Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Haritha Arun

Horror Fantasy


Haritha Arun

Horror Fantasy



18 mins

Ima always wanted to travel through mysterious places. She has four friends, all of whom are her strengths. Laya, Sam, Sail, Sala: these are Ima's close friends. Once all five of them came to a village. Ima felt something special about that village, She felt that she had something to do with the village. They walked through the village, looking for a good place to stay. It was then that she noticed a building standing in the distance. Ima and her friends were walking into the building, and she felt something flashing in her brain. She thought that although she had gone to a lot of places before, this was the first time she had experienced this.

Someone opened the door of the building and reached for Ima. He looked at Ima, and then Sala asked him, "We have to stay here a few days. How much should we pay?" Suddenly he said, "this place is not rented, you have to look elsewhere." Sail beckoned to him," Let us stay here one day until we find another place in the morning . Let us stay here ".The employee looked at Ima and told everyone this place is not good for you and your goal is not going to be here anyway. All five of them requested permission to stay there tonight. Suddenly, someone approached them from the building. At that moment the man next to Ima said in her ear: "There will be many who will stand around us, which means that not only will all be there to help us but there will be those who think how to eliminate us"... Upon hearing this, she immediately turned around, but the man was nowhere to be seen. At that point, the man who had come out of the building approached them. He asked them, "why you are making noise here? What do you want? "

Ima told him all that had happened. " That man will not allow us to stay here in any way. You have to tell him. Whatever the rent, we'll pay for it. Make room here for a day".

That man immediately said: What do you mean, I'm the only employee here, and l go to my house every night. When I got ready to go home l heard a commotion. That's what l came here for."

Ima and her friends looked at each other and asked: "who is the man we saw earlier?"

Laya said: "He can be mentally ill sometimes".

But what he said in Ima's ear still echoes in her ear. Ima and her friends entered the building. The employee at the building gave them permission to stay with them for any number of days.

Ima thanked him. Inside the building, there were a number of rooms. Every room in the building was so beautiful to see. They were amazed to see such a magnificent building in this small countryside. Ima and her friends were pretty tired. They lay in two adjoining rooms. Ima asked the employee if there was a restaurant nearby.

He said: "There is a restaurant nearby but they will close by the evening".

Her friends insisted that Ima eat, but she didn't care.. The restaurant in the village is now closed.

He said to Ima, "Go and rest. Early in the morning, I can arrange for food."

She went to her room and laid down. She fell asleep because of fatigue ...

She felt as if someone was rubbing her head in the deep sleep. She slowly opened her eyes. Slowly she got up from her bed as she saw a middle-aged woman standing in front of her.

Suddenly the woman asked her affectionately: "Hunger? Food is ready." Come with me ...

Ima slowly got up and followed the woman.

The woman took her to the dinner table ...

Ima was surprised to see the dinner table.

The woman prepared royal food for her and placed it on the table.

The woman said to her: "All this food is made for you, and you shall never be hungry here. Take whatever you like."

Ima asked the woman, "Have you made so much food for me?" Who are you?

The woman said to her, "Now look at your hunger. Go and grab some food. I'll answer your questions after that."

She began to eat each of the foods on the table. That's when she remembered to call her friends.

When she got up to call her friends, the woman said to her, "All your friends ate early. They are asleep now. Do not disturb them."

Knowing that the woman was right, she started eating again.

Suddenly she sees the food sitting in front of her disappears as she eats. The woman's voice suddenly in her ear: "You better get out of here. You are in great trouble."

At that time, the woman held Ima's hand and told her: "There will be many who will stand around us, which means that not only will all be there to help us but there will be those who think how to eliminate us"...

Ima was shocked at the woman's words and suddenly felt like she was losing consciousness.

When she woke up, she realized that she was now in bed Laya and Sala are sleeping next to her.

Ima was confused. She thought: How could my stomach be full of food if I dreamed it? The taste of the food didn't even go off the tongue. The words that the woman told me were the same words that the stranger had told me before.

She slowly got up from the couch and turned on the light. Laya and Sala are in deep sleep. Ima leaves the room without awakening friends ... She came to the side of the dining table. But there was no food left on the table. Ima slowly started walking through the darkness… She was confused as to where to enter the large building with so many rooms... Suddenly she heard someone running behind her. She turned around but could not see anyone...Suddenly someone held her hand. She looked up and was shocked. It was Sam.

