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Trunky Loses His Ball

Trunky Loses His Ball

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Dots the Giraffe, Boo the Monkey and Stripes the Zebra all were getting ready to go for the sports competition.

"Hey where is Trunky?", asked Stripes looking around.

They searched everywhere but Trunky was nowhere to be found. 

Suddenly they heard loud sobs from Trunky's room. Then they heard a loud crash.

All the animals rushed to Trunky the elephant's room. 

The cupboard had crashed and all of Trunky's toys were on the floor.

Trunky was searching through the toys and crying.

"Oh my God. What happened here!", shouted Boo.

"I can't find my BALLLLL!!!", wailed Trunky loudly.

"Oh no! The match is in one hour", sighed Dots.

"We have to find your ball else how will you play", said Stripes worriedly.

"If we don't find it then Willie the Dolphin will win the competition", gasped Boo.

"Trunky, where did you keep your ball last?", asked Dots.

"Umm, I don't remember. I just threw it somewhere in the room", frowned Trunky guiltily.

"Hmm, that's the problem Trunky. You don't keep your things back in place. Then how will you find them?", asked Dots.

"I'm sorry. I won't do that next time. I promise I will keep my things in place", said Trunky.

"Ok everyone, time is running out. Let's all help Trunky find the ball", said Stripes.

Stripes started searching through all the toys scattered on the floor.

Dots picked up the cupboard and placed it back and searched under the table and behind the curtains and in the drawers.

"Not here", said Dots and Stripes together finishing their search.

"Boo, can you slide under the bed and check?", asked Dots.

Boo quickly slid under the bed and looked around.

"It's dark. Someone get a torch", said Boo.

Stripes held a torch while Boo searched.

"I found it", yelled Boo in glee.

"Yaay, thank you all", said Trunky wiping his tears.

"Now go and get ready Trunky", said Dots pushing Trunky into the bathroom.

Trunky rushed and came out and all the animals ran to the school where the ‘Spin the Ball' competition was being held.

It was the final match between Trunky the elephant and Willie the Dolphin.

Both Trunky and Willie had to spin their balls. Whoever spun longer, without dropping the ball would win.

Till now Trunky and Willie had the same points.

Whoever spun the ball the longest would be the winner. 

Trunky quickly got into position. He was standing outside the pool with his trunk raised in the air.

Inside the swimming pool, Willie the Dolphin got into position holding her snout high in the air.

"One, two, three, go", said the Principal.

Trunky placed the ball on the end of his trunk and began spinning.

Meanwhile, Willie the Dolphin placed the ball on her snout and began spinning.

"TRUNKY! TRUNKY! TRUNKY", cheered all of Trunky's friends.

"WILLIE, WILLIE, WILLIE", shouted all of Willie's friends.

Both of them were going strong and it looked like it was going to be a tie.

Suddenly there was a huge gust of wind.

The wind was strong and blew away the ball that Willie was balancing on her snout and spinning.

"Oh no!", cried all of Willies friends.

Trunky sucked in air and used the end of his trunk like a vacuum to keep holding and spinning the ball. 

"TRUNKY WON! YAAY!", cheered all of Trunky's friends.

"Yes, he won", said the Principal giving Trunky the trophy.

Dots, Boo and Stripes all hugged Trunky and he hugged them back.

"Thank you guys, if you did not help me find the ball, I would have lost. I promise I will keep my room neat", said Trunky.

"You were spinning very well Willie", said Trunky.

"But you were the best Trunky. It was cool how you held the ball in the wind. Congratulations!", said Willie.

Trunky stepped into the pool to hug Willie and all the water overflowed out of the pool.

Do you also keep your room messy like Trunky?

Can you also never find your things like Trunky?

What did you learn from this story?

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