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The Missing Part

The Missing Part

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He was her definition of strong and she his only weakness. Unknowingly, they both knew that they had to let each other become more than just friends. She knew where it was leading. His only purpose was to make it lead that way…

When Rushi and Aarush walked past each other today, their eyes met for a second,  bringing the memories of the 14 years they had spent as best friends, and for the millionth time, making them realise that it was a mistake. 

She was heartbroken, and her feelings were being played repeatedly. She needed love, she needed someone to hold her tight and give her all the attention she had been craving for. He had spent four years waiting for the perfect time, waiting for the moment when she would finally know that he loved her.

And then finally, she realised, that the boy she had been looking for, the boy who would stick her broken pieces back together was no one but the guy she considered to be her best friend.

This fact brought all the times when he gave her a shoulder to cry on, all the times when he made her smile when she was low, all the times when he made her believe that she has someone always by her side.

Come to her and she knew it, she knew he was the one. That day seeing her face, he made out that something was different, he could see that spark in her eyes, the spark he had been searching for so long and it took him a second to figure out the perfect moment he had been waiting for had finally come.

Their relationship was like any other relationship, except the fact that they could not know each other more. It was nothing like I thought it would be—he realised.

Why can't I let myself accept the fact that now he is my boyfriend, she used to think. Soon they both broke up. Their relationship killed their 14-year-old friendship. Months passed, they both moved on their lives but they both knew, a part of them was left behind somewhere but now it was too late.

In addition, seeing each other after so long, they knew where that missing part was. He is still the same, she thought before turning around but his eyes kept her glued. I hope she does not cry, he thought and kept looking at the girl he had adored for so long.

She was stunned, at the way he kept looking at her, at the way her heart ached at the sight of him. These months made them both realise that they both loved each other very much, but as best friends.

Sometimes, you have to mould your feelings because some people are too special to lose, and some friendships aren’t meant to be taken that way… 

"Baby, I’m done with the shopping, let’s go." She heard someone say and turned around to see a girl coming towards them.

"Umm this is Tanya, my girlfriend," Aarush said, with emotions too hard for Rushi to figure out

I'm glad he moved on, she thought. Rushi was expecting him to go away, tell Tanya that Rushi was a bitch, and forget about that meeting in a matter of seconds.

However, he did not. He pulled Rushi towards himself and hugged her tight before turning towards Tanya. Meet Rushi, the girl who knows me more than I know myself, my best friend. The missing part of their life was now found.

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