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Adhithya Sakthivel

Horror Crime Thriller


Adhithya Sakthivel

Horror Crime Thriller



18 mins 336 18 mins 336

NOTE OF DISCLAIMER: There were two psycho-killers, who have served as an inspiration for me to write this story. One is Alexander Pichusskin and the other is John. Some of the sequences were loosely influenced from the South Korean film I saw the devil. Due to some violence and gore sequences involved in the story, this is strongly restricted to kids and meant only for Adults...(A)

The GPS bug transmission sequence was co-incidentally inspired from South Korean film I saw the Devil.


AT 8:30 PM-

Around 8:30 PM near Singanallur Lake, a school bus-driver returns through his Bajaj Pulsar bike, talkong in his phone as usual with a friend, who asked him: "Alexander. How was your work today da?"

Whilst speaking with his friend, he notices a pregnant woman standing nearby the roadside and he goes near to her, after hanging his call. He asked her casually, "Who are you, madam? Why are you standing here?"

"I am Ishika, from Avinashi. I am waiting here for a call taxi to go back to my house" said the girl. Alexander then tells her, "No worries mam. I am also going there only. May I drop you there?"

Initially, a hesitant Ishika refuses. However, considering her urge to go back to her house sooner, she eventually accepts his request and goes on his bike. While going, Alexander suddenly changes his route and diverts back to his secluded house.

"Why have you brought me here? I have to go for Avinashi" said the girl. However, while she is speaking, Alexander's eyes turned red. Chuckling his teeth, he brings down his cruel sides by hitting her nose. With some drops of bloods flowing down through her nose, Ishika falls unconscious. Alexander sexually assaults her, without showing her the mercy of being a pregnant woman.

Around 4:30, he drags an unconscious and tired Ishika towards a makeshift guillotine, where he executes her. He scatters her body into the Noyyal river.


Few hours later, a local college student as usual, goes into the Noyyal river at Vellalore to wash his bike. After washing the bike and getting ready, he notices one of Ishika's ears. Frightened, the boy calls the police.

"Hello, police station. Sir. Here a woman's ear have been found." The police team led by ACP Sai Adhithya and his subordinate Inspector Sudhish IPS conducts a search all around the river sides and in the river. The ACP is a close friend of Ishika's husband Akhil, since childhood days.

As Adhithya is searching, one of the searchers tells him, "Sir. Here a severed head and a dilapidated body is found." With sweats surrounding all over Adhithya's body and fear surrounding his face, he goes towards the site.

Seeing the severed head, Adhithya vomits near to a bush. His head-aches for a while. Confirming her to be Ishika, he is left devastated and heartbroken.

"I don't know how Akhil sir would react upon seeing her Sudhish. He can't bear to see her like this." Adhithya said to Inspector Sudhish.

Akhil has been sitting inside his car, hearing the song, "Nenappudaina", that's sung by Ishika. Refreshing a while, he enters outside and asked Adhithya, "Adhi. She is not Ishika, right?"

He sees his silence. With tears flowing from his eyes, a panic-stricken Akhil shakes his shoulders and asked, "Isn't she Ishika right? Let me go and see her." He goes towards Ishika's dead body, which have been covered with a white sheet, with her head, seemed to be attached to her body.

Adhithya stops him and says, "No Akhil. Please don't see da. Please." However, he pushes him asides and sees the severed head of Ishika and her dilapidated dead body. Upon seeing her in this state, his heartbeat stops for a while. His face turned pale and tears flow down through his eyes. He breaks down by kneeling down in the place and shouts in frustration.


Three days after Ishika's death, Akhil asked Adhithya, "Adhithya. When your wife Yamini got killed by your rivals, what did you do them da?"

"Don't you know da. I killed those black sheep brutally and framed it as, 'Encounter for self-defense'." Adhithya said, in tears.

"I am going to avenge Ishika's death da" said a tearful Akhil, which shocked Adhithya. He tries to tell him, "Akhil. It's not like your works in National Intelligence Agency. This is a thing, that's related to Law" said Adhithya. A further enraged Akhil asked him by holding Adhithya's shirt, "Hey. What law, law? Ah? She was five-months pregnant da. That killer mercilessly raped and killed her. Should I have to be quiet? I doesn't need any one of your help. I will handle this, by myself. I won't leave that bloody, who killed my wife."

As Akhil is wearing his cooling glasses and leaving from the place, Adhithya calls Akhil and tells, "Akhil. Wait a minute. I have to help you, as a friend regarding this case, right." He stops. Adhithya showcases four suspects through his crime investigation report to Akhil.

"Actually, I shouldn't show you these reports, as per the law. However, I am lending my support, to get your revenge successful da buddy. The first three are: Rishi, Joseph, Alexander and the last one-Irfan." Adhithya said.

