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The end of Lucifer

The end of Lucifer

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I don't watch much television but I remember hearing all the buzz about this new show that was on Netflix called Lucifer. Now I realized that this was already on regular cable television but I haven't had that or paid for that in years, read the above paragraph.

I didn't want to watch a show about the devil, I am Christian.

I thought why would anyone watch this that had faith? Now here comes the part about judging, I shouldn't have judged before I knew anything about it. After more hype I decided to check it out, leaving my judgment at the door.

Yes, it was about the devil who comes to Earth, to live amongst us but it was so much more. It was a show about growing and changing. It showed us that if the devil could redeem himself, then we all have hope.

In the beginning after all, he was an angel that was cast off to hell. An angel that had fallen, that had messed up, that did unspeakable things and so he was punished.

But he had issues, deep issues, daddy issues, self control issues, insecurities, self loathing issues. Hey, many of the same issues we all deal with, so he was either more human or are we more devil? This show was amazing at showing we all have these issues, even the devil, even the angels, that we were closer than we thought, that little Miss Judgie, here thought.

We all have screwed up, fell down, did things we weren't proud of but we all get a chance of redemption. If you can look for the lessons, they are there. If you stop blaming everyone else for your life and look inside you, you will see the truth. If you are open to change, to forgive, to even to forgive yourself, you too can change.

Lucifer was self centered, impulsive, he had a huge ego after all he was the King of Hell. He wanted what he wanted, when it wanted it. And we wonder where so many of us get this behavior from? Anyway he came here to have a good time, to screw with the humans, literally. But what he got was more than he bargains for. He wanted to find out what makes him do what he does and so he seeks out counseling.

Ha! If the devil is open to counseling, what is stopping you?

Anyway while there, he makes many discoveries about himself and why he does what he does.

So if the devil can go for therapy what's stopping so many people? 

Maybe we really don't want to know what's wrong with us. Maybe our ego's just like his and has stopped us but like I say all the time we can all be the change we want to see.

So today my friends remember we all have faults, we all fall down, we are all just like the devil, that was casted out of heaven because literally all of our ancestors were. So let's try not to be so judgemental and open our hearts and minds to change, you never know you might just learn something, just like me.

"Be the change you want to see"


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