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That Walk..

That Walk..

3 mins

“Mom, I am going for a walk”, I said to my mother. Today I came back after a long time to my home for my summer holidays. At night I had a lot in dinner, thanks to my mom’s handmade food which I was craving for since long, therefore I decided to go for a walk. I played my favorite playlist on my phone put my earphone and started walking. It was an autumn season and the weather was also very pleasant, so it was refreshing to walk at night.

I must have walked a few miles, suddenly I felt something from behind. As soon as I turned back, I found a cute little girl must be around 10 to 12 years, holding a corner of my shirt trying to ask for something. I said, “what happened, dear”. She said, “Can I also listen to the song”. I said, Sure why not. That’s when I heard the voice of a lady saying “Shruti, come here”, calling that little girl. When I saw her, she was looking very familiar, I guess she and her family were shifted in our neighborhood when I came last time. She came near to me and said, “Sorry for the trouble”. “ it’s ok” I said. She was looking similar to my age, as I was 22, she must be either 22 or less. In order to begin the conversation, I asked, have u recently shifted here. She nodded yes. Our conversation begins, as we started walking again. She introduced herself as Riya. She asked, and you. “Rohan”

I said.

Riya: “what you do, Rohan”

Me: “ I am in MBA final year”

Riya: “ means after this… big company, big house… minting a lot of money…. Huh ..( laughing)

Me: “ No, not like that actually, I wanted to become a chef..( she interrupted).

Riya: “ Wow, even I wanted to become chef, but theek hai waha bhi khana banati, yaha bhi bana hi rahi hoon.( but that’s ok I would have cooked there, same, doing here) she jokingly said….

Though she was laughing, I could have sensed a strong turmoil going inside her mind, that she is not happy with her marriage.

After a brief pause, she said “ you will have to invite me haa, whenever there will be an opening of your restaurant, and I would also lend a hand if you need, she said (laughing)

Yaa, definitely... I said.

In that peaceful night, She keeps on talking continuously, as if she wanted to pour her heart out

She knew that there is no one to judge her…. Unlike her in-laws.

As we walked further, We started talking more about our interests, passions, etc, I felt we almost share the same things.

You seem a nice person, she said ( smiling).

“Thank you,” I said (smiling)

As we were walking, our hands passed through each other’s, maybe we both wanted to hold them, but deep inside our hearts, we both knew that it won’t be possible.

It's true that we don’t want to end that walk, just wanted it to have remained like this…….

Kuch rishton ke naam nahi hote,

unke hone ka ehsaas hi kaafi hota hai…

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