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Kiran Sripada

Drama Romance Others


Kiran Sripada

Drama Romance Others

The Last Tear

The Last Tear

9 mins 224 9 mins 224

Kids, come here. Spend some time with your grandfather. Don't worry. You won't get bored. I am going to tell you a story you never heard -the story of her.

Granted that I can't remember much, I can still remember her. I can still remember the color of the pants she was wearing that day. The day…. What can I say about that day? It was a pretty normal day except I got to see her for the first time.

I used to work as a bank clerk at that time. Just like every day, I started to bank that day also and was waiting at the bus stop. Just then, when I looked across me, I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I had seen many beautiful women till then in movies and magazines. But not like this. They were spend a day with them beauties and this was give your life for her beauty.

I wanted to go talk to her, but was too shy to do so. So I just stood there staring at her like a kid staring at a toy store. She saw me staring at her and started shouting something at me. I was so scared, as I never did anything like this and being caught like this would be humiliating in public. But as it turns out, a thief was trying to steal my wallet and she was shouting at me to pay attention.

I turned to see and the thief ran away. But all was not lost. His act of debauchery gave me an in to talk to her. And after using my entire strength to utter words, all I was able to say was "Thanks". She didn't seem to have any trouble at talking to me though. She straight away replied "were you always this careless". First thing she ever says to me and she knew me more than my own mother. I didn't have any retort for that. I was just so happy I finally got to talk to her. I just smiled and got on the bus to the bank.

Don't worry, that was not the last time I saw her. God gave a second chance. He came in the form of a rain this time. So anyway, one day after that, it started raining and I started to the bank with my umbrella. But before I could reach the bus stand, the rain went from a drizzle to full on downpour. I took my umbrella and ran to a tea stall for shelter.

I ordered some tea and was waiting for the rain to subside. But just when I was about to pay the bill, I could find that I don't have my wallet. In my hurry to leave that morning, I left my wallet at home. I started getting tense and went to the owner to ask for his kindness, forgiveness or anything I could ask him. Just when I am about to do so, I heard someone.

I turn around to see who it was and it's her. She saw me from afar, understood my trouble and offered money to the owner. I didn't even know that she was there. But she understood what I wanted like an angel and helped me in my situation. Once we paid, I thank her again as it seems every time we meet that were the only words I seem to utter. And she says "You do seem to have trouble maintaining your wallet there. Why don't you give it to me". I laughed and said that I will repay her the next time we meet. She replied "Instead of this repayment, why don't you take me to coffee as we just had tea"

I nodded like an idiot and ran out of there as I was scared the bus will leave. On that night, I went to bed and I couldn't sleep. I started replaying the scene in my mind and only then, I was able to understand what she meant. I kicked myself to sleep after that.

The next day, I wanted to get a day out with her in any way possible. I got up quick and wrote a script on what to say to her and what jokes I could tell her. I even mapped different places I could go with her for next dates.

So I got ready and waited at the bus stop from 6 am. She was nowhere to be found. I got discouraged and went to the bank. It seemed to be closed. When I asked why, the guard looked at me weird and said it was Sunday. I was too busy writing my script and getting ready that I forgot what day that was. Sunday would be a leave for her and there won't be any reason for her to come to bus stop that day. I considered many possible scenarios but not this obvious one. The worst part was that I didn't even know her name to check from telephone registry. So I couldn't do anything except wait for one more day.

Sunday was over and Monday came. Again I got dressed as well as I could. Revised my script and started to the bus stop an hour before. This time, after waiting for an hour, she came. And I ran straight to her and told her "I considered your offer for the last couple of days and it seemed rather reasonable to take you to coffee than live my entire life without paying you what I owe". She replied "wow. I am impressed. I will definitely accept this. Now, will you please show me the script you wrote and practiced this line on".

I was surprised as to how she even found this. So I asked her the same. She answered "I got here half an hour before. But I could see you reading this line again and again on that piece of paper you have in your pocket. I didn't want to disturb you. So I waited till you were ready to use that line with me".

Her: Where do you want to go then?

Me: Now?

Her: Duh

Me: But I have to go to bank and you have to go to where you have to go.

Her: Put a leave for a day. It's not like economy collapses if you are not there every day. By the way I work as a teacher in Little Bells Elementary.

Me: If you say so. Oh. That seems like a good place to work.

Her: Hey, I shouldn't push you for a date. You are the man here. You are, right?

Me (acting a little mad): Come on. Stop joking. We will go.

Her: Where to, then?

Me: Let's get on bus first. Then we will decide.

Her: We are a little adventurous today, aren't we?

Me: You are damn right we are. Now let's go.

And by the way, none of that conversation was in the script. Anyway, we got on the bus and went to one of the costly coffee shops. We talked the whole way there and tried to get to know each other as much as we could. Once we reached the shop we saw the rates and went right outside. We found ourselves another little tea stall. But this time, I paid the bill.

After this we started to meet every weekend and go around the city - sometime to the movies, sometime to eat or sometimes to just talk. We always had something to talk. She would say about all the kids in her class and all the habits of them. I would tell her about the different customers coming into the bank. Sometimes we used to talk about our families and our dreams of how our families should be.

One thing I could say about her is that she got me out of my shell. Because of her, I tried so many things I wouldn't have tried. And I wanted to be like this. I loved the version of me with her. That version of me is always happy and he always knows to make best of his life.

So after many days like this, I finally got the courage to ask her to marry me. I told her "I wanted to tell you something. Till now there were so many versions of me – a student, a son, a brother, an employee, a friend and so on. But the best version I could find of myself is the version of me with you. And I want to keep being that version. Will you help me achieve that? Will you marry me? "

She replied" Is this from another one of your scripts? Even if it is so, YES"

Me: Now what?

Her: Our parents have to accept. Don't worry; my parents won't have any issue; as you are a bank employee.

Just like she said, her parents were happy with my job and were ready to marry her daughter to anyone from a bank. And my parents seem to have same genetic condition as me. They fell in love with her instantly when they saw her. So there were no obstacles to our marriage from any side. We got married within a month.

So we finally got married and the day I was waiting for finally came. The first time we …. Uhh .. you are kids.. So …. first time … we … kissed. The first time is when I understood the reason for my creation. I shouldn't say more about that to you even if I wanted to. So anyway it happened.

Even after marriage, we used to go out whenever we can and tried to relive the days before. But they were gone and responsibilities started. Even with responsibilities, it was good to know that I was not alone and I had her. That single feeling took away any stress I ever felt.

The first time she got pregnant, I was on cloud nine. I was so fortunate to get another version of her playing around the house. What more could I ask God?

She gave me your parents and we were a happy little family. We had some hard times, but as long as we were together, we were able to get through everything.

Now, your parents grew up and they are started taking care of us instead of other way around. She might have sensed that she was not needed and that she was in need. She always understood the situation and helped any way she could. She didn't want to be a burden on your parents. So she left. But she forgot that I still need her.

The only reason I was able to live after that is through her memories. But yesterday, I heard doctor tell your parents that I am getting some disease that is going to take away my memories. I don't want the version of her I know to be wiped away that easily. That's why I am telling you all about her so you can keep her alive with you.  

Just remember, your grandma was the coolest girl to ever walk this planet and we were so fortunate to have known her. Go and play now.

Oh God am I crying? If she knew that I am crying over her, she would get really angry. I cant count the number of tears i shed for her. Even with my failing memory, i know its a lot. This could very well be my last tear for her. I really do hope I forget breathing before I forget her.

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