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Ruchi Sharma

Romance Abstract


Ruchi Sharma

Romance Abstract

The Bench, Still Empty

The Bench, Still Empty

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Writing this... thinking about him, well him who??? The one who can fill my head with his thoughts, fill my heart with his care and fill my body with his love, leaving my life without him... I met him about 9 years ago he was in the same tuition as me as my mother is a teacher I was astonished by his beauty... he was white as milk, smooth as silk fur and his smile was like sunshine for me...

I tried to befriend with him although I was just 7 years old, it was like love at first sight... his smile makes thousands of butterflies flew in my little stomach. whenever I saw him he was always quite shy towards me and I was always around him, like a honeybee around her hive never allowing any other girl coming close to him after few I came to know that he was going to take admission in my school and was going to attend the same class as me and I was filled with joy,it was like my head was about to blast with the happiness... then after he was in my class i had to be more cautious as he was very cute he every had a new girl following him and I was every day the one to make this girl not come close to him again... despite all this thing the best of the day was when we both were going to the park which was falling in the middle of our area and we were always sitting on bench and talking to each other and doing homework, and playing together...

He was always bringing a chocolate for me every day and we were sharing that together... from that day on I loved chocolates the most and I still love them...but as the saying goes "everything changes with time", although my love or likeness whatever we say was same towards him was the same as it was on the day I first saw him..but our spending time started decreasing...he went to a different school but we were in the same tuition but still we were not able to spend more time as we had to study and my family problems were also there... and also he was a study bug as always....

As time went this time spending was becoming less and less but whenever we met he never forgot the chocolate and that my heart thump thump thump... for him only, he became like a drug dose for me which if don't take then I will be furious, angry at any small and unmatured content and was always eagerly waiting to see his face , that smile which will make me go crazy if I will not be able to see that chubby cheeks and that brownish-black eyes of him...oh my god!!! describing his face makes me remember it again...

One summer vacation, we together were going to go to an "Art of Living" summer camp and the one who was super excited was me obviously as we were going to spend time alone and were going to have fun... but I didn't know that this summer camp will make life go up and down and turn it upside down...

we went to summer camp I found nothing unusual in him till day 3rd day... On the third day of camp, it was our groups turn for serving the food and one boy whom I met there name Rohan was helping me serve the food... I didn't know what happened but his nature towards me became more and more possessive he was not allowing me to talk to Rohan any more but as he was possessive he was damn cute and that feeling of his possessiveness made my heart race in 200km per hr and it was as if my heart will just come out of my body.

On the fourth day, he was more and weirder, he was not talking to me... he was just ignoring me as of I am nobody to him.. I was unable to understand him the first time in my life...but whatever it was it was not good at all for me it was not... I was suffering I was not able to talk to him and when at night, our camp rule was there that everyone has to dance and enjoy as our last session was always to enjoy the day so we were always dancing together with our group only but that day he was running away from me and that time I broke out... I went out of the hall and sat on a bench and was just thinking about him and he came out looking for me watching him coming out of hall yelling my eyes couldn't stop the tears and I began to cry like a baby cries when lost and then instantly seeing his mother from far away

When he came out and saw me crying he just sat beside my leg on his knees telling me not to cry,he said" Ruchi don't cry please stop crying" .and I while crying told him that why does he now care about me??were was his care while he was watching me sitting all alone whole day in the session's and while playing the games." please stop crying, my heart aches while seeing you cry... and I am sorry for today... please stop crying,please"he said

"Why does your heart aches for me??" I said."dumbo, do you really do not understand still," he said... I was like?? What then finally my heart was filled with joy, I was the happiest person in this world when he said "I LOVE YOU, PLEASE BE MY GIRLFRIEND" and I jumped on my feet while was still on his knees he said it again and now even louder... I told him to get up as anyone could come and see us in this state... but he insisted and told that he would only get when he gets an answer... and I said: "Yes, I will be your girlfriend"...

After One Year

I don't know how we were in that state... we were sitting next to each other on the same park and the same bench were we spending time in childhood,he was holding a chocolate in his hand and I was just had my head down and was sitting beside him waiting for him to speak as he called me and sounded like he was in hurry and told me that he had something very important to talk to me and cant be more I just hurried to him as I was already having a bad feeling about this meeting... when none of us spoke... I tried to break the silence and said: "chocolate... for me..."

he just nodded his head and then slowly put on the bench and sifted it towards me but while sliding the chocolate he silently whispered" the last one"

I unwrapped the chocolate and halved it and slowly asked him with my action if he will take it or not... and he just took it from my hands with having precaution that he doesn't even touch my fingertips and while eating chocolate he said very silently and calmly" sorry, I can't take this anymore... I know you love me but I took this friendship as love but now I understand that I always saw you as my bestie and just got confused for some time and made you fall in love with me" I couldn't say a word and I started crying silently heading my face down not able to utter a word from my mouth

He was just going to stand and I gathered all my courage and hold his hand and I wanted to tell him that I can't live without him, that he didn't make me fall in love with him but I was always in love with him only... but he gently sifted my hand from his hand and said again sorry and left the garden and left me there sitting alone on that bench... and still now writing this too the place for the one who can give me chocolate is still empty that empty left bench is still empty now also I everyday go to that park buy a chocolate myself and sit there alone and eat it with all the memories that he gave me in our one year relation, watching them before my eyes like a movie but this was not a movie because movies always have a happy ending and we have not ended I am still waiting for him to come back to me holding a chocolate in his hand and coming back to me... always waiting for him... and loving him unconditionally... and every day find a reason to love him...

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