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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats


The things I am thankful for

The things I am thankful for

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The things I am thankful for 

So with last week's series of gratefulness I needed to speak about what I am grateful for, especially on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

If you follow me you know I am grateful for many things, in fact all things in my life. I am even grateful for the bad times as well because I have learned things from those times.

I hope you can all make your own gratitude list so you can see what you really have, how much you've been blessed and that a moment to give thanks and not just on Thanksgiving.

1. The first thing on my list is God.

I am so grateful for him because without him I wouldn't be here or wouldn't be sane. He is always at the top of every list for me.

2. My girls.

They are my life and my heart. 

I am so proud of these two smart, kind, beautiful women. I am so glad and grateful to be their mom.

3. Our health.

We work at our health each and every day, but it could be another way but before the grace of God...goes I. I know it is all him that gives us this gift.

4. My family and friends.

I am blessed to have many friends who are now my family. I never take a friendship for granted. I don't have a big family so I am grateful for those who are still here.

5. I am grateful for all I have.

My home, my business, even my broke ass car, everything because I know there are people praying for all I have. I never take any of it for granted.

6. My church.

I know God brought me there and this place and these people saved my life, literally. I never knew a place like this and I know that God speaks through my Bishop to me, about things I need to hear, when I need to hear them.

7. Heartbreak.

Yes, I am grateful for heartbreak because if I didn't know heartbreak I would have stayed in certain situations. If I didn't know heartbreak I wouldn't have found a prince who taught me the lessons I needed to move on. To teach me to expect men to do the right things, self worth and self respect.

8. Betrayal.

Yes, this has taught me valuable lessons, like everyone doesn't have your heart. That even the ones you love can turn on you but to still have love and forgiveness for them...from afar.

9. Pains in life.

Yes, I say it all the time. I am grateful for the pain in my life. It has made me who I am. It taught me valuable lessons, it has made me appreciate the good times that much more! 

10. Everything.

Yes, I am grateful for everything, the trees, the birds, a sunrise, the breeze at the beach. A child laughing, a couple holding hands, an elderly person's wisdom. All of these things that I experience each and every day I am grateful for. 

So today my friends always remember that this journey we are on is limited and we must make the best of it while we are here. How do you want to spend your time here? What mark do you want to leave? That you were ungrateful, unforgiving, unkind, that nothing you had made you happy? That you were negative, that you placed blame on everyone? 

Or do you want to wake up every morning with a smile on your face, giving thanks. Being kind, forgiving, positive and loving?

I know my choice and it's a choice I choose every day.

Like I say at the end of every blog 

Be the change you want to see 


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