Srinivas Cv

Comedy Drama


Srinivas Cv

Comedy Drama

The SIN Book

The SIN Book

8 mins

Kinkar has just joined that day in the job as an agent of death. Kinkar was told being an agent of death was the easiest job. Being the first day he wore the nicest suit and his favourite tie. He looked in the mirror for a while and thought he was ready. But nothing can prepare him for what was in store for him. He got into his new ride that comes with the job, bull rider 15000, and started.

Kinkar entered Ravi's room and tried woke him up from sleep. Ravi thought Kinkar was one of those water purifier salesmen disturbing him in the middle of the day.

"I don't want any water purifier", said Ravi.

Kinkar tore off his tie and took the in shirt out. He woke up Ravi again. Still, in sleep, Ravi said: "Come back later". Now Kinkar got very angry. He brought out his ferocious look. Now with fangs and very long nails and the machete in hand he tried to wake up Ravi. Ravi finally woke up. He walked a few steps and gave him 2000 rupee note from his purse. Ravi assumed Kinkar was a street rowdy. Kinkar's ego was very hurt. He cannot take any more disrespect and killed and took Ravi with him.

Kinkar started riding his bull rider 15000 with Ravi tied in the back. Ravi woke up a few hundred miles into the drive. The bike was flying through the clouds. He was excited seeing all the clouds under them. He first thought he was in some kind of dream. But seeing Kinkar in his formal dress reminded him something. Ravi started to doubt something is wrong. He asked Kinkar where were they going. Kinkar said Ravi is dead and he is taking him to the afterlife.

Ravi was very disappointed. He was too young to die. Two things hit him right away. He missed the opportunity to post on "Mask Book" about his death. The second one was he forgot to clear his browser history.

The bike was moving fast through the sky. Ravi noticed Kinkar was little sleepy. To keep Kinkar awake Ravi started to talk to him.

Ravi: How many people did you kill till now?

Kinkar: You were my first one.

Ravi: Oh, I see. Do you like the job?

Kinkar: I like my job. I don't like my customers.

Ravi: What do you do then?

Kinkar: I will kill them.

Ravi: I stepped right into it.

Kinkar: You did.

Ravi: Why did you try to wake up before killing me.

Kinkar: These days every dead person keeps complaining

Ravi: About what?

Kinkar: There social media profiles.

Ravi: Oh..!

Kinkar: So lord Yama gave all of us orders to give some time for doing a last-minute cleanup. You know, right? You can convince god about your mistakes. But the media can find some scoop and your whole life will become garbage.

Ravi was angry with himself losing the chance to clean up before the death. In desperation, Ravi thought to ask Kinkar for last chance.

Ravi: Can I get that chance now to clear up.

Kinkar: We are so far away there is no signal here. I was playing the latest song of "The Bad Shah". Anyone trying to comprehend the lyrics can never sleep. But the network is lost 200 miles ago.

Ravi: Can you please take me back once.

Kinkar: No, not possible man.

Ravi: Don't forget that was lord Yama's order. You did not give me the time. Kinkar understood his mistake. Over talking. He agreed to take Ravi. He put only one condition to Ravi, that he cannot post about his death. Ravi agreed.

Both Ravi and Kinkar reached his home. Ravi, this time, offered some juice to Kinkar. Kinkar asked for "Kakoo Koola". Ravi said he too liked that very much. Kinkar said, "That is the favourite drink of people who drink blood". Ravi was confused. "It tastes exactly like bile juices mixed with stomach acids and blood", said Kinkar. Ravi promised himself never to drink that again. He went to the refrigerator brought two drinks. That is going to be his last one said Ravi to himself.

Ravi cleared his browser history first. Then he started to clean up his social media history. Kinkar stopped him. "Don't clear everything this might create doubt", said Kinkar. Ravi then decided to only delete the controversial ones. Kinkar was reading with Ravi.

"The government promised an unemployment benefits scheme for graduates why are they not talking about that? "

Kinkar: What is this, Ravi?

Ravi: Unemployed graduates are many in the state, how can they survive?

Kinkar: Get a job?

Ravi: Government is not providing enough jobs. There are many unemployed people but very few jobs.

Kinkar: Then why don't you fight for jobs?

Ravi: They keep promising jobs. But they never give.

Kinkar: So, you want money for not working?

Ravi: We are ready to work but they are not giving jobs.

Kinkar: I think I don't want to ask you the same question again.

Ravi: What was that?

Kinkar: Why don't you fight for jobs?

Ravi: I told you...

Kinkar: I got it. Let us move on.

