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Poonam Vaze

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Poonam Vaze

Abstract Drama Inspirational



4 mins

This moment you have to cheat death. You are drained and parched. The wish to quench your thirst has surpassed the will to breathe.

'O Lord Rama give me one drop of water and then you can take my breath away. 'You fold your shivering hands and keel over the blistering spread of sand . With your intense willpower you raise up and feel like a real stalwart. Your eyes set on the vast endless desert. It's invincible, bulletproof and baking hot. You wonder what made Lord Rama create this barren desert? It's of no use. It can only scorch humans to death. And you are the next target of its torrid heat. You take the Shemagh and wipe the rolls of perspiration flowing from your body.

You curse yourself for embarking this desert trekking adventure.

'Why didn't I listen to my family? They were against this stupid adventure.' You sulk in a dark gulf of thought.

But something keeps your body and soul together. You can't figure out what that 'SOMETHING is. Your body has lost hopes but your soul wants to live a bit more. And so you drag your body ahead in the prickly hot sand.

'No no I give up.' You say and finally drop yourself down. You are now counting your last breaths. You are wheezing heavily. You feel dizzy and your eyes are almost closing. And in a black opaque you see a green color object. How did I see green colour in this desert? You open your eyes widely. You see a small sapling swaying lightly amidst the barren deserts. You can't believe what you have seen.

Who gave water to this tiny plant in this barren land?

From where did the sprout get its nutrition?

How was it created in a land where survival is so difficult? Lord Rama made it possible. A spark of awakening enlightens you. The land which seemed barren and useless is now looked by you as the most beautiful creation of this universe.

You suddenly feel some weight on your shoulders. Well Wow !!!! You have your backpack. How can you forget that you were carrying the backpack??

You sit up straight and fiddle in your bag . Your water bottle is half filled. Hurray !!!!There's a pack of dates too. You remember an old man with long beard and a black mark on his forehead. Yes that old man gave this pack of khajoor to you. You recollect how hesitant you were to take the packet from the man who wore a white cap. The black mark on his forehead kind of disturbed your blind religious sentiments. But you took the packet of dates after the persistent persuasion of the old man with a white cap. It's the most important thing at this present moment. You thank the old man with black mark on his forehead. You met him coincidentally before your journey.

'Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.' The great Albert Einstein said.

You feel like walking on a sunshine when you see a caravan. The sight of humans after one day makes you enriched with happiness. They offer you food and clothes and you feel secured and safe with them. But they are again people with white caps and black mark on forehead. How can orange color go along happy and safe with green color ?? Furthermore they are now entering the place of their worship. A place where you dare not step. Then you remember the old man with the white cap. You have equated him to God. Your God. Your God is Lord Rama. So the old man with black mark on his forehead is Lord Rama.

You remember the saying of a priest 'Kan Kan main hai Ram.'

Feeling secured and blissful, you enter the place of worship of the caravan people.

Agar kan kan main hai Ram

Tho phir Mohammed bhi hai Ram

Aur Ram bhi hai Mohammed .

It's rightly said that we experience the phenomena of God in adversity.

God is everywhere. He comes is various avatars. God gives everyone their back pack. A bag full of hope, faith and optimism. It's for us to discover the back pack of our life.

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