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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats



Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats


Speaking about what you love

Speaking about what you love

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Speaking about what you love

If you follow me you know that I started a new venture called Soul Sisters Soulutions. I've been dreaming about this for years and it finally became a reality.

Me and my dear friends in Soul Sisters Soulutions are doing a zoom conference Today, Tuesday September 21 @ 7pm and in it, we will each be talking about what we are passionate about.

Cindy will be speaking about healing through self care and self love.

Christine will speak about reigniting your passion for living 

Each of us is passionate about what we are speaking about and believe that we can help others with what we've learned 

Of course I am talking about writing. That is my passion, my purpose, it's what I do every day whether I get paid or not because this is part of my soul. 

I am speaking on healing your soul through writing and music.

I've learned so much about myself and my past through my writing and know that you can too. Now I'm not talking about being a writer or a blogger, I'm talking about journaling your private thoughts to yourself. Really admitting your deepest darkest fears and your shortcomings that you pretend you don't have. I get it we all do this, seriously who wants to admit their faults? But writing down your life story and looking back for where you went off track, where others may have pushed you off track will help you. When you connect the dots on what happened in your childhood to why you do the things or make the choices you do today it makes sense.

Trust and believe you will be amazed as I was when I started to write down my story. At first it was an outlet for me, to be able to speak my truth since I couldn't in my abusive marriage. I wasn't thinking about writing a book at first, I just needed to get all of the pain and hatred out of me. I needed a safe place for it to go and I knew for me it was a slippery slope that I could have fallen into, the rabbit hole of drugs and alcohol. I was already headed that way with my every night extra large glass of wine or some kind of liquor and sleeping pills in my bath crying myself into a place of peace that I remembered from years ago.

I knew that I was slipping fast and didn't want to go there, hit rock bottom again so this writing gave me an outlet, a safe outlet. I got to say everything I didn't have the guts to say to my ex husband. I got to stand up and speak my mind, something I couldn't do in real life. But as I kept on writing I realized that my need to please, had started years before this, with my grandmother. I would do something like a normal young kid would do and she would refuse to talk to me for days. I was like 5 or 6 and she lived with us so I would try to pick her flowers, write her a card but nothing, days would go by and she would ignore me.

I later picked a best friend who did the same thing and yes, it went on to the man I married. All of them withheld love when I did "something" wrong and I would try anything even admitting I was wrong when I wasn't to win back "their love" That was my ah ha moment when I connected the dots and admitted that I had the problem, I was a pleaser at any cost even my own happiness because clearly nothing would make them happy even if I did everything perfect, it wouldn't be good enough. I learned that was their problem not mine, I need to fix me and learn to see people like that and walk away.

But I wouldn't have been able to get to this point without my writing.

So today my friends, I hope you will join us for an eye opening discussion with like minded soul sisters that are here for you. Women that have been there and know the steps to help you change your life.

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram @Soulsistersoulutions 

"Be the change you want to see"


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