Kinkar read another one of the controversial posts. "The government is forcing us to wear masks. We are an independent country for 70+ years still we don't have independence." Kinkar did not understand again

Kinkar: What was the post about?

Ravi: After the pandemic, the government asked to wear masks.

Kinkar: Why don't you wear? There is already too much work for us.

Ravi: How can the government decide what we do and we should not?

Kinkar: What do you mean?

Ravi: They sell cigarettes which cause cancer, liquor that causes liver failure. But one small flu and they want to protect us. Add to that they want to stay home and follow strict restrictions.

Kinkar: What do you mean?

Ravi: See we unemployed youth used to roam the roads. The only bright spot of our day is checking out the girls. Now there face is half covered what will I look at. How will I know what is the expression behind the mask?

Ravi: A few years ago mobiles came and many women are stuck on the phone and have no time for guys like me. Now, this.

Kinkar: (to himself) Because of guys like Ravi, who don't care there was a crunch of people and I got the job. The guys like him are a big help. If we let him be here a few more weeks my younger brother also will get a job, thought Kinkar.

Kinkar: I support your cause. Don't delete it.

They continue to go through the other posts. There was one that pulled the attention of Kinkar. He could not believe Ravi could support this. "Women require equal rights as men. Let us give them a 50% reservation in everything. As a male feminist, I support this with all my heart and mind."

Kinkar: I am proud of you .. pointing to the post.

Ravi: I am also proud of it

Kinkar: Then why are you deleting this.

Ravi: People did not get this at all.

Kinkar: What do you mean?

Ravi: I initially thought this will help. But later found out this will cause more problems.

Kinkar: How?

Ravi: If there are more reservations for women. More men will be unemployed.

Kinkar: So, what?

Ravi: There will be more men lining for the unemployment scheme. Also, there will be fewer women roaming on the roads.

Kinkar: Show me your feet, please. No brain works like this man.

Ravi: It took me a long time to realize. I had to waste a pack of cigarettes thinking about this.

Kinkar: What was your initial reason to support?

Ravi: In our college, we were 30 boys and 10 girls, because of the 33% reservation. The 10 girls got good jobs and were married 10 boys in the class. Love stories and all. If there was a 50% reservation. There would have been 20 girls and 20 boys. I would have had a girl who will be earning and taking care of me.

Kinkar: This looks like a smart plan, why change from this.

Ravi: My college is over and I loved the unemployment scheme and the checking out many girls.

Kinkar: How strong is the possibility of unemployment scheme.

Ravi: The state government said they will start by next month.

Kinkar: Why don't you work hard and get a job?

Ravi: I get a job. Then what?

Kinkar: Make some money for yourself.

Ravi: I will tell you what next. Get married, then buy a car and house on loan. Then come kids.

Ravi: Now work harder to manage all of this. Take yourself, for example, you are an agent of death. If you work very hard and kill a day 1000 people also you can never become Lord Yama.

Kinkar: (starts thinking)

Ravi: Then what is the point of running behind a job? Even if you are paid too much money you have to pay taxes this and taxes that. The benefit you get out of taxes is zilch. Just wait for some stupid to pay the taxes and enjoy the benefits.

Kinkar was convinced by Ravi's words. He stayed back with Ravi and start fighting hard for free money from the government.

The next day.

Kinkar: Ravi, Now the government will give us unemployment benefits. What will we do when we grow old.

Ravi: Don't worry. We have a scheme for that.

Kinkar: What is it?

Ravi: We started our support for old-age pensions for 50+ years unemployed.

Kinkar: But will the government agree.

Ravi: They have no other way but agree.

Kinkar: How do you know?

Ravi: There is a central college full of old age unemployed youth who are fighting for this. The government will hear whatever they have to say.

Kinkar: What if they don't agree.

Ravi: We have another big option.

Kinkar: What is that?

Ravi: We can join politics. They never do any work. They are paid large amounts of money just to stop things from working smooth.

Kinkar: How about taxes?

Ravi: They will not pay taxes all people pay taxes to them

Suddenly they both see a similar bike like Kinkar's. But the one is marked bull rider 20000. Kinkar could not believe someone has a bike like that here. After looking close he realized the rider was none other than Kinkar's brother, Bayankar. Before Kinkar could say his greetings Bayankar took both Ravi and Kinkar to Lord Yama.

P.S: As a punishment, Lord Yama gave them the job of writing the sins committed by tax officers. They thought they got away with small punishment. Only when they finished writing the first 100 books of sins in the first few hours did they realize what they got into.

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