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Shreya's Corner

Horror Thriller


Shreya's Corner

Horror Thriller

The Mystery Of The Devil Mountain

The Mystery Of The Devil Mountain

3 mins

Chapter 1: Introduction

This story is about four friends, Rachel, Oliver, Mia, and Liam who love to travel and trek. Their parents Mr. David Smith, Mrs. Christine Smith, MR. John Williams, Mrs. Linda Williams, MR. Robert Jones, Mrs. Jennifer Jones were school friends. But Liam is an orphan. So, these four are friends since std. 1. Now, they are college-going students and therefore, their parents have no problem with them going to treks and travel alone. One day they plan something thrilling. Something that will challenge them, but will they come out of it safely? Or will they get trapped there forever?

Chapter 2: The plan

Rachel and Oliver are best friends, and Mia and Liam are best friends. Their college exams are going on so right now they are busy with studies.

Rachel: Guys, after the exam we will go on a trek.

Oliver and Liam: Of course!

Mia: Yes! Sure! But right now, let’s go study in the library.

All of them go to the library, there while Liam was searching for a book on geography, he found ‘The most haunted places on Earth’.

Liam: Whoa! Fascinating! Guys, look what I found!

Rachel, Oliver, and Mia: What happened?

Liam: Page no 57: The devil mountain. (Says to himself). Yes! We are going to go here for a trek. There is even a map at the end of this book.

Rachel: No way! Do you read the title? This is risky.

Oliver: It’s ok Rachel. This will be thrilling. Let’s go there.

Mia: I agree with Rachel. It is dangerous.

Liam and Oliver: It’s ok! We are there.

Rachel and Mia: Fine. Now let’s study, please!

Chapter 3: The call of the devil mountain

The exams got over. Now it’s time for the 4 of them to travel.

Rachel: Are you sure that this is safe, Oliver and Liam?

Oliver: Yes, dear. Trust us.

Rachel: Hmm, ok.

Mia: Liam, is the map with you?

Liam: Yes.

Mia: I think before deciding to go there we should ask our parents.

All of them go to their parents. The parents agree to their request and so they leave for the trek.

Everyone: Bye! Let’s meet for 4 days!

Now they all are very close to the devil mountain. But unfortunately, Liam loses the map.

Rachel, Mia: What?! How did you lose the map, Liam?

Oliver: This is very careless Liam.

Liam: I am sorry. It is not a big deal.

Rachel: It is a big deal. Now, what to do?

Mia: I can see one man there, Let’s ask him.

All went to the man. The man wore a black hoodie. His face was covered by the hood. But only his crooked smile and his long nails were visible.

The man: What do you want dearies? (He said with a creepy voice)

All shouted. The man followed them. They entered the devil mountain. There was a cave and it was dark. It was scary.

Mia starts crying. Rachel hugs her.

Rachel: I told you. But you did not listen to me, Liam.

Oliver: Keep quiet everyone. Can you hear that voice? (Scared)

All kept quiet.

The voice: Shhhh! What are you kids doing here? Hahaha! I will kill you! (In a deep, scary sound)

They ran and entered a room where they could hear the sound of piano playing and a woman singing. But they could not see anyone. They hid there with their eyes closed tightly. It was like a nightmare for them.

Then, Liam thought for a second and removed a candle and lit it. He also removed his cross pendant from his bag and said...

“All the spirits around us, get trapped inside this cross”. He said this 5 times...

And boom! There was loud thunder and all of them were thrown out of the mountain.

All of them ran away and reached home safely. 

Their parents asked them why did they return. But they all kept quiet and never uttered the name of the devil mountain in their whole life

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