Sruti Dhara Mohanty

Romance Tragedy


Sruti Dhara Mohanty

Romance Tragedy

The Sunshine And Her Glowing Eyes….

The Sunshine And Her Glowing Eyes….

8 mins

Allan Denver is a happy go lucky, humorous, lively NASA scientist. His life was always a zesty somber life. Staying with his parents, he was never deprived of anything. London born but the American accent was quite his life. He never looked like he would be genius and intelligent to be an honorary member in the Stephen Hawking theory club in his high school. Yet he took up his Astrophysics Degree at Harvard’s. Quite phenomenal life he had. A large group of nerdy friends, some friends were popular since he was quite a unique handsome to be placed at NASA. Unbelievable isn’t it? Well, he wore those chic specs just in the chance to make believe he was not that “nerd mad Scientist” but a very young enigmatic and enthusiastic yet very fine-looking research analyst... The question was he never dated or pursued any girls... Seems he never caught hold of that girl he looked for, nor as he says.” no right of kind girl for me”. Trust me, he had to be popular among girls at his school… which was obvious!!!!...

Allan befriended another zesty man at NASA, Arny Mc’Dalan. Both were working on the recent project which was quite serious for the future of the earth. It was about reviving the earth, the solar world, to be precise the Sun. As time went on the project was built with leads, and more brains to work on the same. A few more came in... Years of putting hard work they found a way to revive... But few aspects were still on course when those beautiful eyes entered the hall of roaring team party and into Allan’s life.

Maria Kennedy, another addition to Allan’s Sunshine Team... Maria was not so extravagant but was an elegant and intelligent girl. We should rather say “Beauty with Brains”. It seemed to be a quite she was just like a sudden gust of wind in the whole atmosphere Allan lived. That evening, she was introduced by the Lead as another member to contribute more to the seriousness of the project. Readers must be thinking that there must be some good attraction, pulling her to cynosure to everyone’s eyes. But no, it was not the case. She was just introduced to Allan, and the team people to work as an assistant to Allan and Arny much to their surprise. Arny was married so had no chance… but being a very good friend, for Allan, he was much interested.

The operation was worked on exclusively at odd hours because the seniors estimated the closing time of Sun is nearing. Luckily with the help of Maria, the solution was taking its full being. To the utter dismay that 90% of the project development was over. Meanwhile, at the workplace, food courts, parties, Arny always wanted to put Allan and Maria to the personal center stage of love, affection. Luckily, it was found to be that they were also quite fond of each other. But officially they never dated. Maybe because of the work they had. It used to their kind of date… maybe! Arny knew there is something cropping in between Allan and Maria. Some beautiful bonds getting its seeds sown… finally, Arny had to force Allan to have an official date, so with god’s grace Maria and himself had gone for their 1st date.

The Date was beautifully organized. Like a mills and boons novel, with the beauty of candles scented, flowers, and beautiful dinner, who won’t have a chance to make fall in love head over heels again and again... That was noticeable that Allan and Maria began to enjoy and release what they had in their minds about each other.

But that evening before they both would give the best; Allan was drawn back as if some force something worried him or stopped him. Although he wanted to be with her, he went away. But surprisingly, Maria was not unhappy neither she complained. Maybe she already knew about something which she never disclosed. Since Allan was more workaholic, he was often trying for the last bit of operation. Gradually he was approaching the estimations and work must be done, with Arny and Maria and team equally sharing. And thus, came a solution to light up the dimming sun again. But operation seemed too suicidal, so people were struck of what’s next!

Before Allan and the team would come upon who’s going to be reliable on this mission, Allan had to rush to see his wailing father at his death bed. Losing someone he never thought of, had begun the feelings, the remorse of loss in the Allan. But days took to re-cope and get back to work.

Allan had lost some of the humor and yet he was back to find the way to save from the remorse and loss of the entire world that would happen. As he returned, there was something equally shocking that he just faced in the recent past. Arny spilled out that the person to be on this suicidal mission is none other than Maria. She had been on training for weeks. It was like the Allan had no place to stand, to let his heart survive...He felt a strong urge to stop Maria, to stop breaking his heart. He immediately rushed to Maria seeking answers. When Allan asked for the reason for such a decision Maria took, without even asking him, Maria spoke the unraveling truth, the reason behind her stand for the mission. She said that she has no one to be remorse at her death or be happy with her benign presence. Being alone and orphan, she always ambitioned to stand for the world, for the nation. And she has nothing more than the memories to take with. Nor any expectations, unfulfilled wishes with anyone. Allan never thought this would be an answer from Maria. How on earth she can be so different with zero concerns or even the slightest wish for herself. How someone can be so generous. Before Maria would speak anything else, Allan suddenly went forward and kissed Maria, to her astonishment. The only thing, he said was “You are not alone”.

It seems love has always upheaved the ground, revealed its true form when it comes to times of crisis. Maybe that’s the way God has made to wonder, to perceive the love it was. Allan tried a hundred and one ways to stop Maria from the mission, but he was never successful. Allan never thought of this that girl he would love won’t be able to have her for life. So, he took the chance to stand by her. He also offered himself to be with Maria. But strangely she asked forgiveness because she won’t be able to take away a son from the lonely mother. Although Maria never had a family, she somehow understood what a family means. She got the love of a mother from Allan’s mother. So, she never wanted to separate Allan from his mother. Maybe she knew what loneliness means and make of a person who would not know what that really means to be Alone.

So, Maria had just one year with Allan before the Mission would take place. So, he decided that this one whole year to be special, have the right bliss, he would think for ... Allan proposed to have and hold her to the lifetime. Maybe not as the being but a memory of true love and cherish them each time, each moment… Day came when Allan and Maria got married. After spending a year with love, mission practice, and reliving each moment of conjugal bliss, it was time to save the Sunshine. It was time to say was a disheartening moment for Maria, Allan, Arny, and Allan’s Mother, Mrs. Denver. But it was also a heroic moment for them to save not only their people but also the reason for existence, their mother earth... The whole solar world.

The mission was successful because it was not only the truest love for the world has won but it was the sacrifice that was being made by a family for truest love to be cherished whole life. Allan always remembered the beautiful eyes Maria had, the way she looked at him... The love she had in it. He had nothing more than that year of togetherness with her. The moments they spent and cherished. He captured every moment of joy, success, and yes, the remorse of being apart forever. Humor had left the house; Smiles have faded away. The laughter, zest had been rusted. Allan could smile only on the face with memories and bravery of Maria. All that remained was the essence that Maria had left with Allan… True Love. Whenever he looks at the Sun, it reminds of him of those glowing and glistening eyes that had entered that gracious evening, that moment into his heart and life forever.

On the success of the mission and the ceremonial farewell to Maria Allan Denver, here’s what he spoke about his loving doting wife, true love and memory he kept forever,

She was like a wind that entered my heart

Unknown of the pleasantries she beholden.

She had the faith to love me completely

Unaware of the love she co-founded.


Like the summers, she was the soothing breeze

The lovely eyes that make me believe

The love was the glowing light

That soothed my wintry nights


She ignited what we call as love

Which I always thought 

She revived what I lost

From the deep dying crusts.


She was here in me, 

When I touched the self be.

She is in my heart

Like the sunshine with her glowing eyes”

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