Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Vyomi Malik

Children Comedy


Vyomi Malik

Children Comedy

The Blueberry Thief

The Blueberry Thief

3 mins

“Stripes! Trunky! Boo! Let’s go for a picnic to Brownie bear’s farm”, said Dots the giraffe to his friends Stripes the zebra, Trunky the elephant and Boo the monkey.

“Can we come too? Pleeeease?” begged the other animals.

“We’ll take fruits and vegetables for Brownie”, cawed Crownie the crow.

“We’ll dig out carrots and radishes from the ground”, jumped Bubbles and Squeaks rabbits excitedly.

“I’ll get apples” said Sasha the fox as she rushed to gather them.

“Hop onto my neck Boo. We’ll go and pick blueberries”, said Dots.

Boo quickly swung onto Dot’s long neck and started picking blueberries. His hands full of berries, he slid down Dot’s neck pretending it was a slide. “Whee! I have so many berries” danced Boo as he jumped onto Trunky’s back and dropped the blueberries in the basket Trunky held with his trunk. “Hurry up or we’ll be late”, warned Stripes importantly.

As they neared the farm, Trunky put down the basket full of blueberries, carrots, radishes and apples.

“Hide the basket behind those bushes Trunky, so we can give Brownie a surprise” suggested Sasha slyly.

“Let’s play! Let’s play” chattered Boo as he threw the Frisbee in the air. “I’ll keep the score” smiled Brownie and led them all into his farm. Soon everyone was tired and hungry.

“I’ll get the basket we got for Brownie”, said Trunky as he set off to the bushes. Picking up the basket with his trunk, he felt it was much lighter than before. Opening it he found was empty! “Dots! Boo! Stripes! Come here fast!” shouted Trunky.

“Someone stole everything from the basket!” cried Trunky tearfully. “What will we do now?” asked Stripes. “Don’t worry friends. I will catch the culprit since thieves leave clues” grinned Dots as he thought of an idea. “Don’t tell anyone about the empty basket guys. Let’s go back and play another game.”

The friends went back to the others. “Hey folks, let’s play the Silly Face Game. We all stick out our tongues and make stupid faces. Whoever sticks out their tongue for the longest wins”, explained Dots to everyone.

“Brownie and I will be the judges”, declared Dots. All joined the game happily and Brownie and Dots went around checking every tongue carefully.

“Nananana..I’m sure to win “, sang Boo as he danced.

“No, we will” hopped Bubbles and Squeaks.

“Crownie can’t even play since he doesn’t have a tongue. I will win”, laughed Sasha. As she laughed, they all could clearly see the blue colour staining her tongue! “Why is your tongue blue Sasha?”, asked Brownie bear looking very serious.

“Because she stole the fruits and vegetables we got for you Brownie and ate them! The carrots, radishes and apples did not leave any mark but the blueberries left their mark on her tongue!! said Dots.

“Thief! Thief!” shouted Boo, Stripes, Crownie, Bubbles and Squeaks. Sasha slunk away in shame and hid behind a large tree trunk feeling very sorry for having cheated her friends.

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