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Dimithri Wijerathna


The Ghost Woman

The Ghost Woman

3 mins

I was living in a faraway village, where the rivers murmur loudly and the trees wave frantically as somebody was squeezing the neck.

Many villagers repetitively said about horror stories late at night as bedtime stories. From my childhood I was used to listening to them, my grandmother took when she was alive told me about horror stories and was eager to listen to them until the end and I was actually addicted to them.

As I grew up, in my teens I used to read more and more ghost stories. I was an active member of my school library since I was fond of reading ghost stories.

 Teen is an age of experimenting with things in life. As a consequence of it, I waited till my parents went to sleep and I tiptoed to the front door at late night, where owls were hooting on branches and jackals were screaming. 

  I was very curious to see" Ghosts" in real, therefore I took a brave decision to walk inside the old, haunted house to see a " ghost" in my own eyes.

 I was strolling down the path passing the cemetery, I touched my heart to check whether it is there. Now the rebel begins, I was near the haunted house.

  All the weird noises started, the moon was shining alone, branches stood without leaves. I went near the front door, Alas ! it was full of blood ."A murder" the words rang repeatedly in my mind.

 " No !No!No!" I was near to scream, a lady with a scary face, untidily dressed came towards me. She was holding a sharp knife. She gave a "spooky smile" with yellowish teeth. I felt was near to my death.

  She spoked " Hah, Hah, you young boy, why did you come here? You want me to drink your all blood ?" She laughed loudly.

 I was speechless and I trembled in fear and said " A draucala" .The ghost woman laughed again and said," those who come into my haunted house never go in alive but as a skeleton "

 I pleaded her," Madam, let me go, don't kill me " I started to cry loudly. The ghost woman speaks" Oh you poor boy, you are a nice boy, I won't kill you but you can't say anybody that I live here, because in past I was a murder and investigation is going to search me ."

 I was shocked with those words and in a pleading manner I said " No, madam, I promise, let me go "

 Before the ghost woman spoke I started to run like a horse towards my house, shouting " a ghost woman ".

  Alas! I was under my bed trembling, my mother came running and smiled at me seeing me under the bed " oh, George why are you hiding, come out it's almost nine o'clock "

I was ashamed, it was a dream !..I thought myself never again in my life to read scary stories which make me frightened.

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