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The Final Verdict

The Final Verdict

8 mins

The mighty Gods from several universes have gathered at the Xerces hall as the verdict on the new species known as "human beings" is about to begin. The God of Destruction Ramos along with his apprentice Haku appeared. The God of Destruction Ramos opened the scroll and started reading from it. The Destroyer God Ramos lived within the human race for centuries to analyze them and to make a verdict on this day. It has been billions of years since the inception of planet earth, 4.54 billion years to be precise. This planet was created along with few others in the giant vessel known as the universe. The Gods decided to give earth it's fair share of living and non-living things along with a fair share of every other advantage and disadvantage. However, then came a twist in the ecosystem. The Gods for the first time decided to create a new living being which has the capacity to think on its own, now known as “human beings”. The Gods decided to install these human beings into the earth.

Why were the human beings a twist to the Ecosystem? Because Gods for the first time decide to create a living being that has the ability to think on its own. God made these creatures with six senses and the power of discretion in its life. Human beings were bestowed on the planet earth.

Among the Gods, there was mixed opinion about giving life to humans. Some of them thought that the self-thinking capacity of humans will lead to having a different sense of emotions and stupidity which will lead to chaos. Other Gods thought the humans are capable of adapting, improving and evolving as the years go by. Among the Gods who had less faith in humans was the mighty God of destruction who is responsible to maintain the ecological balance and population of the entire universe. The God of destruction was sent to planet earth to understand the true nature of human beings. Since this was the inception of human beings, the destruction God could analyze and evaluate human beings on the whole. The God of destruction took the form of a human and started living together with them. There was peace on earth. Mankind started to learn, grow and evolve as centuries passed. Mankind started to eat fruits and vegetables from vegetation. They gradually started to hunt animals for food, they discovered fire, wheel, how to do cultivation and so on. They started to improve the method of communication. They started from symbols on the bark of trees to hand signals. Later the hand signals got transformed into verbal language.

The humans started off as a peace-loving animal. However, at a later stage in their role, they started to fight for anything and everything. It all started for a simple reason as breeding. By looking at the animals on how the males fought for the right to breed the female, the humans copied the same behaviour. But as years went by the fighting stopped as the female started to choose the male with much other eligibility such as wisdom, care, and protective mentality. This peace, however, did not last long. These were the times when humanity saw the last trace of peace.

Ironically the problems started when humans started to become civilized. Human's own selfish and evil thinking habit started to become the beginning of the end. Humans started fighting for land. Earth is a planet that is given to humans to share and live in peace. But they found it interesting to make boundaries of these lands. They started to expand their empire by capturing lands and enslaving other human beings That's when humans started to kill other humans. Only God has the authority to kill anyone. Humans killed one another in a merciless manner. This went on for decades. Since humans could do anything and everything, they assumed they were God. Countless lives have been lost in the name of war. One of the most pitiful things humans kill others is in the name of religion and God. Humans started to create their own God and started fighting among each other and kill.

Humans not only caused destruction to themselves, now they have started to hurt and kill the five-sensed creatures known as animals. Killing animals in the name of food, religion, sports is very common among humans and they don’t even have a bit of guilt in doing so. Animals get killed to improve the climate on earth and as a sacrifice to the Gods. Many even kill or torture animals for fun.

After a few centuries, humans started to rule their land in a civilized manner and the planet was almost at peace. Humans finally learned that waging war will only end humanity and started signing peace treaties with other pieces of land. They started to live by a set of rules. Peace was almost restored to humanity but the war of religion still continued. Although humans are sentimental about their religion, they are ready to break the rules and wage war just in the name of religion.

Now that humans almost stopped waging war within the piece of land they resided, they started to cause chaos among themselves in the land. Some of the atrocious activities of humans include theft, smuggling, kidnap, torture, murder, mass murder, rape, and gang rape.

The inhumane things happen on regular basis. Humans became so much used to these news that their feelings became numb. Human lives got civilized and busy. They stopped caring for each other because of their busy life they do not care what happens to other human beings. They protest now and then if any inhuman activity happens across the world and then after a few days if any other more interesting news spread they forget the old news and move on.

Here is a list of atrocious things done by a human which he simply does not care and forgets when another news emerges.

-Murdering people in the name of God and religion

-Waging war and killing thousands in the name of acquiring land

-Raping and murdering of their own kind regardless of their age or gender.

-Polluting the planet, they live in leading to the death of plants and animals.

-Killing animals for fun and entertainment.

"With this, I, the God of Destruction Ramos came to the conclusion that human beings are very different from other five-sensed species. Maybe the ability to think on their own is what makes humans do inhuman things. They have been given this ability to be the superior species and to protect the planet when in danger and to live in peace and harmony. Instead, they are the sole reason for the danger of their planet. Not all the people in this species are bad. Not every human is at fault. There are humans of course who are remarkably kind and are good. These humans love and the respect they have for each other is unbelievable and astonishes me. These humans are the reason I had hopes that they might change. It was because of these good qualities in humans I had postponed their judgment day. Only ashes would be left on planet earth if it was not for them. Although there are noble humans who do good deeds on a daily basis, the sins of these species are too high in number to be ignored. Since humans don't deserve to live on this beautiful planet, my final verdict is to destroy this human race."

The destroyer God Ramos finished his verdict and since no God objected to the verdict, he along with Haku traveled towards the earth.

“How are you planning to destroy the planet, my lord?” asked Haku the apprentice to the destroyer God.

“There is a huge and gigantic asteroid that flies by the earth in a couple of hours. I will make sure the asteroid collides with this planet by changing its course.” said the destroyer God

“Haku, would you like to wipe out this planet for me?" asked the destroyer God. “ Yes my Lord,” replied Haku. He inhaled the air deeply and then forcefully blew on the asteroid to make it collide with the earth.

The scientists at the galaxy observatory found about this asteroid and alerted the armed forces. It was total chaos as the news spread wild. The outside areas were on lock-down and the area which was to be first in contact was evacuated. The armed forces were ready on time to shoot a laser beam and disintegrate it so that it changes the course before it collides with the earth. Shots of the laser beam were fired. The entire human race's heart skipped a beat or two. The asteroid was disintegrated but some of its parts collided with earth causing major damage and killed millions of people.

“Alright Haku, it's my turn now,” said the God of destruction. He took a small piece of rock which was floating in space and threw it in the earth’s direction. The rock fortified with destroyer’s power swiftly reached the earth's atmosphere. The armed forces fired the lasers. It was almost impossible to aim at a thing as small as a rock. Two shots were fired accurately but it did not affect the rock. The rock forced itself under the earth. The power of the destroyer made the way through the earth’s tough layer and at last, it hit the earth’s core and the whole planet started to explode part by part and in fifteen minutes the planet was burst into millions of pieces.

“What happens to the innocent living beings, my lord?” asked Haku.

"All of the innocent animals, plants, living organisms, and vegetation will be restored back to a planet in the next solar system. These include noble human beings whose heart is pure and leads a peaceful life by helping the ones in need,” said the God

“But why human beings again, my lord? They are the reason we are destroying this planet in the first place. Moreover, it is not a guarantee that their offspring also will be noble and kind like their ancestors.“ asked Haku.

“If that happens I will return and make sure that human species go extinct. But until then,” The destroyer God smiled and concluded with one word, “Hope”

The ability to think on own given to human beings is to live peacefully and to protect one another and not to destroy it. If we start to destroy each other then we are no different from five-sensed animals and the main purpose of thinking on one’s own will be futile. Humans are brought into this world to create and preserve life, not to destroy it.

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