"How you suspect them?" asked Akhil. Adhithya tells him, "When you was in a mission for bringing down terrorists, some of these guys messed up with Ishika da. That's why I suspected them, in her death. Additionally, this case would be taken soon by my senior officer da."

Akhil proceeds to start his mission of revenge. He kidnaps the first two Rishi and Joseph. Bringing them to a secluded place, near to Ukkadam, Akhil tortures the two guys by tying them in a chair like treating them psychologically. The guys asked him, "Are you going to torture us? This body got bullet injuries. What could these water would do me da?"

Seeing this, Adhithya doubts and Akhil replied Joseph and Rishi telling, "First, you could feel this as water. Then, you could feel it to be weight, like a mountain. It's the Chinese torture technique. Even if he is adamant, only three hours. The duo would tell us the truth."

The guys then asked Akhil, "Will this work out or not da? Boring." The two guys starts to feel the impact of the punishment and begged the two guys to stop the torturing technique.

"Hey. What's this da? What? Hey…" The guys shouts at Adhithya and Akhil. They feels like someone, plucking their eyes and scratching their face. Fearful in further, Joseph asked, "What do you want da?"

Akhil asked about Ishika to the guys. They accepts that, she was stalked. But, they don't have much guts to murder her. Convinced, he lets them go and searches the third suspect Alexander's house, along with Adhithya. While conducting the search, Adhithya comes across Ishika's ring.

"Akhil. See this da. You remember this ring?" asked Adhithya.

"Yeah da. I wore this ring to Ishika, during her birthday" said Akhil. He further confirms to Adhithya, "The engagement ring proves Alexander as the perpetrator Adhi." His eyes turned to red, with his brow tightening up.

A while later, Alexander brings a 19-year old college girl house. Knocking her unconscious, he removes his dress and further, makes the girl nude. Out of lust, he sexually assaults the girl. Meanwhile, an angry Akhil sees Alexander.

Meeting him face-to-face and being trained in Karate, Akhil beats up Alexander unconscious. He have wore a mask, covering his face. When he takes a sword to finish off an unconscious Alex, until Adhithya stopped him.

He advised him saying, "Akhil. We don't know about his unknown activities. Hence, we have to observe and know a lot about his activities." As per Adhithya's ideas, Akhil agrees to. Additionally, he shoved a GPS tracker down his throat.

Adhithya additionally tells, "This GPS tracker would allow us to see Alexander's location in real-time and we can listen to his conversations."


Few hours later, an unconscious Alexander wakes up and shouts in pain, due to the injuries. He walks along the road in Singanallur-Vellalore road and is offered a ride by a taxi, that already contained one passenger.

While going through the car, Alexander notices a few jewels, money and necklace. Cleverly, he guesses the two to be professional thieves and are Adhithya's fourth suspect. To save himself from their clutches and save his life, he strikes out preemptively and brutally finishes them off.

With their dead bodies, Alexander continues to drive towards a village near Palakkad. Seeing a nearby stream, he throws the dead bodies and proceeds to move to a village.


Meanwhile, Adhithya and Akhil goes to the school, where Alexander worked as a van driver and meets the school principal. Before going to meet the principal, Adhithya requested Akhil: "Akhil. I myself will go and investigate about him da. If they see you as NIA agent, they would think. Stay here."

He goes inside and talks with the principal, asking and investigating about Alexander. A few hours later, he comes out of the room and while going in the car, Adhithya tells: "I am really shocked to know about Alexander's past da."

"What happened? Why?" asked Akhil.



Sipping the first drop of coffee, Adhithya asked the principal, "Sir. You know who is he?" He places Alexander's photo. The principal replied, "Yes sir. Well, he is our bus driver."

"Sir. The bus driver is a criminal. Additionally, a serial killer too. I came to know that through a friend of central jail in Chennai" said Adhithya. Thinking for a few minutes, the principal drinks a little amount of water and tells, "Sir. His name is not Alexander. Alexander William Joseph. He studied in a private school near Chennai sir. Alex is remembered to have been an initially sociable child. However, this changed following an incident in which Alex fell backwards off a swing, which then struck him in the forehead as it swung back. Experts speculated that this event damaged the frontal cortex of Alex's brain; such damage is known to produce poor impulse regulation and a tendency towards aggression. Since Alex was still a child, the damage would have been more severe, as a child's forehead provides only a fraction of the protection for the brain compared to an adult's."

Adhithya then further asked the principal, "Sir. Does the impact followed his rest of life?"

