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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

A Night At Home

A Night At Home

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Samira is a resident of Jubilee hills, Hyderabad. She was living with her parents from 15 years. She met with an accident and got her leg fractured. At the mean time her mom and dad had to attend an important wedding function. So they have to go to attend the function. So, they went out for two days. Her mom Anuhya requested the maid Rangi to look after Samira and to take all possible care for her.

     That was Saturday night 10.30pm. Samira was watching TV. She was already bored by changing the channels. "All channels have the regular serials like Saas-bahu’ skhitpit or love. I am just fed up with these serials, nothing new in it. Boring.... Channels have to do something new. Stories should have some new ideas mingled with thrill or excitement and experimental. Probably channels aren't getting good stories or writers haven't new thoughts like scientific or action movies. They should know what type of stories the new generation needs." She murmured and thrown the remote to a corner of the sofa and silently sat a side. The time was 10.40pm.

      But the second day Rangi got a call from home. Her son, who is studying in 8th standard, got caught with cold and high fever. His father Raghav took him to a doctor. After checking him the doctor said, “The symptoms are of H1N1 a dangerous infectious virus of swine I have to do some tests. The flu can take a life if not recognized and treated earlier”. Doctor prescribed some tests and kept him under observation. Rangi got shocked to hear this and worried about him. Samira told her to go to meet him and to admit him in a good hospital. Rangi was very concerned about Samira too. So, she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner before leaving but Samira gave her some money and told her to go immediately.

     "But Baby, how will you manage yourself? I will prepare some food for you then I'll go. Your parents are also not available how could I Leave you alone in this condition?”

    "Don't worry Rangi, I'll manage. So, you go. Your son needs you."

    "But how could you manage?"

    "Rangi, don't bother I'll take care of myself."

    "Rangi closed all the doors of the house and told her to lock the front door tightly after she goes." 

     Samira smiled and said, “OK."

     The time was 10.50 pm. Samira self-served her dinner. She took some cornflakes and milk as a dinner and had some fruits. After dinner she went to her room with the help of wheel chair. The room was neatly designed. There was a bed in the middle of the room and a night lamp on the bed side table. A book shelf was there and a land-line phone was kept on the bedside table. She lifts the phone and talked to her parents for a while. She hasn't informed them about Rangi and her son as they will worry to know that she is alone at home.

      Samira took a magazine and tried to read but she couldn't concentrate. So kept that aside. She opened the wardrobe and saw thoughtfully. Her eyes got stuck on a light red embroidery sari. That was the same sari she wore on her birthday. That sari was gifted by Mahesh, her would-be. So that was so special to her. She took the sari out of the wardrobe and holds tightly to her chest, a drop of tear runs down to earth.

      Suddenly Samira stands up with a walking stick, slightly supporting her bandaged leg she sits in front of the mirror and tried to wear the sari. At last she managed to wear. She took out some matching bangles from the drawer and wore them too. She watched herself for some time and thought really she is looking so beautiful in the sari. She appreciated Mahesh and said, “Mahesh has a good choice and he knows very well what suits her.” After finishing her makeup, she came to the hall. That was 11.40 pm. 

     She tried to pour some water into a glass to take medicines but she found the jar was empty. She moved to kitchen with her wheelchair. As she reached near the fridge suddenly lights went out. The whole Bungalow turned into dark in a moment. 

     "Oh! No, now where will I search for a candle? Lights have to go today only?"  Samira felt upset.

     Samira moved to kitchen and searched for candles. "Thank god, here they are." She has lit the candles and lightens the room. A stream of cold breeze rushed inside from the open window. The candles about to blown but she covered the flame with her hand and slowly put the candle on the table. She went to the window and managed to close it and took a bottle of water from fridge. As she turned the wheel chair towards the hall surprisingly she heard a strange sound from her back. She uttered herself is there someone? She thoughtfully asked, “Anybody is there?” but didn't get any answer.

      She took a knife from the fruit basket along with an apple and returned to the hall. The bungalow was completely dark. She checked all the doors and windows again and closed them tightly. 

      The candle lights have lightened some extent of the hall. As she tried to cut the apple again she heard the sound in the kitchen. This time she was frightened. She could hear her heartbeat clearly. She holds the knife tightly. "Who is there?" She asked but nobody answered.

     Again she asked, "Who is there? I know someone is there. Why are you not answering me? Come out of the kitchen."

     No answer.

     She came towards the kitchen with the candle in her hand. She saw a shadow standing near the fridge. "Who is there?”

     The shadow came out. She questioned, “Who are you? What are you doing here? How did you come in?"

     He kept silent.

     "Do you know my parents are upstairs? I can shout..." She tried to show him as her parents are in.

      "No, Sshh... I will kill you ...if you shout." He came out of the kitchen and put his revolver on her head.

      She has no words. After a while he asked, "I am hungry did you have some food?"

      She couldn't see him clearly as he stands in dark. His height was almost 5.6 inches wore a blue jeans and a pink T-shirt. A pistol was in his hand. His sharp eyes were watching around. Watch alarmed as midnight 12 o'clock. 

      "Is there something to eat?" He asked again. "I am very hungry. Tell me tell me...” he was in hurry. He started searching for food in the kitchen. But he found nothing.

      "Hey tell me is there anything to eat?" He forced her to give him some food. 

      "No nothing is there to eat. I have already finished my dinner." 