She asked Sam, " why did you run away ?"

He laughed at her question and said to her, "Ima, I didn't run. I saw you standing here. Here, I came to you."

Ima slowly looked around, realizing that it was not Sam who had run away. She took Sam's hand and walked forward. She slowly opened the door of the room. What she saw was horrifying... a figure like her image in front of her. She was frightened when she saw her reflection coming towards her, and Ima could not believe it was right or wrong. She turned and looked at Sam, who had no expression on his face. Ima asked Sam, "Can you see anything in this room?"

Sam said... "Oh, what can I see in the dark? I'm here to see if there is a light switch. You stay here..."

Her reflection walked towards Ima. The reflection stands looking at Ima's face...Ima was really scared... Fear creeps into her brain... Suddenly she tried to call Sam... but could not move her tongue...! That reflection told her... "You shouldn't have come here... You have to protect every drop of your blood... for me i.e. for you... You have a safety net around you, but there is a bigger danger zone. Protect your unstoppable heart no matter what happens... suddenly a scary ghost painted her reflection... Ima saw it and cried out in shock... She fell there...

Sam turned on the light and saw Ima screaming and falling down, and he ran over to her... During her sleep, she murmured that she needed to find a mirror ... to save blood and to protect her heart. 

Sam wakes up and asks Ima... "Why are you whispering in your sleep?"

Ima woke up and saw Sam, "You are here, I was asleep... Was everything just a dream then?"

Sam said, "what are you talking about ..? Why did you cry yesterday, fainted ...., you are so brave then what happened ..?"    

Ima said to Sam: 'Sam, I'm in total confusion, ever since I've been here ... I've lost faith in myself. Something incredible is going on here."

Sam told Ima that she should get up and freshen up. This parapsychology research is that your mind is totally paranormal. You should get up and get ready quickly. We have to go around the whole village, everyone be ready, get up early ...

By then Sala and Laya came to Ima and said: "Ima, you are not ready yet. Get up quickly and we are ready and hungry."

She thought everything was a dream and went to fresh up. She washed her face and looked in the mirror and said: "Sam, I love you so much ... I know you like me too ... but I do not know how to express my love to you openly, I really love you so much."

Suddenly the mirror started to shake .... a devil appeared in the mirror frightening her ....! That frightened look looked at her and said angrily ... "You are mine ... Your every drop of blood and your unstoppable heart is mine ... You can't go anywhere from here ... If you try to go, I will destroy your loved ones one by one ..."

Before Ima smashed the mirror in a sudden shock, she was shocked to see the woman holding her hands ... It was Ima's mother... They said to Ima ': No, do not drop even a drop of your blood here .... Make him strong. Do not show his purpose to your heart like you ... Only you can destroy him and make him strong ..."

Suddenly Sam came there. Ima was amazed to see her mother. He asked her ... "What Ima, why did you call?" When Ima turned to look at Sam, her mother disappeared.

Ima told Sam, "No, I didn't call you ..."

Sam said to Ima: "Laya said you are calling me."

Ima: "Oh Sam I saw my mother here. They touched my hands. My mother was starting to say something to me. Then you came. But now I cannot see my mother. Sam, I told you something unusual was going on here ... I'm really going crazy. My mother ... I don't know how my mother is here. Sam, I don't understand anything ... Sam you have to believe what I say ... It's not good to stay here ... I will endure whatever happens but I will not let any of the four of you get in trouble. You are all my favourites. You have to tell Sala, Sail and Laya that we can get out of here."

Sam calmed Ima down and said: "Ima, be at peace, you tell me what your problems are... We are with you anyway. I especially love you a lot. I will be with you in any situation. I love you so much Ima." Ima hugged Sam and cried ...

Suddenly she heard the voice of the devil: "Ima you are mine and every drop of your blood is my own .... your heart is mine. I will not leave you to anyone ...When she looked at Sam in shock. That devil stands in Sam's place. She was shocked and fell. Then the devil came to her slowly and said: You are mine. I will destroy those who turn you away from me."

That's when Sam called Ima: "Ima, are you ready yet?" When she heard Sam's voice, the devil disappeared. Ima quickly ran to Sam.