He replied saying, "Following this accident, Alex frequently became hostile and impulsive. His mother soon decided to transfer him from a mainstream school he was attending to one for children with learning disabilities. Prior to this transfer, children from the mainstream school were known to have physically and verbally bullied Alexander, referring to him as "that retard". This abuse served to intensify Alexander's rage and hostility. Upon reaching early adolescence, Alexander's maternal grandfather recognized that he was highly intelligent, and felt that his innate talents were being wasted, as he wasn't involved in any activities at home, and the school he was enrolled in focused more on overcoming disability than on promoting achievement."

Adhithya remained silent for a while and completes drinking the tea. Afterward he asked him, "What about his adulthood life?"

"Joseph's grandfather took him to live in his home and encouraged him to pursue intellectual pursuits outside of school. The deepest of these interests was chess. He was taught how to play, and after demonstrating his ability, was introduced to the exhibition games against elderly men who played publicly in Bitsa Park. It turned out that Alexander was an outstanding chess player, and, for the first time, he found a channel for his aggression when dominating the chessboard in all of his games. Alexander continued to be bullied by mainstream school children throughout his adolescence, and he suffered an emotional blow when, toward the end of this period, his grandfather died. He was left to return to his mother's home, after which he enrolled as a student. 

According to reports, the death of his grandfather greatly affected Alexander. In an effort to both dull the pain of the loss as well as to calm his severe aggressive tendencies, he began to consume large quantities of vodka. He continued to play chess both at home and in the exhibition games in Bitsa Park, now joining the other men in drinking vodka, though unlike them he could play without being greatly affected by the alcohol. It was at this time that Alexander began to develop a more sinister hobby that, at the time, remained unknown to anyone: whenever he knew he was going to come into contact with children, he would take a video camera along and proceed to threaten them. On one disturbing and alarmingly prophetic occasion that has since been made public, he held a young child by one leg, upside down, and said to the camera: "You are in my power now... I am going to drop you from the window... and you will fall 15 meters to your death..." He then watched these videos repeatedly to reaffirm his power. However, by 1992 this practice had become insufficient to satisfy his urges. He grew up in Ukkadam with his mother, younger half-sister and their son in two-bed room apartment on the fifth floor sir. To finance himself, he joined as a driver. I however, didn't expect these cruel sides of Alexander, despite knowing his personal life through his mother."

Adhithya thanked the principal and takes an exit from the room.


 At present, Akhil is shocked upon hearing this dark past of Alexander. At the same time, he hears the sounds(through the electronic bug) of a girl and few instruments, that are been thrown. It's a private hospitals near Palakkad.


In the hospital, Alexander kidnaps the nurse and sexually assaults her. The same time, Akhil tracks his location in Palakkad and arrives to subdue him. This time, Akhil have himself came and asked Adhithya not to come. Since, he have to look after his daughter Aadhiya, who believes him.

Alexander asked him, "Was you the guy, attacking me by wearing masks?" He unsheathes a nearby sword to kill him. However, Akhil slashes his Achilles Tendon. While about to kill him, he recalls Adhithya's words: "We have to take out Alexander, only when a right point of time strikes out, Akhil. Don't forget about it."

Akhil releases him once more, keeping in mind about the electronic bug. Alexander now decides to meet his childhood close friend John Edward. Unlike Alexander, John Edward doesn't kidnap his victims instantly. He traps his victims through his magical skills. As he is a rapist and necrophilia, John repeatedly indulges in sexual intercourse through their dead corpses.

John sees Alexander and tells, "Come inside da Alexander. Have a seat. What's this? How your Achilles tendon is broken?"

As he asked him about this, Alexander tells the mysterious guy, who attacked him initially and the another attack, in which he broke his Achilles tendon. But, this time, he showcased his face clearly. Alexander remarks about Akhil telling, "I saw him, attacking me with full rage and vengeance da, John."

After remaining silent for a while, John tells him, "Alex. The guy attacked you but, spared two times means, he must be one of the victim's close relatives."

"How come you say this?" asked Alexander.

"Recall da. You must have left some clues behind, while murdering some of your victims" said John after which, Alex recalls about Ishika's ring. He deduces Akhil's identity. Soon, Akhil arrives along with Adhithya, who have brought the police teams. All knew about the identity of Alexander. Both Alexander and John Edward are in-capitated.

A still unconscious John gets arrested by Adhithya under his senior officer's instructions, the next day. They are sent to the hospitals. During this phase, Akhil's trusted subordinate Yash joins with him to support Akhil.

He arranges for Alexander and Akhil to evade the police team led by Adhithya, who is now helpless. Since, he have to obey his senior officer's orders. The two receives treatment for their wounds at a separate facility in Thondamuthur region of Coimbatore.


