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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Secret Of Mr. Cold Heart

The Secret Of Mr. Cold Heart

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    In the sobbing rain from the sky, the sound of the raindrops which were falling from the sky spread everywhere, but inside a hospital building, there was dead silence in a room, the only sound one could hear there was if the heart rate monitor, but suddenly the heart rate started increasing, and after it reached at 80, the man on the bed suddenly woke up, feeling extreme pain in his head, he was trying to remember what happened, but that just increased his pain. A nurse, who came to change the glucose drip was surprised when she saw that man in his senses, she fell down with surprise and informed the doctors that the man in the I.C.U. has woken up. Even the doctors were shocked, they came in that room rushing. Two doctors, and that nurse, all three of them were happy when they saw him alive and woken up. One of the doctors who looked like a senior one, came near to him and asked, "Mr. Nazer, are you alright?," That man was exclaimed, and in that exclamation, he asked, "Who are you? Where am I?"

 "It's me, Doctor Jack, this is your hospital sir, try to remember," said that senior doctor with exclamation, "Sir I think, he had lost his memory because of the accident and that complex surgery," whispered another doctor, "Call Stuart and that police officer, but inform them about his condition only when they'll reach here, this news should not reach outside that John Nazer has lost his memory," said that doctor, looking at both the junior doctor and that nurse, with a glimpse of tension, anger and warning.

    That man who just woke up was in the bed, trying to recollect every small memory of his life, but this only led to a headache.

    In the hospital cafeteria, a man, who was in his mid-forties, was having a sip of a hot, black coffee, the breeze which was coming from outside was making him happy, the rainy showers were giving him pleasure, but his pleasure was not long-lasting, suddenly a nurse came running in search of someone, and her expressions changed when she saw that man, she went near him and taking deep breaths, she said, "Officer Paul, John.... John Nazer has woken up, he's... he's in the I.C.U."

  Hearing what the nurse just said, that man whose name was Paul went crazy, he dropped the coffee on the floor and ran away, but suddenly turned at the nurse, and with a gesture of quickness, he asked, "Which floor?"

  "7th....7th floor," replied that nurse who was now looking at the ground with a frustrated face, as the coffee was spilled over her shoes.

   Inside a big building, a man was sitting in a conference room, all alone in dark, he was about to get up, but suddenly his phone ranged, with a disgrace in his face, he attended the call, "Hello," he said in a cold tone, "Hello Mr. Stuart, it's me doctor Jack," said doctor in an exciting tone. "Yes doctor Jack, What now?" asked that man in that same cold tone, ignoring doctor's excitement. "John Nazer is up now, he's out of a coma, very much alive," said doctor with that same excitement in his voice. "Are you serious!" exclaimed that man in a shocking tone, whose voice was filled with disgrace. "Yes, just come quickly," said that doctor, and that man ended up the call, and rushed out of that dark room with a strange happiness.

     The rain was nearly stopped now, some dying drops felled from the sky, and a pleasant breeze just spread everywhere, in that pleasant breeze, a luxurious car stopped in the Nazer Private Hospital's parking lot. A man who was looking like a businessman suddenly came out of that car, he rushed straight inside the hospital, he went straight to the receptionist, and then with a haste he asked, "In which room John Nazer is admitted?," "7th floor sir, room number 713," replied that lady with a smile and that man just ran to the nearest elevator, but the elevator indicator was showing the number 14, that man who was waiting outside, was now frustrated, he had no time to waste, he moved to the stairs, and after nearly two minutes, he was on the seventh floor, his face was covered with a layer of sweat, but there was also a strange urgency and happiness on his face, when he realized that he's on the seventh floor, he rushed to find out room number 713, and when he located that room, he saw doctor Jack and officer Paul, coming out of that room, both of them were discussing something, and suddenly that man came in front of them and taking deep breaths he asked, "Where is he?,"

   Doctor gave him a sign by moving his hand at the direction of the room, looking it, that man thanked doctor and was about to go inside, but suddenly officer Paul said, "He has lost his memory Stuart," "What are you saying, it can't be true," said Stuart turning around to them, with a shock in his eyes, and he was looking at doctor Jack, who was silent, his silence was screaming loudly that whatever officer Paul said is true. "How all this happened?" asked Stuart with a gesture of shock in his face and sadness in his tone. "That accident was too much brutal, John survived somehow, but then after that operation he went in coma, it took him 18 months to get out of that state, he woke up now, but his memory is lost," said doctor Jack with a sad tone, "For how long, are there any chances that his memory will be back?," asked Stuart with hope shattering from his face and tension rising in his eyes. "I can't guarantee that, but I think will take some time," said doctor Jack.

   "Can I meet him now?," asked Stuart in a corporate way, "You can, but what's your profit in that?," asked officer Paul in a nasty manner, "For my profit, I have my business, this is friendship, I only earn happiness from it, and I don't want knowledge from a man like you," said Stuart with a hidden rage in his voice, "What do you mean by a man like me?," asked officer Paul. "Don't act too much Paul, as if I don't know anything, you are the one who put senseless allegations on John, every time he proved you wrong, you always thought that he's a businessman who does business only for money, but he proved you wrong, you said he's connected with the underworld, he proved you wrong, you said that he is funding the crimes which are happening in this city, but he proved you wrong there too, he proved you wrong every single time, and you, you don't have any information about his wife, since she was kidnapped," said Stuart in an angry rage.

