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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra


Horror Fantasy Children Action Thriller



Horror Fantasy Children Action Thriller

The Mysterious Creature

The Mysterious Creature

6 mins 221 6 mins 221

There was a boy named James. He lived in the city in a big house. He had many friends and loved playing with them. Except on Halloween. Then He would lock himself in his house, inside his room. The reason behind this was that when He had celebrated his first Halloween He had gotten such a fright that He never celebrated Halloween again, even though He was 12. One Halloween morning his friends tried to persuade him to play with them yet again, but He firmly refused.

He went inside his house and saw his parents looking at him. "We are going out for a week," His other said "take care of yourself and please do try and go out today." With that they went into their room to start packing. James said nothing and went into his room too and locked The door and all The windows. He sat down on his bed and played with his toys. He always took everything He thought He would need into his room with him and after some time He ate lunch. He played with his toys The whole evening and at 8:00 in The night his parents called him out into The living room. "I hope this isn't a trick to scare me" He said. His other laughed, "No, of course not! We just called you to say that we are leaving now. We will be back in a week's time. Take care of yourself."

"It is getting late now, you better eat you dinner" Said his father. James waved his parents goodnight and ate his dinner locked in his room. After that He was feeling sleepy so He went to bed. Exactly at 12:00 in the night, he heard a strange scuttling noise. He woke up and slowly opened his door. He walked down the stairs softly, very frightened of what He might find. When He was at the bottom a floor board creaked and toe strange noise immediately stopped. He went

back up to his room thinking that He must have been imagining it. Inthe morning He kept quiet about the strange noise to his friends.

But after that for 3 days He kept Hearing noises in the night. Now He was so terrified that He didn't dare to get down from his bed. Instead, He just covered himself up into his blanket and tried to sleep. But He could not so He went down the stairs and to the door. He thought he saw a scary face but thought he was imagining it, Suddenly he heard a scream and He ran as fast as He could out of his house and into the forest. He kept running until He realized what He was doing. But it was too late. James was lost in the middle of the pitch dark forest all alone.

He sat down and shivered. It was very cold in the forest at the night and James was in his night suit. Suddenly He Heard a low growl from behind him. He didn't wait to see what was there and just got up and ran deeper into the Heart of the forest. He was very sleepy. "I'm lucky I saw so many channels on how to survive in the wild." Thought James.

But an Other part of his brain said, "Not with monsters chasing me." James quickly started a fire to warm himself. Then He collected all the leaves He could find to make a soft bed. Then He took some sticks and rocks, kept them by his side and fell asleep, fully aware of any sound.

In the morning He woke up and immediately remember the situation He was in. He made a sort of fire place in the center of a clearing where there were no trees. Then around that He built a circular bucket that went all around the fire place. In that bucket He kept all sorts of things. Things to start a fire, the sharpest stones He could find, A lot of dry leaves, sticks and the big container He had been holding while running. Then in front of the 'storage place' as He now called it, He built his bed properly and filled the container with ripe fruits and berries.

Then He wandered around for sometime and found a river. He marked the path to that river so that He could collect water easily. Then He found some more strong sticks, sharpened their paints and stuck them in the earth all around his forest home. Then He started to sharpen a stone

with another stone and then tied it to a stick with some vines He had found laying around. He then went to test his new invention by chopping down all the trees in the path to the river. Then He collected a lot of vines and started tying them to make a sort of fence-wall around his forest home. He applied more rope to the clear path. He knew how to climb trees and dodge the spears He had tuck in to the ground all round the clearing, so He could climb a tree and get water

any time He wanted. Now He had to find a way to get back home.

He sat down on his 'bed' with a spear and a stone at his side. When He couldn't think of anything and started to get hungry He ate the fruits and berries He had bought and slept. He was awoken in midnight by a sound of flapping. He woke up in fright and looked around. He saw the figure of his mother walking towards him creepily. But the strange thing was, see was kind of glitching in between Her short strides and looking like something less human. "Y-you're not m-my mother" He

said, very afraid now. "Oh alright!" The figure snarled and turned into itself again. "I'll get you anyways!" It was truly terrifying. It was human-like but not quite. It had eight leathery arms and a scary face with two fangs coming out of its mouth. They were covered in a red substance that couldn't possibly be "Blood" thought James. It had huge wings whose flapping noise James must have Heard. It didn't have legs instead it walked lightly on its spidery appendages.

James felt his spear and rocks, Held them and threw them directly at the creatures face. James was trembling so badly that the spear missed but the rock hit its target. The creature growled and evaporated on the spot. "Hurrah!" James shouted. But stopped when He Heard spidery scuttling behind him. He felt cold breath on his neck. "Y-y-you're be-h-hind m-me, aren't y-you?" He asked the empty air in front of him and turned around. He saw the creature pounce on him and roar loudly into his face. He kicked the creature and ran as fast as He could. Lost again. He saw an old woman walking toward him but was so frightened that He screamed again and ran right past the bewildered woman, hands up in the air.

He at last found his home and was surprised to see that tomorrow would be the day his parents were coming back. He tidied himself up and fell asleep. Te next morning his friends asked him where. He had been, He made up an excuse and got to know that the screaming part had been a Halloween trick. He didn't tell anyone about his adventure and never, missed another Halloween celebration. And as for the monster, He never knew what it was!

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