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Gulzoda Gayratova

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The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis

3 mins

  All the mirrors were broken and the human images disappeared. The fall of the stars in the morning was supposed to escape souls from wandering and slavery. Feelings dance in me like a stream of gentle wind, like a combination of Yin and Yang that turns day into night, I had to see the whiteness, not only its sweet smell, but the freshness of the darkness lurking inside me, predisposing my heart to every melody. 

 My rooms are filled with space. Now there was me. He is dead. All unoccupied rooms were adjoining. There is no man, there is a spirit.

  I am freezing. My soul is oppressed and dark, like fallen leaves sinking into the ground. I look for light until morning in my body, longing for the end of an endless fairy tale in empty castles inside of me. Perhaps I left for the wandering steppe, dissatisfied with the first milk that my mother gave me. What part of the universe have I entered, today clenching my hands into a fist, I am dying inside to worship myself every day. I sleepily return to my room, choking on the dust like a latecomer from a train. Since when have I approached this being? Is the soul the place where the soul turns to the heart? 

- You fall in love every minute. Am I not in the places where you want to run?..

- It is strange that there are answers and questions. After all, when everything is known, the human child seeks consolation in meaningless words. People who have lost their hearts listen to the eternal lies of the world, and the soul is looking for its dream, freedom, which has left its head in puddles. Animals belong to people, and man is a slave within himself... 

-Actually, it's better to forget them.

- I have never met a human child more noble than you... I don't know when I'll leave this empty room - I'm surprised to see the clothes hanging in the room - Why did you hang this on the four sides of the room?

- I could not do anything with clothes that have no owners, and this room is yours, the smell will suffocate the room. Among the four cardinal directions, this is the only thing left of your lost people... I did it to not trust them again

- You can't live inside me and make decisions for me! 

When I return to the next room, my father's disapproving voice shook the walls of the house. I don't want to lend a word to someone who is waiting for payment from the free world until he is absorbed by his inner circle. Contrary to my belief, I wished that the ceiling was now comfortable and put an end to everything.

 “Dear, I must have added another hanging dress,” he laughs. 

- You hung this dress up to the end.

I'm going to leave every day, even today. But the only thing that stops me is these mud puddles from the breath of the rain. I return to the room with a thousand embarrassments in me.

My daughter will be waiting for me at the door.

 Mom, did you take your medicine?!

¹ ¹ Yin and Yang are paired concepts that in a broad sense represent the duality of the beginning of existence. yin-yang is a dialectical pair, and the reason why they cannot function without each other lies in the origin of these forces. Light and darkness are also related to each other. Each power complements the other, but none tries to outdo the other—a perfect balance of yin and yang.

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