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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Vedant Darawade

Action Fantasy Thriller


Vedant Darawade

Action Fantasy Thriller

Fiery The Ultimate Fighter

Fiery The Ultimate Fighter

11 mins 329 11 mins 329

It all started exactly like this,

It was June 16 and the world was a mess. I was watching the news. Hmm, 62,000 dead, 567 dead….. Wait, who died but all of the questions, why I was telling the news to you. I am not a news reporter but of course, I am Fire Orangehands. And I am here to tell you a fantastic story which will lose your pj’s.

It was a big or rather extra big pandemic and well I was watching the news of it. Suddenly, the light went and there was full darkness surrounded us. Chaos went to my house in search of rare candles. Though the light was dead the T.V went on. The channel switched to a video game or a serial or a movie, don’t know. The channel showed a big vortex which was sucking me. How TV got life and so wild. I was always kind to my gadgets and never misused them. I hold the sofa but nothing happened, the force was more powerful. It had the power of pulling a crowd, but this was magical as it was pulling only me. But was the TV showing the vortex or was a real hurricane going crash at our house. I didn’t reveal the mystery of the vortex as I just got fainted.

But while fainting I heard a voice crying “Fiery, Fiery”. 

But I didn’t check who it was. But after a million hours of terrible turning and tossing, I opened my eyes to a splash of water. But when I opened my eyes, I was on a seashore, no, it was a big quiet lagoon. The waves were hitting the shore and a plantastic well-grown mango tree stood beside me. And it was clear that he was dancing. Oh yeah, he was really dancing hip-hop. I waved my hand and introduced myself to my stranger. But he replied that this is Fanpal kingdom’s youth lagoon and he also said “How foolish you are stranger, I know that you are here to come to protect our Fanpal.” Then he signaled me to follow him.

I am a courageous soul, so I followed the science opposite, mysterious and plantastic plant whose name is Mangoteest. We were following in a science opposite the forest. All the plants I saw were really amazing and were talking. The Peanuter was throwing his nuts at poor creeper the Watermino (the name of the watermelon). I was thrilled by the playfulness of the plants. Who knew that plants were so skilled in playing and mischief? Mangoteest was telling and confusing me with so many brain-teasing names of plants.

Eventually, we came to the legendry steep staircase known as Paths of the Protectors. It was looooooong stairs. Mangoteest explained “At the peak of the mountains lives the protector of our kingdom. He is very old to fight for true so needs to choose a protector. The prophecy of the Fanpal kingdom tells that the person who will open the chest of eternal fire-stone will be powerful, kind, respecting, worthy, and loyal.”

We got whole million hours (it was not that much! But it was exhausting) to get to the legendary peak. I saw an old man standing in front of us with an old stick. Mangoteest explained that this was their protector. I bowed down to my feet at the protector. The protector smiled, he introduced himself as fiery. He questioned, “Umm, Mangoteest who is this good guy.” Mangoteest told me that I am a respectful guy and he thought that I am worthy of being the protector.

“It will be soon known, is he worthy,” Fiery said. He went inside and brought a blinding light, sparkling chest, which made everyone look at the amazing light. He told “The one who can touch its paws to this red warm chest without getting burned is ready to open the powerful Fanpal‘s epic chest of crystal, so your visitor touch this chest and get others to know who you are. If your paws get burned no worry, I will get them back.” I was excited to become the protector of the legendary FIERY. With a heavy heart, I touched the chest. And poof, my paws didn’t burn and chest popped out a scroll. The protector read the scroll and greeted to inhabitants of the Fanpal kingdom that they had got a new competitor for the fire-stone. And he congratulated me too. I was by now worrying about the result and thinking about my furry paws.

I burst out with happiness. I did a little jig. But, the protector busted my bubble of happiness. He warned and whispered, “You are only now a competitor and there are many people, gnomes, pixies, and few plantastic creatures who are much powerful than you.” I was sad but I knew that in any competition there are a million opponents and some are so opposite, that makes the competitor totally discouraged. But I asked the guardian about the sportsmanship of the competitors of mine. The guardian giggled and said “Oh, kind guy, the competitors are not the opponents but the fear and the public cheering or discouraging the competitor. So, the guy doesn’t be shy, be bold, and see your future gold.” He said that the tournament is tomorrow and I was completely on time. I knew I am a punctual human.

Now, it was night and I was tired. I had not slept a wink. So, shyly and by yawning I asked about a nice bedroom with a cup of chamomile tea with a dream candle. Mangoteest whispered, “Hey Mr. here is no candle or a bed but if you need it, we can hang a swing along Cocoasea and Coconutsman.”

They hanged nice swing and I thanked the two old trees which are allowing me to hold my swing on them. I slept and a peaceful sleep came to my brains. I thought about this mystical and mysterious place which is not mentioned in one of the fantasy tales. The rustling of leaves was a kind of peaceful environment. But, the trees were snoring. As the Coconutsman had no sleep, so he kept slurping coconut water from his seeds. I “Why coconuts are killing their babies, it was sure that they don’t kill them however making sure if they sound well”

Well, finally the Sun opened the door among the talking mountains. And it was a big event in the kingdom. The greens were running in happiness. The Palmlice (the plant police) were shouting orders on the main street. My dear friend Mangoteest greeted me in the circle of celebrities. This is a huge tournament court. The public….. horrible and very disordered. It was yelling at the court staff. Even a small baby gum tree poured its gum in the terrible cup of orange juice which an orange plant as a servant was serving. Blech! Mangoteest giggled and whispered “My dear friend, here you are in a legendry court of guardians. You have to show your power to everyone here and be sure that you are a competitor, not a judge, so no arguing.” I am not an arrogant guy but yeah if the judge is serving inequality then I’ll have to interfere in the arrogance.

