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Haritha Arun

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Haritha Arun

Drama Tragedy Inspirational



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Once, a girl quarreled with her father. The complaint was that she was not free to do anything.

The father said to the girl: "My child, you have been saying for a long time that I am not giving you freedom. You are free to everything but you are not obeying what I say. You do not understand what I'm saying, it's dangerous to go there.

The girl said to her father, "Father, I am going with my friends. There is no need to fear.

He said to his daughter again, "I will be with you if you go."

The daughter got angry and said: "I'm going with my friends." Please give me freedom.

Her father was very worried and allowed her to go.

Her friends took her away. After a long journey, they reached the secluded place.

She loved that beautiful place. A relative of her friend told her about the place.

Her friend warned her to leave here before dusk. They all agreed.

Her father's phone call came while she was watching places, and she saw places as if she hadn't noticed it. She set the phone to silent mode.

As the dusk approached, they all began to descend from the spot. Suddenly something hit her leg and she fell down. It was very difficult for her to walk because of the injury to her leg. somehow, she and her friends approached the vehicle. But she could not get into the vehicle because of the pain in her leg. Suddenly she heard the sound of an elephant. All her companions placed her inside the vehicle. She could not bear the pain. She asked her friends to deliver her to the hospital anyway. But there is still a distance to reach the hospital. Suddenly, something hit their vehicle and became a tire puncher. They got in the way. They were really scared because it was a wildlife landing spot. And she was in sorrow. In a way, her friends joined her and took her to a safe place. They said to her, "You can no longer stand." You should inform your father immediately".She turned on the phone to call her father. But the phone went off. She felt like she was suddenly losing consciousness. When she opened her eyes, she saw her father's face. Her father said to her, "Whatever you deny, I will never turn away from you. Because you alone are my own in this world. I was behind you, not even knowing you. Your mother carried you for ten months, knowing that she was about to lose her life. I am your father because I will carry you all my life. Parents teach some rules For their children, which is not to deny your freedom".

She apologized to her father.

Her father went to the doctor's room.

The doctor told him:'' Your child's condition is getting worse from the old. This trip and the accident have only added to her illness. You can take the child home. Your love and care are the only medicine for her anymore ".

Her father slowly wiped away his tears. He told the doctor: I haven't told her about her illness yet. Because I always want to see my child's happiness...I will always be there for my child.

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