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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Subhasish Paul



Subhasish Paul


“ Telephone Of 12 At Night”

“ Telephone Of 12 At Night”

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When Amit got back his conscience, he discovered himself in a hospital bed. He tried to realize for a while where he was then. Spreading his eyes, he watched everyone around him. Anxious faces of his parents. Grandmother was sitting beside him. She kept her hands softly on his head. Amit tried to lift himself a bit. Sat with the support of a pillow in his back. Silence engulfed the entire room.

Breaking the silence, her Grandmother asked ‘ how are you feeling now, my child?’

With a pale smile in the face, Amit replied ‘much better Grandma.’

His mother was standing speechlessly with empty eyes till then. A cloud of tears cemented on her eyes. She could not restrain anymore. Broken down into tears. His father was trying to console her. She was still weeping.

‘Hello young man, how are you feeling now?’ Doctor asked with a smile.

‘Feeling much better’ Amit replied with a smile.

‘Very good, I am going to relieve you. You may go home and take complete rest for the next two days.’ The doctor replied while writing his prescription.

‘Hello doctor, is there anything to be worried about ?’ asked Amit’s father.

‘Absolutely nothing. It is more about mental setbacks than clinical disorder. Require mental healing. Take care of him. Ensure, few days he does not remains alone.’ Doctor replied. Giving necessary instruction to sister, Doctor went away,

When they came back home it was almost 3 PM. Amit took a deep shower. I could not eat properly. I was feeling extremely tired both physically and mentally. He lied down on his bed. Her mother came and gave her company. Though it was mid-January, the winter season at Kolkata, still he switched on the fan to get rid of his restlessness. He closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep but unable. The misery, the panic of the last night kept on haunting him every moment. He could not come out of the trauma.

Amit was about to appear in the Class X board exam. Not even a month was left for the exam. Amit was intelligent, studious throughout. He wanted to become a ‘Doctor.’ His parents were also ambitious about their son’s dream and were having faith on him.

It was the third week of January. Kolkata witnessed a better cold in this year. People confined themselves at home even when the evening is young. Busy road of the evening of Southern Avenue used to becomes almost deserted after 10 PM. Only a few speeding cars used to pass breaking the silence of the night. Completing his dinner, Amit sat for his exam preparation. His parents went to bed in the next room. Grandmother fell into sleep much earlier.

It is almost 11. He was revising his geometry. Silence engulfed the entire atmosphere around him. An unknown bird from the side by lake gardens was breaking that silence. As if, he wanted to proof his existence to this mankind. Amit concentrated on his study.

Suddenly the telephone started ringing in the drawing room. Only once and then stopped. Amit looks at the wall clock. It was at 11.48 pm. He was thinking who can be at this midnight. He was waiting for a while and no ringing anymore. He thought somebody might have done mistakenly. He again concentrated on his studies. After 10 minutes, the telephone started ringing again. Continued ringing, breaking the silence of the night. Amit got astonished. Who could be at this midnight? He has gone there in a hurry and holds the phone. His parents also came out of their beds.

‘ Hello, is it Amit? I am Aveek here’ Aveek’s voice was quavering in anxiety.

‘ Yes, it’s me here, what happened? why are you calling at this night time?’ Amit asked.

‘ Please come soon, My parent’s car has had an accident.’ Amit listens to the gloomy voice of Aveek on the other side.

‘ Where has it happen ?’ Asked Amit.

‘At Bondel Gate, Bullygunj, the car collides with a running train and smashed.’ Not giving any further opportunity to asking any further questions, Aveek disconnected the phone.

Aveek was the best friend of Amit. Since their very childhood, they were in the same school and class. Both of them had free entry to each other’s house. He got puzzled and astonished with this shocking news. I even forgot to keep the receiver in place.

‘ Whose call was it? what happens ?’ His father came forward to ask.

‘Aveek called me. His parent’s care got an accident at Bondel Gate Crossing. He wants me to be there right now’ Amit replied with fearful voice.

‘ Yes yes, we must go. Don’t be so nervous. Get ready and we will move right now’ His father consoled him and stepped towards his room.

The doorbell started ringing. Amit became afraid. Who can be at this point?

‘ Amit, please open the door I am Aveek here’ . Amit rushed towards the door and opened it as if he has been hypnotized.

‘Why have you not reached yet? I called you long before.’ Aveek seemed to have breathlessness. Anger, agony everything was falling down from his voice. He was looking Amit with empty eyes. Sweat in his forehead even in this winter. Amit was surprised. How and where from Aveek can come so early.

‘ Let us move now. Come fast’ His father stepped towards the staircase. Two friends followed him. They started their car. The roads were almost empty. Moving fast, reached Bondel Gate within 10 minutes. Parked the car and got off hurriedly. Aveek was almost pulling Amit towards the accident spot. Was not visible properly with the dimming lights. Even at that night few people surrounded the broken car but afraid of touching it. The head-on collision between car and the train turned the car into the debris almost. Unbearable. This calamity cannot be seen. Nothing was visible well in the lighting. Avik opened a door somehow. Some of the body in the blood. Unable to trance anyone firmly.

‘ I am holding the feet, you hold the head, we will take it to that side’ saying this Aveek moved forward towards the feet.    

Aveek holds the feet, Amit holds the head. Amit’s father was helping Aveek in carrying the body full of blood. They do not know who they were carrying and whether he is dead or alive. They were running away in a whirlwind. At that time a train was coming at rapid speed through the line besides. The headlight was coming on them. For the first time they got the opportunity to see the body clearly. Amit looked at the body they were carrying fearfully. All his blood started freezing. It is, as if the ground is moving from under the feet. Amit’s head started spinning. He realized, the body he and Aveek were carrying was of Aveek’s itself. Amit looked at Aveek. He was looking at Amit at ghostly sight. What anger, greediness and aggression in that look. The body fell down from Amit’s hand. He was also about to fall down. His father came and hold him. The speeding trained crossed them with a loud whistle. He lost his conscious and got it back at the hospital bed.

Amit could not sleep. I got up and sat on the bed.

‘What happens, my son?’ asked his mother.

‘ Unable to forget, unable to forget at any means’ Amit blurted out ‘ I can’t accept Aveek’s death, the last night’s incident, all are floating in front of my eyes. couldn’t dare to close my eyes’

His mother called his father, Grandma. Everyone was trying to convince him, console him, trying to give him comfort. Amit is very dear to his Grandma. Grandma took him to her lap and gently started saying ‘ My dear child, let me convey you something. Last night you have taken rebirth again. God has given you a new life. Otherwise, we could not have got you back today.’ Grandma paused for a while. His parent was looking each other’s face. Grandma went on saying ‘ You know Beta, both human birth and death are very strange. Everything is predetermined. God has defined our destiny. We are only sailor to flat our life. It is very obvious that you will have pain and sufferings for Aveek. He was your best friend. A nice boy. But it was his destiny. You know, when our soul leaves one body after the death of a human being, it immediately wants to take one of it’s near and dear one with it as it’s the companion. Aveek lost his parents. You may be his next loved one and wanted to take you away. You have a long life as your destiny, so you survive. If you do not have dropped Aveek’s body at the right time, you too have fallen on that train.’ Grandma kept quiet. The whole house was covered in silence. Amit’s mother fluttered. The sunsets in the west. Darkness was outside the window. That unknown bird from the side by lake called back again. Amit hugged his Grandma tightly. Maybe for the search for peace.

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