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That Winter Night

That Winter Night

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It was a winter's night. I was standing on the balcony covered with a blanket, enjoying the weather outside. I had a cup of hot coffee in my hand. I drank a sip of coffee and tasted it. Many questions were circulating in my mind. Suddenly an old thing came to mind. However, this is a thing of the past. But he says that when the weather is pleasant and there is no one around, there is a depth of thought. It was about a school. As usual, I went to school with great joy. Two or three hours later we had a break. So I went out with some of my friends. All my friends were happy with their words. But my attention was many more. In the distance sat a girl sitting by a pole with her head bowed. I apologized to my friends and walked over to her. As I approached, I heard her sobs and I put my hand on his shoulder without thinking. She wiped away the tears with her hands and turned to me. I had a classmate. Her moist eyes showed that she was broken inside. I sat down next to her and asked him with satisfaction. At first, she refused, but she began to say mysteries to me, which I was shocked to hear for a moment. She said I am the eldest child of my parents. And in that sense, I have had many responsibilities since I was a child. As the years passed, their hatred for me grew. I asked her why her parents hate her. Is there a reason? She replied: There is no reason. But they object to me being a girl. They say that I am a burden to them and at the same time they have a problem with my color. For a moment I wondered what color she was talking about, then I realized that she was talking about the color of her body which was black in appearance. As well as being black, there was an attraction on her face that her parents probably didn't see. Her eyes were dark brown and she had a lot of sparkle in her eyes. For a moment I was lost in her eyes too, then after a while, she normalized herself and started asking, that's all. (Although it wasn't that much, I had to say it to fix the mood.)

No, that's not the point. I don't mind their objection. I'm afraid of something else.

I was surprised and asked her. If you don't mind their objections, then what are you afraid of?

She let out a sigh and said.

I have a cousin who proposed to me two days ago. I don't know what my mummy daddy's reaction will be. I reassured him that nothing would happen. Your parents consider you a burden anyway. And they must want you to get out of their sight. So it is better for you not to marry someone who loves you.

She kept twirling her fingers for a moment then she asked me.

Do you think that my parents will agree?

No doubt. There is no reason to refuse.

(Our break time was over. I reassured her and went to class.)

Months passed like this. The journey from school to college began. But their love story stopped. Then, several days later, she suddenly dropped out of college. It turned out that the parents forbade her to go. As the days went by, suddenly a girl handed me a wedding card. When I opened it, the beauty was written on her and the groom's name. A triumphant smile appeared on my face. That after such a difficult journey he had found her destination. It must have been a source of joy to me, but it was amazing that nowadays parents are taking their children away from them. Girls get depressed at an early age because parents object to them being girls. In this scientific age, girls have made great strides. But some people's mental capacity is so low that they do not even know the meaning of right and wrong. Lost in thought, I began to feel colder. And I went inside. I put a cup of coffee on the table and started writing because I had found a title that was based on fact.

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