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Sadhana B

Drama Inspirational Children

That Wish Lighted Many Lives

That Wish Lighted Many Lives

2 mins

 The old woman was near death. I could hear her try to draw in painful gasps of breath. I felt helpless as a doctor in this remote part of the world. Was there nothing I could do?

I screamed for help. but no one heard my voice, no one came to help me....then I remembered that I can't speak......

I cried out of heart but in vain.

Then I heard a voice calling me.

It's that old woman's voice, I rushed to help her out.

She spoke only a few words that remained with me forever and ever.

And her journey to heaven seems. started .....

I tried many therapies, but not useful to save her, she left me alone, she left me alone, she left me alone.

I cried out of my heart, as loud that my heart would break. Then I started to speak, my voice was audible to everyone and so many people came rushing towards me.

But there is no use as no one could save her. She is on her way towards heaven.

After all her cremation rituals were completed. I was continuously remembering the words she spoke with me at her last breath.those were life-changing words of many.....

She asked to start up a school regarding dumb and deaf people. I love my profession and today I am running 15 institutions where many doctors, teachers, engineers, poets, Sky drivers, teachers,etc......

In all those people I always see that old woman, whose dreams came Alive and helping many to needy....

And till now no one lost their life due to physical disabilities.

It portraits how someone's ending life could glow up upcoming lakhs of people's life .....make your life remarkable and useful to others......

And finally, in the end, it was revealed that the old woman who was died earlier was the teacher of that man who was described as a doctor, Student of that women.

Whose effort made him into a successful doctor.

Thank You, Teacher, was that school name, which became a milestone of many lives...

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