daughter was never separated from them. She would still love them immensely even after death. 

Finally, I chose this very spot to die because this is the same place where Nathan raped me that night since I was a far better student and human than Nathan. After that day, I was determined to teach him a lesson and started a false relationship with him – which arose out of hostility and hatred – not with an iota of love. Our relationship nurtured out of a secret hatred and today it’s coming to a perfect end. I wish the police authority to give the harshest punishment to Nathan”. 

“You are under arrest, gentleman”, Said one of the lady police officials who was standing beside Nathan. I have enough evidence against you. Even medical examination report is still with me. It clearly confirmed that Jennifer was raped outside the pub and the perpetrator was you only. Jennifer handed me all necessary evidence and proof a day before to implicate you in the most inhuman rape case”. 

With chocked voice, Nathan said “I deserve the gravest punishment for what I did, but why did you punish our unborn child, Jennifer? Was it right? Saying this, he silently entered inside the Police Jeep with a grief-stricken heart. 

As the vehicle sped up, suddenly Nathan hit hard on the door using his legs and got it wide open. He threw himself out on the busy road. Even before the Police could do anything, a speeding cab has already rammed him down. One of the police officials went to non-responsive Nathan to check if he was alright after that horrific road accident. 

“He is no more, announced the police official while checking Nathan’s pulse rate and heart-beat - both were stopped. Police found a little note in his pocket.

It says, “I am Sorry, Jennifer. Without you, I can’t imagine my life. So, better I shall die.”

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