      "Something must be there in the fridge, Let me see. He searched in the freeze but found nothing to eat. He snatched the apple from her hand and ate quickly. She has hidden the knife in her back.

     "Who are you? I have closed all the doors then how did you come inside?"

     "Hmm...sshh..."he puts his finger on her mouth.

     "Shut your mouth... I hate questions." He put his pistol on her forehead. "Don't try to check my patience." He said and sat on a corner of the sofa. He kept his pistol aside and asked "who else are there in the house?”

      Samira kept silent. She couldn't understand how to manage him to go out of the home without creating any scene or damage in the house. She was afraid if he attacks her then how could She escapes from him?  When he sat on the sofa she saw him in the glimpse of light fell on his face from a distance. He was young may be of 22-23 yrs. old. His eyes seemed so tired and a little fear hidden behind the eyes. It was 12.15am. She has to wait for 7hours more. Her parents will reach in the morning.

     "If you would like to eat then I can make some food for you". She said as she has to past some time to divert his mind. 

     He thought for a while and said "ok, but I will help you."

     Samira nodded her head and said," Ok."

     Samira made some noodles and he helped her to pass the utensils and spices. "May I ask what is your name?" asked Samira.

    He stares at her thoughtfully. 

    She said, "Don't be afraid I am not going to call police.”

    "Then what about your parents?" He asked.

    She thinks for a while and said, "I am alone at home."

    He got some relief and said, "I am Shekhar. I broke the jail and came out.”

    "Why did you go to jail?”

    "I murdered my friend. I stabbed him twice with a knife; He died what could I do. I never expect him to die. Police arrested me and put me in a jail. My career my life everything spoiled. Yesterday I managed to break the jail with the help of this gun and ran away. I had nothing from last night and remember I can kill you too if you play any tricks with me.” 

     “If you were in jail then how did you get the revolver?” he didn’t answer. She slowly said, “You are looking so innocent; no one can even think you are a murderer." She said. It was 1.10am.

     He kept quiet for a while and said, “Don't try to be clever. I will kill you if you ask more questions. I said earlier that I hate questions.” He kept his pistol on her forehead and said, “Nobody can catch me. I can do anything with you. You are nice and good looking. You can't run from me and nobody is in the house to save you."

     She shivered and got sweated; she tried to hide her reaction. She served the noodles in a plate and said, "Shekhar here you go. You can eat fearlessly." 

     He took a scoop of noodles and had a look at her. "Are you playing any trick on me?" That was 1.25am.

    "No... Why am I? You said you are hungry and so I cooked food for you that's all." She tried to keep a smile on her face.

    “Oh that’s good. Then you eat some then I will believe.”

     He put a spoon full of noodles into her mouth. She refused to eat but He forced her. She got choked and coughed. Continuously she felt nausea and vomiting. She requested him for water but he refused to give her. After left her sometime to suffer he gave the water bottle to her and made her comfortable. She continued to vomit. He got angry and beaten her up. "What do you want? You tried to kill me? Right."

     She continued to cough and shook her head as ‘no’ and at last managed to say, "I have an allergy with the masala of the noodles and doctors suggested me not to eat noodles." She was almost in a fainted condition. In that condition she removed the knife from her back and hold tightly. 

      He gave her water and tried to uplift her in his arms. Suddenly she slit his hand with the knife. "Yeah" He screamed with pain. Blood unleashed from the deep cut of his hand. He sat on the sofa and tried to stop the blood. He removes a handkerchief from his pocket and tied tightly on the cut.  He threw the knife from her hand and lifts her in his arms. She afraid and beats him up and tried to free herself from his hands. Holding her tightly he took her into the room and thrown her on the bed. She started crying and screamed “leave me please. ...  Please believe me..... Nothing was added in those noodles.... Leave me." Time was 1.50am

      He had a serious look towards her, covered a blanket and came out of the room. She felt relief for a moment. When Shekhar went out she tried to pick the phone up from the bedside table to inform someone or call for help. At the same time he came with the wheel chair and saw she is trying to call someone. He became angry and came in with a force. He lifts the phone, removes the connection and threw a side. The phone has smashed in a second. That was 2.00am.

      She shivers of his actions. "Don't know how I can spend this complete night. I wish it won't turn into a nightmare." She mumbled herself.

     He came near the bed. Suddenly lights came. He came closer to her. Looking into her eyes he put one of his hands by her side and said, "You are so beautiful. As like as a flower." She closed her eyes with a mixed feeling of fear and hate.

     “You know very well that I could do anything with you, if you wants to be safe then keep quiet and don't try to be clever...." He shouted. She holds the blanket tightly to her chest and remain closed her eyes. 

     After some time when she opened the eyes he wasn't there and the door was closed. Time shows 2.30am. She couldn't dare to come out from the room, silently sat on the bed throughout the night.

     At 5.00am. A silence spread over the Bungalow. She tried to hear if any sound comes out from the hall but she didn't find anything suspicious. She got off from the bed and tried to connect the phone but that was hit the wall and smashed earlier. She came out of the bed room. She saw he was resting on the sofa and the plate, she served the noodles, was empty. She smiled. As he heard the sound of the door he woke up. Once He looked into Samira's eyes and took his coat and stood up to leave and said, "Thanks. I'll remember this day.” 

     Samira couldn’t say a word just smiled in reply.

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