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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Tapas Das

Drama Fantasy


Tapas Das

Drama Fantasy

The Interview

The Interview

4 mins

Is this Jessy, yes I am- she confirmed 

I am calling from blue line company; you got selected for a further round of interviews 

The Lady informed with a flat tone.

Be there tomorrow by 10 am, the hr manager will take the final interview.

Yes sure, the line got disconnected.

Jessy couldn’t control her excitement and took the pillow on her face and suppressed her roar, it was already 7 pm, and she needed to find her formals and also prepare for the next day her hands were shaking but there is no one she can share her happiness with, ma is preparing food in the kitchen, and father as usual at work, she is the only child and wanting to work with a marketing company- and managed all through hardship to get a marketing degree, her father never felt the need to tell her she can to provide a helping hand to the family, 

But this is something being a girl she realized that her parents will never believe in her dreams,

With the rush of the evening, she slept imagining the nervousness of tomorrow with fear.

While moving right to the left she couldn’t sleep, and it was 2 am- she drank water and tried sleeping again.

She opened her eyes to see it was 8 30am and for her to reach on time she should leave now, 

Dashed to the washroom, and got dressed by 9, her mother followed her with a frown,

I am getting late for an interview, she interjected which interview

Jessy already left.

Nature was against her that morning and it was July,

The town getting drenched, kids were playing in the midst of the road, dogs finding a refuge- 

Jessy waiting for the bus to arrive, it was 9:15 am and there is no sign of the bus to come on time, she recognized an old friend whom she knew from college but asking lift from him would be asking for a favor which she doesn't want so she looked elsewhere and the bus arrived, 

The bus was bursting out with passengers, Jessy ran and somehow squeezed herself inside, 

The people inside cramped and a fisherman carrying a tokri of fish, 

With the sudden jerk spilled the water on her fresh clothes,

Our of irritation and finding herself guilty too, she kept quiet and the man asked for an apology, she ignored him completely thinking that will not help

An old man in her mid-60 saw her ordeal and gave her sit beside him; Jessy was feeling uneasy because of the stench, the old man smiled.

Don’t worry it’s alright-he smiled 

I am actually running late and it’s my fault I didn’t expect this rain to become so heavy, she mentioned in an irate tone clutching her bag, the old man saw her nervousness,

Do you have an interview today?

Jessy thought for a while and replied yes,

if you take the same nervousness there, the chances are you won’t get through,

We function best when we are calm,

Jessy couldn’t hold herself and raved at him

The old man smiled and did not retaliate, her conscience did not accept this soon after the bus reached the destination 

She felt this is her worst day and felt bad and apologized to him, he accepted and disappeared.

Looking at the tall building Jessy lost her confidence, gathering her courage she reached the 7th floor and due to the air-conditioner the stench spread in the room, no one realized it's her.

Until the office peon stared at her,

She reached by 10 30am and it was her luck the hr. the manager was late too,

After going to the washroom and she tried to get rid of the smell, a lady helped and gave her a pocket perfume, Jessy thanked her 

She got called inside the cabin, Jessy lost her confidence completely there were 2 interviewers sitting to take the round, 

It did not go well, and she left disappointed with self-loathing attitude, 3 days passed and they didn’t revert, thinking she got rejected Jessy began searching for more jobs.

Out of frustration, she lost temper several times to her parents, and one day she got so demotivated and decided she will stop searching and get married.

The same day she received a call. They wanted to take one final discussion with her.

Her morale boosted, and now she will not repeat the mistake

Jessy was alert and reached 30 mins before, as she entered she saw the same old man reading her resume and with the 2 interviewers.

Sit Jessy, he beckoned 

Congratulation you got selected for marketing executive I wish you all the luck,

Jessy couldn’t control her tears,

The old man left the cabin

The interviewer asked did you knew him before, as she narrated her story

They couldn’t believe it.

she received a handout and saw his photo as the vice-chair of the company.

Jessy got puzzled how come a man of his stature will commute in a bus and how did he know I am interviewed here, whether it was a stroke of luck, or the man saw something in her, no one knows why he selected her, and how did he know she got interviewed.

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