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Arlene Martires


The Girl Who Lived - 2

The Girl Who Lived - 2

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Hey Olympe, said Arista where will we get all the stuff? Speaking of stuff, here I forgot to give you the list said, Olympe. We will get this all in Morugola. Arista looked at the list.

Eels [ wands ] 

Rompes [ robes] 


Amyna Agreek Tha Scard Artim By Barth Goldshot [ Defense Against The Dark Arts ] 

Goteta By Giransi Gom [ Charms ]

Metarmorfosi By Minira Tatarey [ Transfiguration ]

Filtra By Greekina Greek [ Potions ]

Oddeseuss By Krewa Cutting [ History of Magic ] 

Delphinus By Quina Kenzel [ Astronomy ] 

Acetabularia By Earthina Earthfest [ Herbology ] 


The term will start from 6 Mayni - Profeesa Dumblydorin.

Great said Arista where first? Madamina Malke answered Olympe. They went and brought all the books. Next, they went to Malkin's 2. They brought Arista's Gorgona rompes and they brought her eels which had seahorse fins. Then they went to the Gorgona Expessi . Olympe helped her to get through the plants. She boarded the trainew. Hey, said a voice. My name is Sinista. The trainew is full. Yes, you can come said Arista. Arista smiled. She got her first mermendi!

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