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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Preeti Yadav

Romance Fantasy Others


Preeti Yadav

Romance Fantasy Others

The Incomplete Love Story

The Incomplete Love Story

4 mins

It was 3rd July around 11 pm at night was scrolling my Instagram. I remember a new friend I made and was waiting for his message. It was in the inbox. It's was written

Hey hii! Your new friend. Lucy was confused but replied. The journey began, two stranger's who later are in love with each other deeply. 

Lucy was 18, born and bought up in Mumbai. She was in her college years. She had no freedom did what she was asked by her parents but this time she was in her village for her vacation. 

Daddy came home saying we need to pack our bags and leave for the village. Me packing my bags I would forget everything but not my tab.. I put it in my bag and we left. It was three days journey and I found myself on the bed in village. 

My fear was dad but leaving us he left for Mumbai because he had some urgent work. Lucy was free. She can't explain what she felt like. 

She went on Instagram and texted his friend Apo the guy she met online. They started talking with each other. They introduced each other to themselves. 

Within 2days they become close friends. On the 5th day talking Apo said he was in love with a girl but it's been one year she didn't talk. Lucy a caring girl had care for him too. She tried asking him about her but he didn't say they left the topic. 

Next day again Lucy asked Apo told her and gave her I'd. Lucy tried talking to her but she was so rude that she was not ready to talk finally when Lucy told she was Apos friend she spoke. Slowly they became friends. Three had a conference talk. They were so happy. Apo the most because he was the reason for Lucy and Siddhi friendship. 

Lucy had feeling for Apo and finally she told him but what Apo told her broke her heart completely but she couldn't stop loving him. App told no one can replace Siddhi, she is precious to him he can't love any other girl like her but Siddhi never understood that. But she was right because she had no feelings so she rejected his love. It's good to not love anyone than loving for sake of it. 

Lucy told Apo that she loved him but Apo had no answer. They spoke the whole night talking about their past. Apo had health issues which he gave Lucy as an excuse so that Lucy can leave but she loved him a lot. 

One evening talking Apo told her I love you Lucy, she was very happy but Apo told wanna marry you. Lucy was happy but sad. 

She was engaged to a boy and was going to get married in a year. 

This was hurting to Apo.. They wanted to leave each other but couldn't. 

Lucy was suffering through depression, she was suicidal and had scars that made many people not accept her and it was the same with her family. She was abused,insulted and hit. She had no one. People say when you don't get the love you start searching for love it was the same with Lucy. In the dark she found Apo. He was loving, caring and Lucy loved him because he had accepted Lucy with all her past. You all must think about the boy she was engaged to, he was good working in defense but knew the good Lucy not her past. Lucy tried telling him but as it was her family decision she could not tell him. 

Lucy was mad about dieing which became the reason for her death but she didn't tell anyone other than Apo. Apo make sure she was happy. But Lucy was on medicine but she never wanted to live. Die.. Was her favourite word. 

Days passed talking to Apo they had great talks but Apo knew Lucy was no his completely but loved as a lover should. His love was pure. 

It was August. Lucy tried killing herself she jumped from the terrace but luckily was saved. She smoked 30-40 secrets at a time. Apo knew everything but he kept explaining Lucy. 

Suddenly Lucy came to know dad was on the way to village she had to delete her Instagram account which she created last talk with Apo. Last talk with him. 

It was 26th August at 7 pm she called him. They spoke. Apo it's my goodbye to you. She cut the call. The love story ends. 

They never met but loved each other. Love exists. Lucy changed and remove the thought of dying believing they will meet one day for sure. 

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