The Power Of A Christmas Cake

The Power Of A Christmas Cake

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Get rid of all bitterness, passion, and anger. No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feelings of any sort. Instead, be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ. (Ephesians 4:31-32)

Why is it so hard to simply forgive and forget? Is humanity simply made to hold grudges against each other? If a loving God can forgive you, you could forgive others as well... 

All it takes is the effort of love and a little bit of faith... 

There once lived in a compact Bengali village, a family of four. A typical- loyal Christian family they were and perhaps the only Christian family in that locality.  There were quite famous as there was not a single person who did not know of this small Christian family. Despite being of a different caste, of a different religion, they caused no menace or irritation to their neighboring Bengali people, and their neighbors too treated them with complete respect. The Christians too contributed readily for festivals that had no significance in their lives and whose significance they failed to understand, just as the Bengali people had contributed during Christmas, Easter and any prayer-service in between. Such cooperation had led to a strong bonding of mutual companionship between them and their neighbors, and they had earned the title of peace-loving and loyal Christians.

Now there also lived in the same village, teenagers, who despite their youth- a time meant for them to begin to open up to the world and start on to stand on one’s own feet, spent most of their leisure time on picking on poor, old folks and little children, nagging them whenever they felt like it. They felt that this was rather ironic and one of the best of entertainments that one could get. Their best prey was this unbiased Christian home, where they picked on people that wouldn’t fight back that soon. The family merely let them off, with the thought that these teens were just having some fun. They were by no means harassing them too much.

Soon things got shoddier when they took advantage of their calmness. The teens would make appalling noises in the middle of the night, just to disturb the family. Mangoes and guavas were plucked off from the trees at night and in the morning there was found to be a mess of mango peels and sticky mango juice all over the garden. Often the guys would write mean things on the compound walls, and the poor family couldn’t afford to re-paint or whitewash the walls all over again. It was just too much then, and this was to be taken care of. So the mother complained about these disturbances to the parents of the teens, with the hope that they would finally stop. They hadn’t been harassed this badly before, and they were not going to suffer any more harassment. She had two small children, and she couldn’t stand seeing them terrified.

They could have complained to higher authorities, but the family believed that they were still children who might need some guidance- just so that they would know that they were in the wrong. But the family soon discovered that they were wrong. The disturbances continued even worse. It had stopped for a week or so, but they were back- with the aim of vengeance. The Christians were now enemies to these teens. No matter how much friendly and cooperative they were, they had still become pests in the eyes of these teens. Still too, for the Christians, they were mere children who had lost track of their trail, and a little supervision would bring them back.

Most of the time, the Christian family was responded by ignorance and resent by these teens. It had seemed that they had picked a strong hatred for them. Soon, it was Christmas, the only season when the family’s house was being visited by every little kid there for cakes and cookies, but this time the teenagers didn’t stop by. They only paid a visit at night by hurling stones and yelling ‘Merry Christmas’ and breaking a windowpane.  The family was very upset over what the teens had done, but they were deeply sorry that they hadn’t come earlier for some cakes and cookies like they would when they were younger. They were awfully disappointed to see the change in these children… they were lost into another world. Gone were the times when they too used to flock around for a Christmas cake. Still, they were the same children; they too must want to get into the Christmas mood, the Christmas feeling. That same old joy…

The next day, both the children were sent to the homes of the teens with cookies and cakes and cheerfully they wished then a ‘Merry Christmas’. People saw them and wondered, how loving could somebody be, that they could still love the ones who had caused them days of sadness and grief?  This wasn’t a human’s cold heart, but the heart of a soft Christian, who wouldn’t hold hatred but love for those who persecute them! Perhaps the teens too understood this. They had realized that they had caused enough suffering now. They must have realized that they had been acting wrongly. They must have had realized that they too were still children, loved by somebody and nobody had any hatred for them. They must have realized this because from then on, the Christian family wasn’t picked on. They had apologized, and it was an apology that was accepted gladly.  In fact, nobody was harassed and there were peace and love once again in this compact, but a friendly village.

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