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raviteja kasturi

Drama Horror Thriller


raviteja kasturi

Drama Horror Thriller

The Girl In Pink - Part II

The Girl In Pink - Part II

9 mins 183 9 mins 183

"I want that balloon, Papa!!!", were the words that echoed through the head of Pavan as he woke up all sweaty and tired. He was clearly disturbed and fraught with fear. It was 3.00 in the morning and as usual, It was the same dream that had been haunting him since the day he had that frightening experience while working on a Project work with his friends.

Wiping the sweat of his brow, Pavan was in doldrums if he should share his constant nightmares with his friends and parents or not?

"What would hey think?", was the question Pavan had in his mind. Even he, was unsure if all this is sheer coincidence or just his blatant imagination at work.

His thoughts began to wander in an unnecessary direction. " Who was that little girl? Why did she call me Papa? Why can't I see her face clearly? Why does my heart ache so much as if I had lost something? All these thoughts flooded his mind. Having been unable to come to a logical conclusion Pavan put his mind to rest and closed his eyes.

"Papa, Papa, I want that balloon!!!!", yet again the words echoed in the room with a booming sound, so much so that Pavan had inadvertently jumped off of his bed. He looked at the clock and it was still 05.25 am. The adrenaline rush that came out of the scare was so much that Pavan was visibly shaking.

It was the fag end of October and the School has opened again after the Navratri holidays.

"Pavan, Pavan, HEY PAVAN, listen up!" shouted Negi. Meanwhile, Pavan who was still overshadowed by the aftereffects of his nightmares was brought back to his senses and he smirked "Stop shouting, will you."

Negi continued, " You seem quite disturbed these days, especially after the Project work. I understand that you think you saw some Ghost, but trust me there are no such things." : "Just cool your head and concentrate on your studies, everything will fall in place."

Pavan was about to say something when suddenly Tarun barged in, dragging along Sai and Vimesh with him and interrupted, "Guys, I have a great idea!" His facial expression was so vivid that everyone around him could sense a strange eeriness.

Tarun continued with great zeal, "I had heard that you can contact Spirits and Ghosts through a device called the Ouija Board and I had seen a video on the Youtube, where they show you how to make one easily at home." Pointing toward Pavan, Sai and Vimesh he added " Remember, you guys told us that you had seen a Ghost on the terrace of Vimesh's House and how you had all been frightened by it. I guess by playing on this board, we can find out who exactly that Ghost was."

Negi, Vimesh and Sai vehemently opposed the idea. They quipped in one voice "Are you out of your mind?! It is dangerous". Tarun immediately went defensive and all four started arguing amongst themselves

Pavan who was listening to this conversation, was intrigued by the fact. "I could finally get the answer to all my questions", he thought to himself and before his friend quartet asked his opinion on the subject matter at hand, Pavan announced " I would like to play this game."

Pavan's announcemet came as a shock to the other two (Vimesh and Sai) who had witnessed the horror along with him. They tried to dissuade Pavan, but realized it was too late. Pavan was firm on his resolve and nobody could alter it. Finally, after a brief discussion it was decided that Pavan, Vimesh and Tarun would play the Ouija Board at Vimesh's residence, as it was there where they encountered the Ghost. And the second reason was that since Vimesh's parents were away on a trip for the week, it was a congenial atmosphere.

As planned Tarun and Pavan arrived at Vimesh's house on the weekend. It was already decided that they would play the game in the afternoon rather than the night so as to avoid any malfices. VImesh had already sealed the windows shut and dropped down the curtain blinds as instructed by Tarun beforehand. Tarun brought along a makeshift Ouija Board which he made himself at his home and had doused all the lights in the apartment. Tarun quickly went over the rules on how to play the Board with the other two and proceeded to move towards the Living area.

The trio sat in the Living room, they seated themselves such that, they formed the shape of a triangle and placed the board in the middle. They had only a single candle, placed next to the board as the only source of light. "Before, we begin let us make sure to be respectful and brave as far as possible and ask our questions in such a way that the Ghost, if any does not get pissed", said Vimesh.

Tarun was about to take a jibe at Vimesh but held back looking at the faces of VImesh and Pavan. It was as if they had the look of terror mixed with fright on their faces, which Tarun could not comprehend. Vimesh once again repeated what he had said earlier and the trio place their fingers on the designated marker on the board, closed their eyes and concentrated on their surroundings as instructed by Tarun in his briefings.

