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The Time Machine part - 2

The Time Machine part - 2

6 mins

Swamin said “Again  snow!” I said “OH GOD!! When we will go back home?” We went searching for shelter, after some time we reached a cave.  Swamin said “Harshad is this place safe?” I said “Let’s keep our fingers crossed and stay here as there is no shelter available except this cave”. Swamin said, “you are right Harshad”. We entered the cave and slept as we were tired of walking. We were  sleeping deeply, suddenly we started hearing a man whispering 

“You will save the world” then he shouted “You will save the world!” we got scared and shouted “Who are you?” before the man could reply Swamin said “Jinks! Jinks!” I said “What are you  doing!!” Swamin said “We both spoke together so I said ‘Jinks!’ Why are you angry?” I said “we are not at our home! We are stuck  and you want to play Jinx!!” OH! Sorry”. The man said “If your fight is over then can we talk?” Swamin said “First answer me that where are we?” The man said “China”. I said “What!! Are we  having a world trip?” Swamin said “yes Harshad, First India now  China”. I asked the man “You were whispering something, what  was that?” The man said “I was saying you will save the world!” I  said “I think you have to visit a doctor,” the man said, “I am  perfectly all right!” I said “Ok, forget it and please help me to go back home”.

Swamin said “Harshad, I forgot to bring the  ‘Sparkling Machine’!” I said “SWAMIN!! What are you doing!!” the  the man said “No need to worry, I have kept the Time Machine safely  in my house” I said, “How do you know that it is a Time Machine?” 

The man said “You didn’t recognized me! The Electric man!” I  said “Wow! What a funny joke!” The man fired electricity with his fingers on the cave and the cave melted. We said “What was  that” The man said “I am a superhero with special powers” 

Swamin said “You can save the world by your own then why do you need us?” the man said “I have become too old, so I need a  new one to take my powers and that is you Harshad”. I said “I 

can’t fight alone, I need a friend like Swamin to join me during the fight. The man said “Swamin will get my siblings’ power” 

Swamin said “your whole family is super hero!” The man said  “YES!” Swamin said “Please can you introduce them with their name and powers”. The man said “Why not, I’m the eldest brother 

and the captain of ‘Custodians of the world’. It is our team which protects the world”. Swamin said “What about your siblings?” the man said sobbingly “He killed them! He killed them!!” We said 

“Who killed them!” the man said “It’s a long story”. I said “No  the problem, you say the story!” the man said “Many years ago I was  born with my twin brother Xuang Ling and my real name is Zing 

Ling. Our family was living in poverty.

My father was a fruit seller in our village Wing long. I was about 5 years when my mother gave birth to 5 children at a time!” I said “Five children at a time! 

Wow! It’s a miracle!” He said “yes, It’s a miracle but my family  couldn’t afford to educate 7 children, so I and my twin brother  could get educated but my poor 5 siblings helped my father at his 

shop.” Swamin said “What was your 5 siblings’ name?” The man  said “I had Three sisters named Nu Jing Ling, Kinj Ling and Xinx  Ling and I had 2 brothers named Hing Ling and Fin Hanau Ling. 

Swamin said “It means there were a total of 4 brothers including you and 3 sisters. Am I right?” the man said “absolutely right!” I said 

“Then what happened?” the man said “I and my twin were about 15 years and my other 5 siblings were about 10 years when we went walking through the forest for buying fruits from the farmer. We were singing and chatting while walking as we were getting bored. We were walking when we suddenly saw a light sparkling in a cave. My all siblings said, “Let’s check what is that”. We went and what we saw was seven statues with glowing eyes. We were quite curious to know how their eyes were glowing. We went more near to the statue and started observing it. My twin brother said “let’s go to the farm or else papa will scold us.

We said  “Stop it! We have got such a rare statue and you want to go to that boring and stinking farm. Twin said “okay!!” I saw a button in front of each statue. I informed my siblings and they said "Let's go and press the buttons" I said "This is risky, I think we should return home said "Oh! You are also acting like brother  Xuang Ling. I said "Please don't! It may be dangerous!" but unfortunately Nu Ling said "Whoever loves me will press the button". We all had to agree and press the button. As there 

were seven buttons and we were seven we decided each will press one button. We all selected one button. I and my Siblings pressed it together. The statue started saying" Custodians of the world! Take your powers" and a bright light started entering our body from the statue. We were very scared about seeing a light entering our body. Soon the light stopped and we shouted together" What was that!!!" The statue said whoever pressed the first button is the captain. The most interesting part was I had pressed the first button. I said “HEY STATUE!! 

What was that!” The statue said, “Electric man you have got your powers!” I sat down and raised me and said “I surrender, please leave me”. Nu ling said “What was that! I said, “What happened??” 

Nu said “point your fingers towards the rock!” I pointed my finger toward the rock and my finger sparkled and electricity came out of my finger and hit the rock and it turned into ashes. The statue said “Clap your hand three times”. I clapped and my twin said, “Where are you?” I said “I’m here!” The statue said “You are  invisible, you all have different superpowers!” Nu said “How to get my brother back?” Statue said, “Again clap three times”. I  clapped and again became visible! Xuang said “Tell all the superpowers that we have!!” He said I’ll start with Xuang”.

I said  “How do you know our names?” He said, “I know everyone in the world”. I said “What!!” The statue said “Ok so I’ll continue, Xuand is ‘Super Turtle’ He can protect everyone by adding magical shells, You can swim fast and make shells that can fly, float, and go underwater as well as underground. Zing ling is an Electric man and can fire electricity, fly, and can kill the whole world by firing electricity and is the leader of the group. Nu Ling is a water woman and can fire acidic water, fire the hardest ice and can breathe underwater.

Jing Ling is a volcano woman and can fire volcano and can resist about 25,00,000 degrees Celcius. Xinx Ling is the tungsten woman and can resist anything like bullets and other arms and ammunition and can even fire bullets, missiles etc.  Hing Ling is a super stick man and can fire missiles and protect the world using his magic stick humaie. Fin Hanau Ling is the time illusion man and can pause the whole universe and create illusions and attack the envy. We said, “Why did we get these 

powers!” The statue said, “To save the World!!”

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