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The Mysterious Flat

The Mysterious Flat

9 mins

Places having mysteries sometimes attract us but one never knows what they might bring to a life. Stephen never knew what will be his fate when he moved to flat number 402. It was mysterious. In the midst of extreme darkness the Galleria Apartment stood. Silent, low, dark, ruined and rusty. Something unusual was in the air around it, as if someone is in great pain asking for help. Stephen, at the first sight of the apartment, felt uneasy. He thought of the vibrant city he left in order to save his job. The apartment was near his new office. The apartment was empty; only two families lived in it, Mr. Edward and Mr. Stevenson. The layman of the apartment asked Stephen," Are you the new guy assigned flat 402?" Stephen replied, "Yes but if only two families live here why I got 402? It's very much spooky." The layman didn't answer. He took the luggage and straight away moved inside the creepy apartment. 

The flat was lit with dim lights. It was dirty with cobwebs all around. Stephen felt more uneasy amid the horrible and creepy sight of the flat. The layman disappeared after handing over the keys to him. Stephen sat on the chair nearby which was the only thing clean there. He called his mother but a network issue erupted. Stephen was of the idea now that he has lost the connection with the outer world. The only people left to him to talk were Mr. Edward, Mr. Stevenson and the layman. He firstly decided to take a bath and go straight away to his new neighbors for familiarity. Stephen looked inside the bathroom and saw something creepy which made his nerves chilled with fear. He saw a large mirror, cracked, with something written over it. He went closer to it and saw it. Suddenly a great blow of wind came and felt the mirror on the floor, which shattered into pieces. Stephen was not able to read it. He took the bath and went to Mr. Edward's place with a hamper of chocolates.

The layman called Stephen to know what he was doing and is everything well or not. Stephen told him that he has went to Mr. Edward's home ; The layman warned Stephen that Edward was an arrogant man who do not like guests. Stephen did not like this and asked for Mr. Stevenson's character. The layman said, "He is a mysterious man. We don't know when he last smiled." Stephen was now aware that he has no man to talk. However he went to his neighbors and knocked Edward's door. Edward came out. Mr. Edward was a tall and dusky person. Stephen's childish face made a magic upon him. He greeted him and asked about his profession. Stephen replied, "I am a software engineer who has moved here for work." Edward replied, "OH! I am a clerk in the Boston Company." Edward asked for the flat number in which Stephen was living and was shocked to know that he has been allotted 402. Edward whispered to Stephen, "Beware my child. The flat holds up many stories inside itself. You must know about it; the dealer may have told you? "Stephen said "No Sir." Edward told the story of the mysterious flat.

"Long time ago a young boy just like you came here. He was a great fellow who loved to write stories, dance and sing. The fourth floor was joyful because of him. He had a lot of friends who used to come to meet him often and they party all night. One day very sad news came to us. He committed suicide by jumping off the fourth floor. Nobody knows why he did it maybe because of his failure in writing career. He wanted to become an author. From that time many people came to live in that flat but nobody was able to spend more than one night. I think something is wrong and extremely creepy about the flat. The dealer in order to sell it sometimes hides this horror story from the people coming here." Stephen was highly sensitive and without saying anything moved to floor number three for meeting Mr. Stevenson. He came out after hearing a knock. He looked like a weak man in utter grief. He welcomed Stephen with heart and hugged him warmly. Stephen remembered how his father used to do this every time he came home. He missed his father very much. Stevenson said, "You look exactly like my son. He is in London pursuing higher studies. OH! I miss him so much." Stephen said, "No problem sir, you can love me as you love him. I also want love like my father used to do me." They changed ideas and their work interests. On his way back Stephen said, "Sir do visit my flat. It's 402. Stevenson replied, "OH! That haunted one. I will come daily and you can share your ghostly experiences with me." He laughed and closed the door.

