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Vedant Darawade

Tragedy Crime Thriller


Vedant Darawade

Tragedy Crime Thriller

The First Crime

The First Crime

5 mins 237 5 mins 237

Xian and Juan found their tastes in martial arts so agreeable that the karate school resulted. They earned their livelihood at the school. Months passed by, everything was very usual, the people stalked in colonies with no worries. Especially, women visited many shops wearing expensive ornaments with ease. Streets of Japan were filled with the chorus of students running in the Aikido school by Xian and Juan.

This was all before March. In March deadly virus flew in the air making clones everywhere. Countries called it Corona. He knocked the doors and smote his victims by scores.

Juan was smitten by the virus. Juan was troubled in breathing by Corona. Doctors advised Xian to keep a distance from Juan. Xian is a fierce little young Chinese man whose fame was spread by Juan. As he is a young Japanese Martial artist, Xian knew that anyone might help him with currency. But many police kept keen vision on doors as they didn't want anyone to slip out. Xian and Juan were facing severe money issue. Juan turned pale and was trembling. They had no food and no money as schools were closed.

Xian cried on a napkin to a pulp. Xian dared to go out but alas! Police captured and he was beaten harsh. Now the only way to live is to commit the crime. Nothing was left, no treasure, no food and not even happiness. By crime, they won't get any happiness but they just wanted all the food.

Corona's patients were becoming ubiquitous. Streets were empty except the police who visited the desolate colonies. Stories of crimes were rare those days. Xian thought to steal.

Juan was fragile and couldn't do anything. Xian carried the plan sheet and decided to rob the 8th house on their street, 12 at midnight. 

It was time. Xian swaddled in dark black dusty bedclothes. He wore a black mask and camouflaged in the dreary night. Juan stayed still on the broken tiled floor while Xian was searching the targeted house. 

But, a bright car's flashlight blinded Xian and a loud vigorous voice echoed in the night thundering who is there. Xian was Chinese and knew many karate techniques. He took the fallen knife and pointed to the car. Group of police leapt out with their strong sticks.

Xian had no way to trouble them. The shortest way to the targeted house was through the pipeline from drain to the bathroom of the 8th house of the street. As police car driver drove the vehicle to smash Xian, he jumped back in the hole and slid inside the smelly underground drain. Police didn't find any trace of Xian and they were knocking doors and many homes lightened as all souls woke. In the drain, Xian reached the bathroom where even the toilet seat was of foam. He carefully opened the water closet's door and tip-toed towards the safe. He went everyplace but either he found a magnificent lady or a handsome man or a cute baby. Eventually, he climbed stairs with caution and reached the ceiling.

In the ceiling, there was a real mystery where there were many open lockers filled with attractive gold. Xian was very happy. But he was a true karate man and everyone regarded him with a contemplative eye. He knew that something fishy was there. He had heard mysteries of 8th Havaos street house. Though he was afraid, he was a slave of poorness. He had never seen plenty of gold so far. He could run back as his home was 500m as crow flies from 8th Havaos street house. But with determination, he hopped on gold.

Juan here was at disease. Scared Juan trembled when the door of the house was knocked. Black coat and goggles wearing humans stepped inside. They were the black thieves, the most wanted. They operated Juan and gave anaesthesia. Juan was able to get up but poor Juan was pointed with a gun and forced him to tell the secret way to 8th Havaos street house. Juan had no way defending the secret. 

Black thieves went through Juan and Xian's drain to the main drain from where earlier Xian had passed. That underground hidden secret from years and years was revealed to black thieves and they passed through it carrying Juan who was tied by strong ropes. Black thieves reached the bathroom and they tip-toed on the terrace where Xian was enjoying in heaps of gold. Meanwhile, Xian was enjoying, the black thieves circled Xian and they gestured poor Juan to inject viruses in Xian's body from the back and thus Juan carrying the hope that Xian won't die with fear injected. Hopeless Xian fell with pain when the syringe was injected with force on the cord.

This big noise woke up sleepy people downstairs. Till that time Juan was injected sleepy medicine and was thrown at home with Xian. The black thieves carried gold and no trace was left of robbery.

Morning, the famous newspaper Japan Times reported the robbery. The newspaper was sold like Ramen in the nation. National security was appointed for the check and on other hand, Xian was at death's door and Juan was in pain. Upstair people helped them to reach a doctor. Juan heard the robbery news but didn't utter a word. The doctor operated both and they had to stay in the hospital for a week.

The military searched the clear culprit for these days.

Part 2 named 'The Hazardous court' is upcoming.

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