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Dinakar Reddy

Abstract Horror Thriller


Dinakar Reddy

Abstract Horror Thriller

The Haunted Place At Back Waters

The Haunted Place At Back Waters

6 mins 240 6 mins 240

When Charu saw the last man in the line, her jaw dropped. ‘Oh my God! How can you be one of them?’ she exclaimed. Abhay and Yuvaan too were shocked to see him.

Read my entry below.

Vin... When Charu tried to say the name after seeing the last man in the line, a gas released in the air, and all of them except that one person got unconscious.

Charu, Yuvaan, and Abhay's bodies were packed neatly into three separate boxes.

Boss, what are we gonna do now? One of his assistants asked. Take the subjects to backwaters.

The boxes were taken to the haunted place at the Back Waters.

There were rumours that people are missing at the backwaters. So the neighbourhood persons never dare to spend time at backwaters.

There is a secret cave behind backwaters. No one believes it was a man-made cave in ancient times.

The advanced lab setup can amaze anyone in this locality.

Has anyone else there? A woman in the lab asked Veer. Veer is the security appointed to protect the lab.

Yes. Three subjects arrived. Veer handovers Charu, Yuvaan, and Abhay's bodies to her.

Boss enters the lab.

Rebecca, first this one should be completed. Boss pointed at Abhay's body.

Father Vincent, Veer interrupted. 

How many times I have told you when I am in the lab call me only Father Abraham. Not Father Vincent. Father Vincent is gone. It is just his body I am having. Do you understand?

Father Abraham burst out on Veer in anger.

Rebecca asked Veer to take the other two bodies into the gas chamber to store.

Veer looked angrily at both of them and took the mask from the shelf. He kept his face mask and pushed the stretcher tables into another room.

Rebecca kisses on the forehead of Father Abraham. Darling, be cool. 

Let me deal with the subject. You go and have a drink. Abraham went to the minibar beside the lab. Rebecca is always proud of her research on WBE( Whole Brain Emulation). She is successful at mind uploading and downloading memories from a computer to the human brain directly. 

Rebecca connected the black box to Abhay's scalp. Abhay's memory started downloading into the storage device. Usually, the memory in his subconscious parts of the brain is not active.

What the hell? Why his brain is not getting active? She started giving him the medicine to make his physical body active.

Abhay's feeling his upper arms tied. He can sense his breathing but his hands and legs are tied.

Abhay's memories are downloaded into the device. 

" Download Completed" flashed on the computer screen.

Abhay tried to move but his eyes became drowsy. 

Don't make me tensed, boy. Everything is gonna be okay. Rebecca said in a calming tone.

Abhay closed his eyes.

Rebecca checked his memories in the storage box. His parent's sudden death, how he became the police officer, everything is checked by Rebecca.

She felt something incomplete in downloaded memory. There is no memory about Charu in it.

Holy shit. Why the memory is incomplete? She asked herself.

Anyway, I have to complete the task. What difference Charu's memory can make to our plan? Nothing. She just entered into his life. 

Rebecca is searching for the memory disc to upload into Abhay's brain.

Her search ended when she got the memory of a Casanova. She reprogrammed the memory and included the instructions to be followed by Abhay's brain.

After completing the program she inserted the disc into the black box.

Abhay's brain started receiving the memories in the disc and "Upload completed" flashed on the computer screen.

A Casanova with the police uniform. Rebecca laughed hysterically.

Father Abraham is drinking the red wine at the minibar. With the wine glass in his hand, he went to check on Veer in the Security room.

In the gas chamber, Veer lifted Charu's body and when he is placing her body in the storage box he got some nasty thoughts.

She must be 36C. He observes her breasts and says to himself. He removed her shirt and fantasized about titty fucking her.

It might be heaven if she moans to my hard fuck. He pleases himself with the thoughts.

When Veer is touching his pants, something hits on his head and he collapsed.

Yuvaan stepped on his hand and closed his mouth to stop the shouting sound.

Yuvaan grabbed a piece of glass and threatened Veer not to shout. Veer tried to move but Yuvaan tied his hands with a wire around the stretcher.

Tell me what is happening here? Who are you? Yuvaan tried to get the answers.

Veer is silent. As the gas chamber door is locked, no one can listen to Yuvaan's voice. Yuvaan buttoned Charu's shirt. He started slapping Veer.

Charu. Wake up. He is trying to get her consciousness back.

Veer murmured something.

Tell me. Yuvaan made a wound on Veer's shoulder. Veer said he will tell everything.

Veer showed the shelf on which there is a blue color medicine. He asked Yuvaan to inject into Charu's nerve.

Yuvaan does the same Charu gets consciousness after five minutes. She asks where is Vincent?

Veer gives a pathetic smile and asks Charu to kiss him.

Yuvaan slaps on Veer's face. Where is Vincent? What is he doing here? Yuvaan asked.

There is no Vincent. Veer answered with pain.

What? Don't try to fool us. Yuvaan said with much anger.

He is father Abraham. Vincent's memories are removed and replaced with Abraham's. The body is Vincent's. 

Charu and Yuvaan felt like they were watching a science fiction show.

Veer's answers are raising more questions than clarifications. If he is not Vincent, why he exists? What about her mother?

Now Charu came back to square one. 

Some questions are demanding immediate answers.

Yuvaan, let us think in this way. We are trapped in this plan, not because of the sword. I must say there is something hidden from the outside world.

We don't believe in memory transfer but these people are ruining many lives by bringing them here. Charu exhaled after saying.

Where are we exactly? Charu asked. 

You are at backwaters. Veer replied with lust in his eyes.

Charu keeps her hand on Yuvaan's shoulder. Let us check to contact someone. She said with anxiety.

No. You can't. You don't even know whether it is day or night. You don't have any sort of communication.

Charu, you learned telepathy. Right? Can you inform someone about us? Yuvaan reminded Charu about the telepathy training she attended in America.

I don't know about the result. But I can try. Charu looked around and sat at a corner. She started meditating by sitting in the padmasana. Now, She has to contact someone trustworthy. But, the person should be nearby her.

Her concentration shifted to Abhay. But, Abhay also might be kidnapped along with us. She felt sorry for not asking Veer about Abhay. 

Someone opened the gas chamber's door from outside. Yuvaan's heartbeat increased.

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