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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats


There are no excuses

There are no excuses

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There are no excuses when you are determined 

Yesterday I saw a meme with a 100 year old man competing in a marathon and it said what's your excuse? Under the comments it said because he had more time to train.

I was dying because it was funny but people will make all kinds of excuses, that's life.

Now clearly this guy didn't think he was too old to do a marathon, he got up one day, decided this was what he wanted to do, made a plan and then stuck to it. And here he is not only doing a marathon, but being a meme as well.

To me, and so many, he is my hero, he gives me inspiration to do things I didn't think I could do. I want to be that 100 year old jumping out of a plane or doing a marathon or that 80 year old body builder. I want to be an inspiration for others to do whatever you want, at any age and without excuses.

Look, we all have excuses, I'm too old, it's too late, I'm not smart enough, I don't have the time or money…. Insert your bullshit excuse here. 

Or what about I'll start when I have a better job or when I lose weight, how about...when I'm in a relationship or on Monday, so many people's favorite. We can all come up with more excuses then there are days in the week but that doesn't get us there…to our goals or dreams. That just brings us to some more bullshit excuses on why we can't do it.

For me once I set my mind to something that's it. I wanted to do a triathlon even though I sucked at swimming and I hated running and even at 49 years old but it was on my bucket list so I was going to do it. Eight months I trained and yes, there was a point where I said I can't do this. Actually it was every day while trying to make it to the end of the block, but I pushed myself. I had a goal I wanted to achieve and by God, I was going to die trying.

I ended up breaking my toe the night before the race but even that didn't stop me. As soon as I started my swim I got stung by jellyfish in my ass but that didn't stop me. Even a torrential downpour and thunderstorm towards the end of the race wasn't going to stop me. I was determined to do this and guess what? I ended up placing 3rd in my age group. Hell, I was just hoping I would be done before dark, so believe me this was huge! 

Yes, to be honest at some points I also thought I'm too old, this is too hard, I can't swim, I hated running. I moaned I can't my legs hurt, my ass hurt… insert excuses here and trust and believe there were many I could have inserted but I didn't. I kept going through the aches and pains, through my insecurities, past the point of where I thought I may die doing this but guess what I didn't. I did it and I placed 3rd, unfrigginbelievable! 

But if I gave up, if I kept holding on to my excuses I would have never done this. And neither would this man who at 100 did a marathon. 

So today my friends remember nothing is impossible, you're never too old, there is never an excuse good enough to quit. It's all in your mind and if you say I can do this then you can and you will.

"Be the change you want to see"


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