The hour came off the green flag. All were so excited. Some of the plants were popping out of their bark. The babies were giggling, laughing, and even muttering. I went to the practice hall and amazed at the sight. There were 3 competitors of mine. But, alas! They were powerful, their guts and confidence were appreciable and they were having a long mustache. When those three saw me, they stopped their practice and had a glance at my trembling paws. They told to Mangoteest “Hey you itsy-bitsy, tell who is this scrambled short guy?” Mangoteest answered that I am Mangoteest‘s friend and I am a worthy guy for the epic firestone. On this one of the guy thundered loudly…. But it wasn’t the thunder, it was his roaring laughter. They laughed and after a minute they spoke “Don’t worry oh dear competitor, we will not harm your dear life. By the way, what’s your name?” I gulped the fear and spoke freely about my introduction. They were amazed and said “Oh so you say you’re from earth but you look little tremble. But no need to show your art.”

Then a loud thump noise came and a creepy voice welcomed the competitors of the firestone. Not a millisecond the three fit guys ran like hungry cats on the court, where they stopped and the crowd cheers them like a howling ghost. I was still thinking about ghosts but my thoughts were interrupted by Mangoteest, he was really sad and worried. I asked about the matter. I got to know that I was the problem, he said: “Hey, what are you waiting for, go in the court you are supposed to be there, you have already broken the egg, so before it gets fry to go to the court, go run.” I didn’t wait to ask why, as I had already reached the court and thousands of cheering.

I saw my strange friends who were eagerly waiting for their turns. I saw at a distance, Mangoteest and the old guardian was wishing me the best of luck. It was now Strongcour’s turn, and he was the youngest of us. The first two had got a bad loss. Strongcour was kind and strong but he was boastful. Till now the public had lost all hopes of getting any guardian. But when Strongcour touched the chest, it emitted a strong force of light, and poof the chest opened with something sparkling in it. I was so happy that my bubble of happiness burst and tossed my brain and then I understood that after Strongcour it is my turn. How humiliating! And like me, the public had also entered the happy shop, till the guardian exclaimed: “Strongcour you have overcome the challenge and you have won but our guest Fire Orangehands is also waiting for his turn, so, please have a seat in the winner thrones.” Strongcour reluctantly agreed on the advice and sat down away.

Then with a shaky heart, I touched the epic closed chest. And doom, dam, drape the closed chest opened in the equivalent way in which it had opened in Strongcour’s turn. The public, I and Mangoteest dropped their eyes at the historical site.

At that moment Strongcour also did a little jig. I was really confused, why Strongcour was happy, no really excited at my turn’s courage. I quietly went beside Strongcour and whispered to him “Shhh, Shhh, why are you happy?” He replied, “Oh, I have got a competitor again, I love competitions and extra-ordinary people. But, I am ashamed that I was boasting…. But don’t worry Sir, from now on I’ll not bother anyone. And I am courageous and have guts, but you are kind, respectful, worthy, and courageous so you are always welcome to take the stone.” I was a little school sick and was thinking about my best friends, they also support me. So, I understood that Mangoteest and Strongcour are my true strange friends. But, it is the story of another time and now I was really confused about who would get the legendry firestone? Who? Who? Then the old guardian spoke with chin above “All my dear subjects of Fanpal, now the main life-death challenge will be started. Sir and Strongcour, please give us permission to tear your skin and do surgery on firestone. If the firestone fits in the heart of the contestant then the guardian’s powers and the firestone’s power will be awakened and it will be easy for me to free my soul in the fire of the kings.” What did he mean, surgery of heart, tearing skin, so I asked about anesthesia on the body? Then the guardian exclaimed “Oh! Sir don’t worry we are very kind and helpful.” I was a little reluctant but still… I quickly said yes and ran to the surgery room with no worries. Strongcour had already lost hopes and reached its itsy bitsy house. So, there was no opponent left for me and on top of it, I was having courage and curiosity to meet the epic kingdom. There in the sparkling surgery room, a doctor was waiting whose name is Injectnut. He was the royal doctor of his majesty. But wait, I have not told you the king of Fanpal, yeah you already know him. He is a mango tree and his name is Mangoteest. Anyway where was I, yes the doctor told me to sleep on the comfy bed. His drawers and the closets were full of medicines, saline, injections, and various other medical equipment. He injected a green liquid in my pure veins and suddenly every single pain was gone. The doctor treated me well and in front of my very clear eyes, the tearing of skin and implanting the firestone with no pain. Surely the green liquid was anesthesia.

Then the most amazing site happened, there was a fire on my body and the anesthesia was gone and skin was recovered. It was just like that the fire was my body part. The guardian came and exclaimed, “So the fiery is awakened, to save the Fanpal.” Then he whispered a secret saying to transform into a human and fiery.” The saying is “Transform me to legendary fiery, and let the evil go with the order of Master of the Earth” I repeated this and was transformed into my original form. I was so excited. I again tried and transformed into fiery.

And now the guardian called a Rapidash my vehicle to visit another kingdom. It was a cool horse, with fire on its whole body, and later got to know it's not the horse actually it was a Pegasus with unicorn horn on its head. I climbed on its back and phoo we went to kingdom’s visit.

 In this trip friends, I learned to survive with confidence, to be bold and good always. I made friends with the outlandish people or better organisms. I got the frank idea of friendship in which loyalty and guidance required. So by this saying my friends I end this marvelous factual visit in a science opposite jungle. Let’s hope our friendship will remain forever and forever we will meet in our next miraculous voyage.

Part 2 upcoming…

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