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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats


Thank You For Your Service

Thank You For Your Service

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Veterans Day special

Thank you for your service.

Today is a day we thank the brave men and women that serve or had served in our armed forces. It's sad that in today's world we need a designated day to thank people that we care about or to tell them we are proud of them.

We should tell them every chance we get. There is nothing that warms my heart more than walking in an airport and telling or hearing someone tell a soldier in uniform thank you...those simple two words that mean so much to them.

These brave men and women CHOOSE to fight for our country, they don't have to, they wanted to! Big difference!

I come from a military family, my dad (my step-father Nunu and my real dad Louie) served in the Air force and the Navy respectively. All of my dad's siblings served, my cousins served. 

My Nunu marched in every Veterans and Memorial day parade in uniform until he could no longer walk and then he sat in his wheelchair in uniform, saluting the others that walked as he once had. I know what it is like to be a proud American family that served its country.

Many of my friends and ex-boyfriends served as well, the prince was a proud Marine for 8 years. This is something to be proud of, for each and every one of us should stand up and thank them as much and as often as we can.

People treated them with disrespect because it wasn't "our war" but that was not up to them, they served the way their country needs them to serve without question.

What kind of country lets our service people come home and get shity medical care? No jobs? Homeless with no mental care after all they saw and all they had to do, things we could never imagine, just to keep us free.

Our senators and house representatives get lifetime pay for what? Sitting on their ass's in Washington? No, our service people should be getting that! They deserve it, they fought, they deserve our love, our respect,0, and our funds.

So today my friends don't wait for a "special "day to thank the brave men and women that serve to keep us free, make every day be a "special " day because it are free because of them, isn't it that special enough?

To all the men and women out there…..Thank you all for your service, thank you for keeping me free so that I may worship who I chose, that I may choose my president and be able to write what I feel each and every day....thank you...thank you.

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