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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Unanswered Questions

The Unanswered Questions

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Arghhhh!! I am so frustrated. Why?? no wonder people always say no to girls college, I am a girl and I myself is saying that girls are super irritating. Its 2019, and I still don’t know how can the girls be as mean as the girls in the movie ‘Mean girls’ that came out long back in the year 2004.

Avanti: Sunishtha

Me: Yes?

Avanti: Teacher is distributing the test papers. Go and collect yours

Me: Yes CR! Thank you

Had not been this CR, I feel I won’t be able to survive here. It is been 3 months here but I want to leave. I don’t think I am able to adjust here. My dreams, my expectations feel so ruined and sabotaged. I wish I can sue you Karan Johar. This college is whole different from what I thought it would be or any college would have been.

Ahhh! I needed rest, I needed to move out of here. But at that time, I could only go the park nearby. It is in the campus only but too much comfy, the greenery and soothing sights of birds collecting the grains and other stuff, and their chirping oh gosh! I think this is what I live for. The place is so pretty that I can’t even express in words with justice. But I can surely assure you that you won’t get disappointed. That was my first day there but I have always heard about that place being so good and its worth paying atleast one visit there.

As I was walking on the pathway right after entering the park, Waaah! I think I was hypnotized by its beauty. After few minutes passed by, some music hit my ears. I walked towards the direction from where the music was coming, it was surely played on a flute, I guessed. While walking, I reached a place full of tombstones. And I was right. A guy appeared from behind some bushes.

He was there in a white t-shirt with blue ripped jeans. While holding a flute in his right hand, he was looking mesmerising.

I stood there, felt like I was being paralysed to his beauty and his way of playing music. I only could see him walking towards me while he was passing air in the holes of the flute which was so much in tune that I can’t even guess if I am in real life or in my dreams.

The guy stopped playing flute right after he reached at approximately 1 metre distance from me.

The guy: Why are you here?

I couldn’t say anything. He asked again and I couldn’t say anything and I really don’t know when and why but i ran away from the place.


I prepared myself for the next day. I rehearsed my name 50 times so that I won’t get nervous with him. I prayed to God to make him available at the same spot. And he was right there practicing on his flute. His back was in front of him, I went towards him.

Me: Hey!

He turned around and he indeed was so angelic.

Me: I am so sorry for yesterday; actually I was sort of intoxicated by your music. So sorry for my rude behaviour.

I extended my arm towards him.

Me: HI! I am Sunishtha

He instantly shook my hand.

The guy: Hi! I am Nishchay. So, you really liked my music?

Me: I just loved it.

He smiled

Nishchay: Thanks!

Me: Can you play a verse for me?

Nishchay: Yes sure!

He pulled up his flute and put it under his lips and started playing. That was the sweetest tune I have ever heard in my life.

Nishchay: How was it?

Me: Perfect…. Like you!

He again smiled, and with every smile, I was falling hard and hard for him.

Nishchay: Let's walk around.

Me: Oh! Why not!


Me: I wonder why are the people here do not come to listen to you. You sing so well.

Nishchay: May be they don’t like my music

Me: Nope! They have hearing ailments.

We both laughed and continued walking in the park.

I read the quote written on his shirt

‘I am immortal’

Me: I love the quote written on your t shirt

Nishchay: And I love the girl who loves it.

I cant help smiling

Oh gosh! Why is he so smooth with such lines?

Me: I love you too

Nishchay: What? I can't hear you.

Me: Nothing

Nishchay: Okay

He smiled and walked away. He is charismatic in his own way.

I didnt like how well the things were going. I wondered how can things go this fast. But I believe in love at first sight. And I think I am in love with someone for the very first time in my life. I had never been this happy and confident before. Because of him, I think I can survive my whole college life.

Me: Wait, I forgot to ask when I first saw you, why were you there in the graveyard?

Nishchay: Because I feel when humans can't listen to my music, at least dead can.

I wondered how can someone be so witty, handsome and perfect at once. How?

Me: I always wonder why you wear same clothes everyday, like it has been 3 days but you are in the same thing.

Nishchay: Actually, I am living on my own, cant help and too lazy to change clothes.

Me: Don’t tell me you didn’t bathe too?

Nishchay: Well (Long pause)

Me: OMG! Whyyyyy

Nishchay: Cause why not?

We laughed. I found him cool in everything he did. Like I mentioned earlier, so perfect.

 Nishchay: Why are you asking so many questions? Are you an interviewer.

Me: LOL! I just wanna know you better.

NIshchay: Okay me too, tell me about yourself.

Me: Ummm I…..

While I was thinking about what to tell him about myself, I felt his body so close to me, I looked at his eyes, and damn they were so deep. He came a little closer and before I can ask what exactly is he doing, I felt a peck of his soft lips on my forehead. And at that moment, all the blood in my veins rushed right towards my cheeks making it go all red and hot.

Nishchay (returns back to his previous position) : Thank you sunishtha for listening to me. While I felt like a ghost in front of the whole world, you made me feel special, Thank you and I am sorry for not making you as special as I feel you are.

Tears started falling down from my eyes.

Me: Not at all nishchay, you did made me feel special. Thank you.

He smiled and rubbed my left shoulder with his gentle hands.

Nishchay: Gotta go! Have music classes. See you tomorrow, same place, same time. Bye. Take care!

I smiled and stood there while he waved me good bye.

That was the longest conversation we had in all the three days.


I was waiting for nischay to come while I saw Avanti in the same park.

Me: Hey Avanti

Avanti: Hi sunishtha, you here?

Me: Yes I was waiting for someone. You?

Avanti: (hesitating) Nothing much, you wait. We will see each other later.

She said this and left

But she seemed upset so I followed her.

Me: I guess you can share with me, may be I am a bad advisor, but I am good listener.

Avanti (smiles): Thanks sunishtha. It's been 3 years that my brother died. Behind this area, there is a graveyard. Just going there to put these flowers.

Me: I am sorry Avanti, but can I ask how did he die?

Avanti: A tree fell off on him, and there was nobody to rescue him for whole 2 hours. He would have been saved had someone noticed him earlier.

I hugged her, I didnt know what to tell her otherwise.

She hugged me back.

Avanti: Thank you!

I smiled.

We reached the graveyard.

She went to a tombstone which reads

In the loving memory of


A son, a brother and a purest soul

Died 20th may 2016

Aged 21

Nishchay D’souza


You will always in our memory and please reborn again in our family

All the events flashed in front of my eyes, and I asked Avanti

Me: Your brother's name is Nischay?

Avanti: Yes

Me: Please tell me he doesn’t know music

Avanti : What? How do you know? He was an amazing flute player. He used to play flute in this park only and while playing the flute , that tree fell on him.

Suniishtha: Just tell me that he wasn’t wearing a white t-shirt with ‘I am immortal’ written on it.

Avanti: You are scaring me now sunishtha. How do you know all this?

Me: You and Nischay are pranking me right?

Avanti: What's the matter? What are you even saying?

I couldn’t stop my eyes to shed all the tears and with so many questions, I ran to the same place I was waiting for Nishchay.

He was there in the white t-shirt with blue ripped jeans. While holding the flute in his right hand, he was looking mesmerising than ever.

He was standing afar and all I could see is his smile while his eyes were filled with tears.

Nischay: I am sorry

Me: Don’t go

Nischay: I am really very sorry

And he just vanished out of my sight while I was shouting and crying asking him not to go.

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