She called out to everyone: "Friends, we need to get out of here. Please listen to what I have to say. This place is dangerous for us. Come on everyone, we need to get out of here." Seeing Ima's confusion, Laya asked her the reason. But Ima told everyone to get out of here. Seeing Ima's frenzy, Sam asked her why and she said to Sam: "Please Sam we need to get out of here as soon as possible. Go out and I'll tell you everything."

Eventually, everyone decided to get out of the building. By then, the custodian of the building had arrived. He had food for everyone. He told everyone to take food, but Ima asked everyone to get out of here. Ima told him we don't need any food, we are leaving here and we will give you more cash than you said. Ima took the cash and handed it to him and left, but the door of the building was closed in front of Ima. The employer in the building came and stood in front of her. He told Ima. "Sorry madam you can't get anyone out of here. I'll do whatever the madam wants but cannot get out of here." Everyone was shocked to hear him speak.

Sala confronted him and said: "Open the door no matter what you say. We need to get out of here."

He said angrily to all the others: "No one should shout... Didn't you see Madam standing here? Madam, whatever you order, your servant must do, Madam you say ..."

Ima got angry and she told him to get out of the way. He listened to her and gave way. Ima tried to open the door, but when she heard Sala screaming from behind, she turned around and was scared. A terrifying creation has tied up Sala...Everyone was scared to see it. Ima begged the servant not to harm Sala.

He looked at Ima and said respectfully: "Sorry madam is the saviour, madam of all of them. If Madam tries to get out of here, all of them will be in danger..."

When Sam tries to save Sala from the monster, Ima stops him. Ima tells the monster. "I'll not get out of here. Never try to go. Please do not hurt my friends."

At that moment, the creature disappeared from Sala's body. The building became a royal palace. All facilities were ready for Ima there. Ima is alone in a room specially set up for her... She doesn't know which room Sam, Laya, Sala and Sail are in. Ima could not bear the grief. She sat in that room and started crying. Suddenly she felt like someone was caressing her. Her mother as she looked up. She was surprised to see her mother ...

She asked her mother: "How did she get here? I do not know if this is a Dracula's palace or something going on here."

The woman said to Ima: "I am not your mother. It was my responsibility to protect you so far. You are a wonderful goddess. You cannot show your power because that is the devil. He is your servant who has abused your power. He has deceived you by casting a spell on your power. He has filled your unstoppable heart with his blood. Only you can destroy him. The four of us are assigned to protect you. You are safe here now."

Ima said to them: "No, I am a human woman. An ordinary human woman. I'm not the girl you think I am."

"All your thoughts are wrong".

 She was surprised to see the man who came in front of Ima. "Sam, you..."

"Yes,l am one of your guardians. They are another guardian who has set the table before you. The employee in the building that let you to this palace is another guardian. And also your mother."

Ima said to Sam: "Sam I can not believe anything. I love life with you, Sam. Please let us go from here. All that had happened was that it had become a dream."

"Sam, I am a normal girl. In my mind, I only love you. How beautiful was the friendship of the five of us!"

Sam said to her: "No Ima. I am just your servant. You are a goddess."

Ima objected to Sam saying, "Sam, if you deny me the life with you, I do not want this life either." She angrily pulled out Sam's sword and slit her throat. Blood dripped from her neck on the floor, and the whole palace was filled with darkness. The wound on Ima's neck disappeared by itself. Sam quickly moved Ima from there to another room. Then the devil approached. Licked her blood.

Sam told her, "why you did that? His power has increased because of you. You cannot destroy your body. Every drop of you is the power of the devil. That devil has been waiting for you for many years. The devil has not been able to harm you for so long, but now he has half your power. You must find yourself before the devil can find you. You must find yourself before the devil can find you because only you can destroy and strengthen him."

Ima closed her eyes tightly. Suddenly she saw a goddess. The goddess was looking angrily at herself in the mirror. A large candle melted and burned the goddess' body. Then the goddess was laughing. Ima slowly opened her eyes and told Sam about what she had seen. Sam told Ima: "We need to find that mirror and the inextinguishable candle immediately."

They both came out of the room and saw Sala standing outside. Sam grabbed Sala before she could get close to Ima. When Ima asked Sam why he tied her up, Sam said: "She is a follower of that devil. She is a spy with us. The monster tied to her body is her own creation. This is the play she did to keep you out of here. Your mother will take care of her now. Let's find the mirror and the candle."

