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Wrong Call And Right Connect

Wrong Call And Right Connect

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I was in a meeting with some high profile clients when my phone buzzed. Once, twice... five times.

A few minutes later, there was a call from one of my client's number and I swiped the green button to its right. A sweet voice greeted me and started talking. I looked at my phone screen for a second and then before disconnecting said, "Sorry Ma'am, it seems to be a cross-connection".

The buzz started again, after half an hour. This time, Mr. Shen, one of the clients with whom I was discussing a project asked me to attend the call and address the issue. Disturbed and angry, I politely took excuse, moved out of the room and decided to end this fussy caller's inquisitiveness to disturb me for no reason. I was greeted by the same sweet voice.

"What do you want Miss?"

"I would like to ask you the same question Mr. Kartik. What do you want?"

Surprised that the lady knew my name, I paused for a second and assumed it to be a prank from one of my friends. Clearing my throat and lightening my mood, I continued.

"A date with the most beautiful you tomorrow but as of now, if I fail to convince my clients, tomorrow would never come for me. Pranks later. TTYL!" I disconnected the call and rushed back to the meeting with a smile.

The meeting ended on a success note.

As I drove back home, I reverted the call and decided to continue with my prankster friend.

A few rings later, I disconnected the call when I saw what the True caller app displayed. Sireesha.

Shrugging my shoulders, I turned on the FM and drove home listening to some old numbers.

An early morning call, unusual for me, woke me up. Attending the call in a sleepy voice, I was again greeted by the same sweet voice whom the app identified as Sireesha.

"Hi Sweet guy! Will meet you today. Timing 4.30 p.m. Vyom Chambers."

I sprang as if I was on a trampoline! Vyom Chambers was where I was about to meet my client today. What was this suspense?

At 4.30 P.M. at Vyom Chambers, I started scanning for unknown faces and there was one. She smiled and I acknowledged.

A chat a few minutes later, cleared my doubts.

The story thereafter was a story of my life with Mrs. Sireesha Kartik.

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