Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!
Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!



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When I was a teenager…

When I entered the classroom, I saw my teacher standing near the window alone. That day, I reached the school earlier. My class teacher was standing lonely and watching out of the window. Slowly I drag my bag from my shoulder and put it on the table. I thought the sounds shouldn't disturb her. She was watching the road resting her cheek toward the window slide. Her curly hair fluttered on her cheeks and played with her face. She didn't care for that as she was lost in nature's beauty. She was in a deep thought. She didn't even notice that one of her students was in her classroom. 

      I watched her for few minutes. I was studying in 10th standard. I have nothing to do there because I went earlier to the class. One of my class teachers called some of us for an extra class, but in the meanwhile, the class teachers were absent and the class was dismissed. Most of the students were absent and some were gone back to home. I have no idea about the cancellation, so I went early and sat in a corner of the classroom when my eyes were stuck on her. She was looking so beautiful that I felt she was totally new to me. Other than my class teacher and me, nobody was there. I don't know why the teacher came so early; may be she has to attend her class too. 

      She was wearing a pink colored sari. She was looking gorgeous on her light pink colored body. Her eyes were looking as if she was in deep pain; she was only 28-29 years old. In that age, someone has to feel great and have dreams for future. But her eyes were looking as if she misses someone.

      She was only some distance away from me. Suddenly a current of air blows and Corner of her sari rolled over on my face. It touches my chin and shoulder. It was so smooth and lightweight as a velvet cloth. It flutters with the waves of the wind. The fragrance of flowers filled the room. It must come out of the garden situated next to the window, where Champa, Lilies, and Rose flowers were bloom. 

      I want to concentrate my eyes on my book, which was opened in front of me, but my mind and eyes were watching her unknowingly. My eyes were embracing and touch her body here and there, her uncovered waist and her position of standing style pulling me toward her. Her curly hair and her shape of the body attracted me towards her. My eyes were touching every part of her body. 

     When I realized that how my thoughts are going on her. I jerked my head and went out slowly from the classroom. I came out of the class and stood on the balcony watching the lane. But my thoughts weren't leaving me. I knew something went wrong with me, my heart beat sounded like a siren in my mind.

     Suddenly, I felt guilty. What is going on in my mind is not good. I have to say sorry to her, after all, she is my teacher, and how could I think so? I felt very sorry to see her that way. If she knew what I thought of her, then what would she do? Would she beat me? I blurred. I have to go from here or I should break her silence. It may help me to come out of the situation. 

      Yes, it’s right to give a break to her silence. I went into the classroom and tapped gently on the table to show my presence in the classroom.

      She came out of the situation and said, "Oh! Vaibhav it’s you?"

      "Yes Mam, Anything wrong Ma'am?" I asked.

      "No, nothing, it’s perfectly alright." She said, "Take your seat."

      "Thank you, Ma’am," I said.

      I couldn't ask for an apology, after that, I couldn't be able to see her face directly.

      Some feelings and some situations hurt so much that they draw a line in our mind and we never want to recall what we face. I don't know what and why all these happened but it disturbed me very much. That may be due to the age disorder or something else, but I never ever forgot that moment throughout my life, and till now I couldn't dare to see straight to a women's eye.

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