Stephen once against started to shiver. With each step he climbed, he thought as if someone is following him. The night broke in. The night in the apartment was worse than a curse. Crying dogs and cats could be heard all around. The night was dark with cold winds blowing. Stephen lying on his bed was thinking of the stories he heard all day and about the mirror and its message. He fell asleep after sometime. In the middle of night his sleep broke and he saw the lamps around him were flickering. He turned them off and while returning to his bed heard a knock on his door. Stephen's heart throbbed. After collecting his courage he opened the door and peeped out. He saw no one. He closed the door and moved back to his bed. He lay down over it with his eyes closed but soon was disturbed by a sound coming from his kitchen. He went to look inside and saw something which made him chilled with fear. A boy, rugged in old and torn clothes was busy taking out food from the refrigerator. Stephen shouted with fear," Who are you?" The boy stopped and turned around.

Stephen saw his face in dark, a face very much scary, with wide forehead with a bruise on it and blood oozing out of it. Stephen shouted in horror. The boy smiled at him and said," oh! Now you took my place. Just get out of here its mine." Stephen shouted once again, "But who the hell are you and how can you come inside?" The boy shouted," I am John and it's my place. You get the hell out of here. Or else you will also be found dead like I was found once." Stephen got the knowledge that the boy was not a real being but was a soul. Stephen fainted.

When he recovered he saw that sunshine has come to his rescue. He looked around and saw the walls. It was written all around, "HELP." Stephen was worried and went to bath. As he opened the door he saw the boy inside it. Stephen once again yelled and closed the door. But as soon as he turned around he saw the boy was sitting on the chair and was writing something. Stephen shouted," Please leave me .I will vacate your house immediately. John stopped writing and brought a piece of paper towards Stephen. Stephen read it and looked towards john who said," My friend could you please fight for me? I need justice and peace. You seem to be a good boy with dreams in eyes like I was. I will not force you to leave my house if you can help me and make me go heaven and can make me sleep eternally. I wish for it." Stephen was confused. "How could they do this to you?" he asked. John replied," Money can make every person do everything." 

Stephen was filled with anger after reading that paper and straight away went to his luggage and brought a large knife with him. John stopped him and said," No my friend, I want them to confess then we can kill them and take our revenge." Stephen nodded his head and moved towards the landline and called up Edward and Stevenson. They soon came. Stephen greeted them and said, "My dear neighbors let's party in the evening. I want us to get more familiar with both of you and have a surprise for you both" They were happy with the idea and promised to come soon. They left for their work. John once again appeared and hugged Stephen who cried very much. 

Evening came with a message for all. The message was revenge. Stephen was busy preparing dinner for his neighbors. Suddenly the doorbell rang and he saw they came inside dressed. They shouted excited," hey! Let's make this eve memorable." Stephen hosted the party, served snacks and wine to them until they became drowsy. In their drowsiness, Stephen took up a diary and began reading stories written in it. After the story finished Stephen said," Written by John stellar." Edward and Stevenson looked each other and said "Who is this, boy?" Stephen shouted, "Whom you both killed bitterly just for money.His stories were going to publish. He was so happy but you both killed him and stole his copyright. I hate you both literally. " They stared each other and laughed and said," oh so now you too know about this. No problem you too will be killed like every person has been who came here and as usual the blame will go to that stupid soul. We tried everything but you are courageous enough and the courageous one is killed by us." Stevenson took out a large knife and Edward forcefully grabbed Stephen's hand and Stevenson came towards to stab Stephen. Suddenly the lamps started flickering and a sudden blow of wind came. Stevenson and Edward looked around and were stunned to see a boy coming towards.

They shouted in anguish and fear, "Who are you?" John stabbed them with their knife only. They died on the spot. John looked towards Stephen's bruised face and smiled. The soul of John vanished in the moonlight coming through the window. Only some petals were left in the flat.

Stephen slept that night crying with happiness. The morning in the apartment was never like before. It came as a relief after a storm. Stephen woke up and took his breakfast. Later he found the same paper John had given to him. He turned it back and saw a note written with a smiley, "Eternal sleep is what a soul wants. I love you, my brother." Stephen hugged the note and the wind coming through the window took up all the weariness of the place.

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