"Calm down Mr. Stuart, our fight will not do anything good to your friend who's inside that room with broken memories of his wife," said officer Paul, pointing at the room next to him.

    Stuart was about to go inside, but then, doctor, Jack stopped him and said, "Mr. Stuart, John is still in a trauma regarding his old memories, it will be a bad idea if we try to make him remember everything from past, you see it's a slow process, it can be dangerous for him."

  Stuart somehow stopped himself from going inside, and with tears in his eyes, he left.

    The rain showers finally stopped, the same nurse entered that room, and she was shocked again, he ran straight to doctor Jack, and with a shuttering tone she said, "Doctor Jack, Mr. John... he's.. he's not in his room...," Hearing that, doctor Jack just rushed to the seventh floor, when he reached there, he realized that John is not there, he was tensed and frustrated, in that frustration, he realized a small piece of paper, coming near his foot, floating in the air with the breeze coming from outside the window, the note said, "I am going off to find Tori, don't try to find me, and that's an order."

   Reading that, doctor Jack was sad, but a sense of happiness was glittering on his face, and looking at his smile, that nurse asked him, why is he smiling, hearing that question, doctor Jack replied, "I think John Nazer is back now."

    After one hour, a man reached the city hospital, he was looking exhausted, as if he came there by walking, the under knee parts of his jeans were wet, so was his hairs, he first went near the water dispenser, drank enough water, took a deep breath and then asked the clerk about the morgue, on hearing that, clerk asked him the reason to check the morgue, at that question, he replied by saying that he's there to check the dead bodies, as he's looking for someone. That clerk stared at that man for some time, exhausted, face with sadness, but eyes with hope. After he observed everything, he asked, "The morgue only have unclaimed bodies of the people who died in the Ramer building blast," hearing that the man said, "I am also a victim of that blast," "What's your name, and what did you lose?," asked that clerk, "My name is John, and I lost every happiness of my life because of that blast," said that man in a sad tone.

  Without saying a word, that clerk took that man to the morgue room, when he entered that room, a fear appeared in his face, a fear to see a dead face of a close one, there were five bodies, three of men, and two of women, that man took a deep breath, as the clerk uncovered the cloth, the relief in his face increased, he removed a photograph, from his pocket, and holding that in his hand he tried to match that face on the photograph with the face of the dead body, and the happiness on his face showed it clearly that the face in the photograph and the face of the dead body doesn't match.

    With a smile on his face he was leaving that building, but then he saw a lady, he wasn't interested in her, he was interested in the papers which were fallen on the ground, among those papers, a photograph was fallen on the ground, it was the same photograph which was in his pocket, that man was shocked, without wasting time he went straight to that lady, and holding up that photograph, with a glimpse of anger, he asked, "How do you know her?,"

   That lady looked like she was uneasy with that question, she didn't answer his question and ran away, that man ran behind to chase her, she ran straight to the road, and suddenly, a car bumped at her, she was on the ground, lifelessly, taking deep breaths, that man went near her, and was about to call for help, but a strange migraine grabbed his head, this happened because of those medicines which he didn't take, the same medicines for which the nurse came in his room, but found no one, and because of that pain John also collapsed on the ground....

     When he opened his eyes, he realized that the lady who was with those papers and photograph was next to him, handcuffed to a chair, so was he, but the strange thing was that both of them were in a room, glucose drips were around them, as if someone examined both of them, but the work was too neat, like a professional doctor.

    After some time, that lady came in senses, before both of them could understand anything, someone turned the lights off, and what they could hear was sound of steps, which was coming near them slowly, and a voice of a man, which sounded like a man in his late forties said, "Rachel Daves, working for Department of Crime, secret services, work experience, four years, sixteen cases until now, lost the entire team in the Ramer building blast, and you found me this soon, impressive."

  Hearing that things from that man who was saying these things in dark, that lady who was trying to get free, got fed up of trying, and then she said, "Mr. Cold Heart, no name except this, but title of godfather and cold heart, controlling this entire city, the good things, the bad things, everything happens as per your wish, you are the king of crimes in this city, the mastermind of crime."

      "Good homework, agent Daves, but ...," said that voice coming closer to her, that man came near them and removed the handcuffs of John. "You told everything right, but the man was wrong," and the lights were on now, that man was doctor Jack, a gun was on his hand, with a smile on his face, he gave that gun to John.

  "18 months ago, your team disturbed our meeting, and king's accident happened, but before the accident, he gave me instruction that your team should die, and queen should be kept in a safe place, in the Ramer building blast, your whole team died, but you were alive, and you reached this near to us."

   The worry on John's face now turned to a wicked devilish smile, with pride in his words, he asked doctor Jack, "Where is Tori?," With a sad tone doctor Jack said, "That night, she called you to inform that she's pregnant, but before you could reach here, that accident happened, she was broken, on the day of the delivery, she died, but prince survived,"

  John's eyes were filled with tears, but the happiness that his son is alive was also in his face, but then wiping his tears, he said, "I have only reward for loyal, mercy for helpless, friendship for friends and death for enemies."

   Saying that he loaded that gun and shot a bullet to that lady, straight in the heart, she was shocked, and her last words were, "John Nazer is Mr. Cold Heart...."

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