Tarun started, "O, might Ghost, we come in peace. Could you please tell us your name?" Vimesh and Pavan looked at the marker which remained placid. They neither felt any energy drain nor felt any movement that could indicate any ethereal presence. To say the least they were disappointed. Tarun once again muttered "O, Ghost of the unknown why do you haunt this building. If you are real show us your presence!" which did not elicit any sought reactions. The trio continued their tussle for another hour or two without any desired results.

Tarun was getting impatient and bored of this and just as they were to say Goodbye, Pavan thought to himself, "Who are you? Why do you only come in my dreams? And why do you call me Papa? No sooner the questions popped in his head Pavan and Vimesh felt an eerie tingling down their spine. It felt as if a wave of current passed through their bodies and as if an ice-cold wind blew down their back.

Both of them looked at each other in shock, and looked at Tarun to see if he felt the same, Tarun could not understand why the other two were looking at him intently. He asked "What happened, why do you both look frightened all of a sudden?". He was about to post a second question, when he felt the marker move. At first, he thought that the other two were pushing the marker, but when he saw that they has the same befuddled look on them, Tarun started to feel scared as well.

Tarun, mustered up all the Courage and asked "Are you the Ghost that our friends saw?" to which the maker moved to "YES", although scared at the response, he then continued. "Are you a boy or a girl?" to which the marker moved to "GIRL".

Tarun shook to his core, he could not believe what was happening. He was hesitant to continue and asked the other two that they stop this now. But to his surprise, Pavan was reluctant to the idea, although he looked scared he had an intrigued look on his face. Pavan advised against the idea of quitting and asked the Ghost "Why do you Haunt this building. How old are you and What are you looking for?" to which the marker moved to the numerical "5" and the words "M-Y---P-A-P-A".

Just as they deciphered the message they got, Pavan felt a presence and looked up to his left, horrified to see a Girl in Pink Frock holding a balloon and smiling at Him. Her face had no distinct figure to it but it felt as if she had smiled at him, almost, as if she was happy that he could see her. Pavan remained froze facing to his left, the Girl appeared to come close to him and the closer she got the more he felt losing his presence, and before he knew it the Girl had come up right next to him and embraced him saying"I found you PAPA"

Pavan felt nauseous and giddy, a parade of images began flashing in his mind.

He was holding hands with the Girl in the Pink dress and they were at an Amusement Park. The Girl was dressed in a Pink floral frock that had just made her look like an Angel. Her smile was so amorous that it filled Pavan's heart with Ecclesiastical Joy. She was running up and down the path to the Ferris Wheel. Pavan could hear himself saying "Tara be careful, slowdown or you will trip and fall". He could not understand why he was calling the Girl 'Tara' or why he was seeing himself as the Girl's father and how the hell did he come to know her name in the first place.

Before he could process all the data, he could hear her merrily shouting "Papa, I want that balloon, I want that balloon Papa." She was pointing at an orange balloon and was pleading him to buy one for her. Her angelic face had that cute little pout and a pleading aesthetic that could work magic. Pavan was so bedazzled, that he began walking unknowingly towards the Balloon cart to buy one for his little angel.

Extremely pleased with her wish come true, Tara came running towards Pavan and embraced him by his leg looking up at him with a pleasing smile. In a heavenly tone she said "I Love You , Papa". Pavan was now filled with tender emotions and a sense of care for Tara. He carefully picked her up, placed her on his shoulders, gave her the balloon and began walking around the amusement park, slowly making his way towards the Ferris Wheel. All of a sudden the Ferris Wheel came down with a Jolting sound and the next thing Pavan could remember is seeing himself in a pile of bodies lifeless and hearing Tara Say " P-a-p........"

Shaken by the graphic images Pavan came back to senses. He was lying on the bed and Vimesh and Tarun looking worriedly at him.

Vimesh Breathed a sigh of relief "Thank God you came to, we were worried sick that something might have happened". Tarun added, " Yes you were out cold for about 45 minutes and your entire body was ice cold. It was as if you were .......", before Tarun could finish his words, Vimesh butt in and said, " Well, what has happened has happened, let him rest for a bit. Pavan, wait here, I will fetch us our lunch, you must be depleted and drained after all that has happened."

Saying thus Vimesh left along with Tarun. However, Pavan was in agony and frantically looking around to see 'TARA'. He was almost in tears when he could faintly hear a whisper from behind the door.

He walked up to the door and moved it a bit and there she was "TARA", in her floral pink frock with her angelic and beaming smile. A relieved Pavan reciprocated her smile.

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