Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

The Story Of How A Devil Was Born

The Story Of How A Devil Was Born

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Hello everyone!

The parents and the children are never in a mood to understand the views of the other. This has perhaps become the biggest controversial thing of the century (I have no idea of the time before this!) I am not being malicious to the elder generation but indefinite goals of the parents often lands the child to hurdles. It’s simply just like the potter is responsible for giving shape to the clay.

Hands up! If you are a kid (even if you are not a kid) and you believe that the world has expanded with various scopes and infinite careers and your traditional parents exaggerate filmy lines like:

           “Mera beta engineer banega”

          “Jo mujhse nahi ho saka isse karwa ke rahunga”, etc., etc.,   

 then it’s known what you would be going through…. I need not elaborate.

More than filmy lines, I would call these beliefs. And the road that was smooth and slanting downwards,  turns into a mountain when you oppose your parents’ beliefs.

Sterner than the decisions are the methodologies that are implemented. . . .

“TV, mobile, computer, outing, everything banned till you complete your boards!”

The idea of forceful implementation to gather focus is the worst idea any parent can have. Now that the kid is not at all in desire to understand the lines written in the book held in front of him, he tries various sources to pass the day. There appears then the mobile stolen from the locked safe, drugs bought through various sources, etc. Even porn would  be helpful! The child does whatsoever he can to divert himself because the reality is not in his favor.

In my case, phone, internet, computer, TV, outing... everything was banned since 1st year on the pretext that I will be allowed only after +2. The little effort I gave for studying well was all the more depleted. Even during the boards, I hardly cared about my exams and just found excuses for recreation. I had got satisfied that I can’t change the world around me. I strongly believed that I had no future. Despite innumerable friends, I had gone silent in the midst of the crowd for I thought I was the only one who won’t prosper in life. So the final decision I took was to commit suicide. But then I stepped down my decision because what I thought to be a problem of myself  was also the problem of many others. Regardless of the cause, the only solution could be found upon striving; I had to live for this. The very common thing I observe is that all depressed people were living in loneliness. Peers who perform better are people to be avoided and with this, the the lonliness of the child increases . And thus out of loneliness, devils are born…

                    An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.


Those people who were filled with so much of enthusiasm at the beginning of the session all are now drained; as if every drop of their childhood dreams and desires have been squeezed. Wandering aimless, no plans of what they will do, I see a whole crowd who are vandalized in their enterprise.

As I said, it’s all because of the contradiction between the beliefs of the parents and their wards. Just to break these beliefs and prove that the parents are wrong, kids fall into malevolence. Plus the society comments and give their remarks! It’s not easy to be pervasive here so here a line of separation increases and the child is reluctant to face the elders for any opinion regarding the career.

Terms and conditions are necessary along with stress and peer pressure for developing a child. But limiting every resource for no purpose and just to satisfy self is completely an immature action; thus I believe many times the elder generation does the major mistake. After all they too are humans and to err is to human! So children should never be dependent on anyone and try to gather understanding climate if parents are not liberal. Its jut as plain as I can’t say my mom that I love my best friend’s sister and my dad that I want to drink a bit to remove my tension!

If you didn't get anything after reading all, then the only conclusion I draw is:

Every child becomes a devil in his journey to success but if he fights regardless of all fading faculties then the devil dies and a hero is born. 

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