A few hours later, Akhil regains his consciousness and sees his subordinate Yash. He asked him, "Akhil. What's the purpose of this mission da? You asked me to get a GPS transmitter and I got it. It doesn't served any purpose now."

"No da. The transmitter indeed, served useful. I could have spared his life two times. From that only, I had come to know about his shocking activities and the pasts, that have surrounded him." Akhil said to him. Unknown to them, it have been heard by a barely conscious Alexander.

To know more about Alexander's next victim, Akhil releases him again. But, this time, he outsmarts him and slashes the throat of a pharmacist while stealing laxatives which he uses to remove the transmitter, then plants it on a driver at a truck stop that he viciously beats.

Angered, Akhil goes to John's hospital room. When he was about to enter inside the hospital room, his subordinate Yash asked him: "Akhil. They are affected, since childhood days da. That's why, they killed several people, without showcasing any mercy. For that, why should you avenge?"

"To protect the good, destroy the evil, and restore Dharma, I shall come time and again. No battle will ever take place if rage turns into compassion. No side will lose precious lives if warmongers stop taking humanity for granted. And no family will ever lose their loved ones if people resort to peace over war. You don't know our pain Yash." Adhithya said.

"His wife was killed by a gangster da. He avenged them, for his daughter's sake. Justified. While, in your case, it's not like such da." Yash said to him.

Akhil slapped Yash and shows a few photos, memorable moments and videos, that he spent with Ishika through his phone. He tells, "I planned so many things in my mind da. You don't know my pain da. If your sister or beloved one faces this kind of a problem, will you talk like this ah? Tell me da. Tell me."

Adhithya tells Yash, "Yash. Leave these too da. She was five months pregnant at that time da. That guy too came through his mother's womb only right. Doesn't he know the importance of a mother? We can't forgive that kind of a psychos da. It's an act of injustice, I say."

Yash gets convinced and tells, "Akhil. Whatever happens or not may happen, I will always be there with you da." Adhithya also gives him full support. Akhil and Adhithya enters into John's hospital room to question him.

"Tell me da. Who would be Alexander's next victim?" asked Adhithya. While an angry Akhil stares at him. John laughs for a while and initially, refused to reveal about the victim. Akhil learns too late that, Alexander is going to target Inspector Sudhish and his daughter Aradhana. As John again laughs telling them, "This time also, you cannot save the victim. You have been defeated, guys."

Unable to control the anger, Akhil takes a nearby surgical knife and brutally breaks John's jaw. Alexander arrives at Inspector Sudhish and proceeds to brutally assault him with a dumbbell. When he was about to kill Sudhish's daughter with a knife, Akhil intervenes and comes at a nick of time.

Alexander tries to assault him, only to find out Adhithya and his police team, arriving to the spot along with his superior officer. To avoid Akhil's revenge, Alexander plans to surrender to the police and conveys the same to Akhil telling, "Akhil. You are defeated again. Since, I am voluntarily surrendering myself to the police. As per the rules, if you kill me, you would be framed as culprit." He laughed out aloud. However, to his surprise, Akhil drives by and kidnaps Alexander in front of the police's eyes.

Akhil takes Alexander to the latter's own house, where Ishika was killed brutally. There, Akhil tortures Alexander and places him under the makeshift guillotine.

Initially, Alexander tells to Akhil: "You would kill me, Akhil. But, still you didn't win. You know why? Because, I don't have a family and henceforth, targeted my victims without worrying about the consequences. While, you had a wife, whom you was unable to save and you are taking this bloody path of revenge."

With Akhil's eyes turning red and his hands searching to beat up Alexander, the latter comes back to his senses and tells Alexander, "What? You don't have a family ah? Have you forgot about your half-sister, your elderly mother and your daughter Aadhiya? They have arrived to Coimbatore from Hyderabad, before few days back. Additionally, they are trying to visit you." Upon hearing this, Alexander panics and asked him, "How? How do you know this?"

"We got these information from John. He told us these things also, before I broke his jawline." Akhil said and he hears the sounds of the door, being opened by Alexander's family. Reminding about Ishika's death and Alex's sexual assault against her, Akhil drops the guillotine and Alexander's head rolls to their feet.

With Alexander being dead, Akhil goes to meet Adhithya and Yash, from where he listens(through the electronic transmitter) the family of Alexander crying, emotionally breaks down and begins crying in the roadsides, by kneeling down. Because he recalls about Ishika's tragic death.

Then, Yash consoles him saying, "Akhil. Forget about the past da. Let's start a new life. Because, your bloody revenge have got fulfilled."

Adhithya, Akhil and Yash goes in their car, back to their home, as the sky turns to the darker sides. While a reflection of Ishika smiles at Akhil.

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