So, at last, they found that candle. Ima saw the candle and ran to it and she reached for it. Someone was holding her hand. She turned and saw that it was Sail holding her hands.

"Sail, How did you save Sam here?"

Sail said: "Ima, you are cheated. Sam is with me. I do not know which Sam is with you."

She went with the Sail. Suddenly the reflection of the candlelight caught her eye. She looked at it and realized that it was the mirror she was looking for.

She shook Sail's hand and tried to walk towards the mirror, but Sail grabbed her tightly. She told Sail to let go of the grip on her hand. When he heard that, he said to Ima, "Everyone is cheating on you. Come with me. Everyone is waiting for you. Come, we must escape." Ima was in total distress not knowing which to believe and which not to believe.

Ima looked up and saw Sam, Laya and Sala standing in the distance. When she looked in the mirror again, the scene she saw was horrible. The Sail holding her was that terrible devil. Ima was careful not to let him know that Ima understood him.

Ima jumped out of the devil's hands and ran to the mirror. Ima looked in the mirror with the help of the candle. Suddenly a flame rose from her eyes. She closed her eyes tightly.

The demon screamed in anger as Ima left the grip. The devil ran to Ima and approached. The devil touched her body and she fell. The devil began to throw every flesh out of its body. That flesh turned into terrifying creatures longing for blood. Those terrifying creatures began to crawl around to drink Ima's blood.

Sam and the other rescuers could not enter the room. Terrifying creatures rising from the flesh of the devil roamed the palace for blood. The terrifying creatures tried to hunt down Ima's friend Laya and Sail.

She slowly opened her eyes as water droplets fell on Ima's face. She was terrified. It was not water droplets that fell on her face, but blood. A place full of darkness. But she had an unquenchable candle in her hand. She looked all over that candlelight. But she could not find a way to kill the devil. When she turned around, she saw the mirror. She reached for it. Blood is anointed all over that mirror. Then she noticed a drop of blood falling on the candle, but the fire did not go out. Instead, it was burning. She saw herself in the mirror in front of her. What she saw in that mirror was her body. Next to it were creatures formed from the flesh of that devil who was thirsty for her blood. She had to save her friends though. Sam could not save Sail and Laya for long. Ima risked her life to save her friends, but no way was clear in front of her.

Unable to do anything, she filled her eyes with sadness. The tears fell on the candle and its flame began to fade. Suddenly those ugly creatures eagerly tried to jump on her body. Ima quickly wiped away her tears. She held out the candle to the drops of blood and the flame of the candle began to burn.

She saw the candle burning and the creatures targeting her body falling into the mirror and disappearing. Ima realizes that her downfall is the power of that devil. But no matter how much she thought, she could not understand the devil's weakness.

Ima wiped the blood from the mirror and her hand was injured. Blood flowed from her hand into the mirror and suddenly the devil licked the blood with his tongue. The creatures formed from his flesh jumped and fell on her body.

The devil grabbed Ima's neck by the mirror and said to her: "You are mine now. Your heart is now coming into me and I am the ruler of this world. You made the mistake of thinking that you could purify my blood through your heart. That heart will now carry those creatures into my hands.

All the blood in your body now belongs to my body. Your body will be mine now... I will keep this image of you in me. Let us fill this world with darkness. Evil can destroy good."

Ima looked at the devil and said with a laugh. "Evil devil, I am the goddess of good. I am the one who leads those who lead you through evil to good. You are in danger now. My heart creates good people. You will lose every birth." She began to burn her reflection in the flame of the candle in her hand.

"When the flame of this candle burns in me, your blood flowing through this reflection of mine will perish. I have been waiting so long for this meeting of ours. Your end is today.

Hey dirty ghost, I'm burning for your destruction."

His flesh clinging to Ima's body fell into the mirror and burned. All the creatures of that devil that had spread throughout the palace died in the fire. The devil began to howl in his most ferocious manner. 

He told her. "You were able to destroy me. But there will still be a lot of people like me..."

Ima also angrily told the devil that "no matter how many people are there like you, I and my companions would have annihilated them. Damn you, devil."

Ima opened her eyes and saw Sam, Laya and Sail next to her.

Sam stretched out his hands to Ima and asked. "Let's start the journey."

Ima said touching Sam's hands. "If you're all together, we can definitely start the journey."

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