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The Love Of Prema

The Love Of Prema

2 mins

The parade ground was roaring with loud voices of soldiers and dust raising to the sky.

Prema was practising hard and her friend informed that they are going to Pune for further training.

Then prema took window seat and closed her eyes but she saw someone's image in mind holding her hand and taking her to parade ground.

She opened her eyes and breathed heavily and went back to the memories two year old.

Prema was taking tuitions for the children in her area,then melvin came with his nephew to that place.

After the tuition was over, Prema came down where Melvin was waiting. Then he introduced himself but she was reluctant to speak.

After some days, they started to speak and Melvin proposes Prema. At the beginning, both the side members were thinking hard and they finally agree.

When both met at Park and Melvin expressed his desire to work in army but he couldn't due to the circumstances.

He speaks "I desired to work in army but couldn't but my desire will come true one day" but he meets with an accident and paralyzes himself.

But she promises him to fulfill his wish and serve the nation through the army.

Then she finally gets a chance to serve and she watches Melvin saluting her.

Then she walks into with the ground with smile blossoming through her face and looks at the national flag flying high due to the army soldiers protecting it with blood and sweat.

Dedicated  to all the women and I salute who took this role behalf on their loved ones.


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