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raviteja kasturi



raviteja kasturi


The Girl In Pink - Part 1

The Girl In Pink - Part 1

6 mins 246 6 mins 246

"GOD!!! , stop fooling around Tarun!" , exclaimed Pavan.

It was already half-past ten in the night and the project work allotted to the lads was due in two days. Pavan, Tarun, Negi, Vimesh, Sai, Neha, and Sruthi were part of the group that was given the Project of P-type and N-type Semiconductor Bonding. Just like all other kids, they spent their holidays idling and playing and now that the time drew nigh, they are bundled up in the pressure to complete the task at hand. Even though the atmosphere is of confusion and hurriedness, Tarun is still finding time to fool around. All the while when the group was trying to mold glass into the shape of P-type semiconductor bonds, Tarun, however, was blowing out candles just for the Jest of it.

The Group comfortably set themselves up in the Lift maintenance room on the terrace of Vimesh's apartment block so that the nasty wind outside does not foil their efforts of completing the project in time. As the group hastened their work the never stopping time also did its work. Sruthi who was half tired and half asleep looked at her watch which just clocked midnight and gave a conspicuous stare at Neha and the others.

"Come on now it is already midnight and I have to get back home my Mom must be furious at me," pleaded Sruthi.

Neha quickly added," It is all Negi's fault for asking us to switch our mobiles to airplane mode, we were so engrossed in competing for our project that we lost track of time."

Negi tried to assuage the matter but the girl's duo was vehemently muttering their "praises" for Negi.

Meanwhile, Sai chirped:" Oh! Come on now give the poor soul a break, he was only trying to help our cause and keep us from distracting."

Negi with rejuvenated energy smirked, "Yes, Yes, I was only trying to help." He also added that since the project work was almost done all of them should stay behind and complete the work so that they can at least enjoy the last day of the holidays.

"NO" , clamored the girls.

Pavan budged to his side to get relief from his aching back. Stretching his arms and yawning Pavan said, " It is best if the girls go home"

"And since it is past midnight why don't you both accompany them back home " , saying thus, Pavan pointed at Tarun and Negi, and continued "Vimesh, Sai and I will stay back and complete the rest of it so that we can spend tomorrow at leisure."

Tarun and Negi were happy to oblige since they were feeling droopy as well, and after a brief exchange of Goodnight's Taun, Negi, Sruthi and Neha left for their homes.

In the meantime, Sai had gone out to get some Hakka Noodles and piping hot chocolate milk for the trio to get them some energy to continue their tedious work. The Lift Maintenance room was placed such that it was directly facing the overhead tank of the Apartment block and the stairs were to adjacent left of the room. The three of them had a jovial snack and started sipping down the hot choco milk little by little, all the while cracking up on jokes. Brought to senses by the hot milk, they once again got back to the business at hand. It was quite chilly outside and the wind was also blowing hard, so they got up and moved the door just enough for the wind not to enter at full burst but close enough for fresh air. The friends were busy chatting and working when all of a sudden they heard a noise outside.

Vimesh turned toward Sai and exclaimed," Did you just hear that ?!!" , "It sounded as if someone just ran past the door"

Sai and Pavan replied in Unison, " It is the wind brushing against metal door silly"

Vimesh brushed aside his fears and once again got back to work. It was hardly two minutes past the incident when once again Vimesh heard the same voice, this time with the distinct sound of footsteps and laughter.

Horrified, he looked up only to see that his two best friends had the same look on their faces. It was evident that they had heard it too and Vimesh gave them the: " Haven't I told so" look.

After a brief moment of paralyzing horror, Pavan recovered and said:" Let us go out slowly and check" , to which the other two concurred.

The trio slowly screeched back the old Lift door and lit up their Cellphone torches and scoped around. Having found nothing out of the ordinary they got back inside and started to work. However Vimesh's Mind was still reeling in horror, he was avidly chanting: " Jaya hanumāna gyāna guna sāgara।jaya kapīsa tihu loka ujāgara , rāma dūta Atulita Bala dhāmā।anjani putra pavanasuta nāmā.........." However, to his horror they heard the same sounds once again but this time they sounded as if the came from behind the overhead water tank. Vimesh literally shrieked in horror and so did the others.

However, they decided to check it out once again despite their wits warning against it. This time they thought that they should split up and search, however, Vimesh was in no mood for any such heroics and hence he voted against it. So finally it was Sai and Vimesh going to the left of the Lift room and Pavan going to the right. They also went around the overhead water tank, one from the front and the other two from the back, but found nothing. The three came back to the entrance of the Lift door sweating profusely in the chilly wind.

Pavan exclaimed: " I think the work stress coupled with sleepiness and inherent fright of the dark is playing tricks on us. Since we have completed 99% of the work it would be best to come back tomor......", as he was about to complete the sentence, Pavan heard the same laughter and footsteps and so did the others. All three of them looked in the direction of the noise with the Cellphone torches in their hand-

" A small shadowy figure about 2-3 feet tall was peeking at them and chuckling all the while from the far left end of the overhead tank, it was as if the shadow figure was playing peek-a-boo with them"

Horrified at the sight all three of them took to heels and climbed down the entire staircase of 5 floors without even stopping for breath. Once down to the first floor Vimesh clobbered down on his flat door while Sai and Pavan got on their mopeds and left for home.

The next morning a visibly shaken trio re-countered the horrors of last night to Tarun, Negi, Sruthi and Neha.

Pavan in a frightened tone said, " Please believe us, we have faced one of our worst nightmares yesterday and since all our project work is left upstairs i request someone to go and fetch it." saying thus Pavan left the apartment premises.

Vimesh and Sai quipped "YES, somebody please fetch them down" and followed Pavan.

Perplexed and confused Negi replied "OK, ok, I will get them down, meanwhile you people get to the nearby park, we will finish what is left there" , saying so he went up.

Tarun shouted to Negi " Wait I'll come as well "

The group managed to complete the Project work in time and enjoyed the last day as planned. Everything seemed normal except for Pavan. Although on the outside he was merry and cheerful, something has been bugging him since the day of the incident.

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