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Desiraju Durga Surya Sai Kumar

Inspirational Abstract


Desiraju Durga Surya Sai Kumar

Inspirational Abstract

Straight From My Diary...2010

Straight From My Diary...2010

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Sometimes ago I suffered Chicken Pox and even though I understood the indications of what was to come, I decided to take a doctor’s advice and so I walked to my doctor. It was the same doctor and the same clinic which I had been visiting since last 20 years for some reason or the other. The atmosphere was different then, its different now.

Then, the clinic was almost nonexistent, or it was being brought to life. Every time I visited him, almost every quarter I could see the changes-infrastructure wise and at a personal level also, the Doc was a changed man. The focus had shifted more on the ATM and checkbook pages than the health of the ailing patients.

However, the footsteps did not decline. Today enter the clinic and you could sense the change. upgraded technology, reception counter, attendants, the outdoor ward with ready to help doctors and a lot more but I pause and look at it- the Charges. They are way beyond what a private doctor would be charging, or you would desire to shell out.

Check out this example: I went to the outdoor counter and told my problem of rashes and fever frequency and he directed me to the appropriate doctor. I had to go through the toll gate of payment first and then only would the Doctor would check or else, I would not be getting access to the God Father! I shelled out Rs.100 ( the fee varies from Doctor to Doctor as per specialization) and she tapped the keyboard and gave the command ctrl+p for a print....a paper appeared with the clinic's name emblazoned on the top with the name of the Doctor and his specialization on the other side of the sheet and with the name of the patient below it- the rest was left blank for the Doctor to be filled up after diagnosis. I took the sheet and handed over a hundred bucks to her and walked in the crowd of patients-unity in diversity it was, as there were chambers four or five and outside, on the corridor was a beehive, of patients old and young waiting to be tested upon and sucked out financially.

I sat and watched the footsteps-some ran, some were being wheeled in, in frail conditions, some were pretty and I failed to see why they were there, some faces worried as if Hercules had designated them to hold the globe for some time, some rushed in and out of the rooms, presumably the attendants as if they were on a surgery mode, wails of children and shouts of the impatient relatives of the patients, sirens and ring tones of new movies on branded mobile sets( the posters read-switch off your mobiles...who cares????) ............

Finally, my turn came, and I went in with my college backpack. I sat on the steel round stool for the patients or rather the victim of the prey and started to pour my woes when the door suddenly opened to let 4 men in, unclean for their looks and unfit to be patients. The Doctor, holding my wrist ready to read my pulse greeted them with a grin and the business talk started. It was all about the elevator to be repaired and the payments to be made.... all with a patient awaiting the doctor’s diagnosis!!!!

He continued his routine work without looking at me or listening to what I had to tell him-he kept his attention to the engineers who were speaking with a Bengali accent and then scribbled some medicines which even a pharma guy in a medical store would tell you for free. I gave a disgusting glance at him and moved ahead for the next level.

I went into the chamber only to be asked: "have you made a bill for the test?"

The next moment, I walked to the counter and asked him to bill for the blood test."Rs.300" he said. I looked at him surprised as to ask him what the test was all about and why did it cost so much?? no issues, I thought and asked him, “do you accept card payments?" to which he chirped "only cash". it meant no ATM to withdraw ATM existed 1.5 km away from the location and I did not want to bother myself shelling out Rs.300 for a disease which my mother would predict without an MBBS degree." I told him and walked out.

Business means. It never needs a blood test to confirm whether you are suffering from Chicken Pox or not, because indications are enough to tell what it is. My curiosity to get it confirmed from a certified person cost me hundred bucks and would have cost me a fortune had I gone ahead with the blood test that Doc scribbled in the prescription (worthless it was, I could say!). All I think of even today after so many days is that has the profession of healing the suffering become a business in its own standards?? How much do they loot from the patients every day to build a hospital well equipped with AC rooms fitted with a TV and cushioned beds for attenders to the patients? Are people making a fool of themselves as well or are they ignorant to the magic wand of money swindling the Doctors possess?

Both, I would say. One cannot commit mistakes if not tempted to do so.

I learned a lesson. Won’t be going to the Doctors for some illness I can predict and take precautions...leave the Doctors to treat you for a big ailment.

Winna be a money maker??? Study it.

The next big moneymaker: educational pursuits!

Sorry if it hurts any one’s sentiments.... whatever has been written in the blog is out of the personal experience not once but many times...


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