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Some Colors Of Love

Some Colors Of Love

12 mins

I think it is eight o clock, can’t even open my eyelids and don’t want to wake up from my bed. I just want to live with this dream where I could see my happiest day ever. Oh! Is it my dream or what? I can feel the hotness of the sun that’s why I can’t open my eyes. Finally, the alarm rang; I felt this alarm sound like a thunderstorm. I saw a yellow paper pasted with a coffee mug, but there is nothing written in that paper. I am blushed. It took twenty-five years to realize the taste of the world’s best coffee. It’s been eleven months that I’ve started to drink the coffee. But today the coffee smell is much greater than regular days. I just get down from the bed to see the sun. It is too hot. The sun doesn’t have any mercy on me why it came so soon. Suddenly I realized that ‘oh! It's late… it’s very late’ in fifteen minutes I got showered and ready to go to the office. I just call out the auto wala who demands the double amount of fare. I didn’t get any angry with him. On the way to the office, I saw a beautiful combination of white and red rose plants; I decided, on the way to return I'll buy the white one. I have one nonsense belief, if I hear the three different horn sounds at the same time my wish would be fulfilled, ‘ god, please… today I want my wish to happen’ I repeated myself again and again suddenly I heard the horn sound of many vehicles. I am very happy about today would be the luckiest day ever in my life and went into my dream world. After hearing so many horns sounds, I and my auto driver realized that it’s been three minutes that the signal switched red into green and the auto wala slept for a short time. Finally, I reached my office. I rush into the lift, its Shree’s voice ‘come fast Kayal’ yes that’s my name I’m working in an advertising department in the company of Zhen technology. It is a popular game company in Delhi. I am a person who is liked by everyone in the office. Everyone used to make fun of my English slang because I am from Kerala. While comparing with others, my slang is much different and finally, they tell ‘you are so cute’ with the pouted mouth. As I wish today is the luckiest day. The manager announces that my advertisement project had been selected to telecast on Television. Everyone congratulates me.

I just think about my first day in this office how I entered and because of that doggie monster’s evil plot I got rejected from the coding department, I didn’t expect he could be the interviewer. Later I applied for an advertising department at the same company where I rejected. I really hate that doggie monster because I’ve all the qualifications to get a job from the coding department. But he rejects me for only one reason that he hates me and he told me that I do not even deserve to get a minor job from this company; with an over self-confidence again I’ve applied the job at the same company. After joining the company, I just want to show him that I am working in the same company where he rejects me. Till two days I haven’t seen him in the office. After a week later the time came for my show off; Mr.Ratore the senior director who invites all the co-workers for his retirement function where he introduced me to everyone as ‘a youngest peculiar diamond’ at the moment the doggie monster stares at me. I am extremely happy at the moment, now my soul got the peace because I taught a lesson for doggie monster’s over attitude. I can’t control my happiness and I just walk in front and back to make him embarrassed.

Today I am just smiling about my stupid behavior. Suddenly I can able to feel the presence of a doggie monster. He came closer, I just gulped. I want to take my eyes off him but I can't. He came very closer, instead of congratulating he asks with the husky tone 'how was the coffee today do you like it..?' I kept quiet. I don't know how to face him. He is the doggie monster who rejects me. Except for myself, everyone calls him 'Amudan'. He has very good knowledge in every field and a smart worker. His husky voice makes me embarrassed I moved away from him. The senior director announces that today night we will have a party for my advertisement launch. Lunchtime came, today I didn't bring any food so I am waiting in a queue to get the food. I heard someone calls out my name and that voice is familiar to me.

I turned and saw a man who is holding a white rose plant, I am overwhelmed by this because the man is a doggie monster. He says 'congratulations catty, on the way to the office I saw this so bought it for you... hope u like it..' I didn't reply a word, instead of thanking him, I cried. He consoles me and says 'time has the power to change everything'. He went to get food for me. Meanwhile, I am thinking about change. What he meant by the change should I change anything..? or else am I changed because of him. I am madly speaking to myself, He came with the food. All of a sudden Shree ran towards us, she says that the senior director asks Amudan's pen drive which has important future projects. Now myself, Anudan and Shree went to Amudan's cabin to search the Pendrive. Unfortunately, we didn't get it. We5 booked a cab to find the pen drive at Amudan's residence where shree gets to know that I and Amudan living in the same house. 

Yes... He is the one who gave me the best coffee. The house is 1BHK while searching the Pendrive Shree tries to open my closet but I ignored her. In his desk, she found my photo and something is written on it. I don't know what is it but she read everything. Amudan gave me a kind of action to handle her. I just bring her to the balcony and tries to divert her questions. I am just showing the balcony view from the third floor truly it's so weird to view in the afternoons. But it's not longer than ten minutes she interpreted by asking about the relationship between me and Amudan, I try to change her topic but I don't have that talent. I really don't know how to handle her. So I decided to tell her the truth about us.

Randomly one year ago, After my graduation, I've applied for the post of secretary job at Mumbai. But my parents refused to go out of the district. Later I'd received a call letter from zhen technology I thought they didn't allow me to work there but they voluntarily advised me to work at Delhi, because they trust Amudan would act as a guardian for me. My father and Amudan's father were friends since childhood. Now myself and Amudan...... 

While talking to Shree we heard a loud voice of Amudan. I ran towards him. He lost his pen drive. Frustrated Amudan tries to break things in the house. I convinced him to sit calm, I request Shree to make some coffee for him. Now he hold my hands, without saying anything he cried like a child, I never saw him like this before. I really don't know the importance of that pen drive but I understood 'for me he is important and his tears are intolerable' I can't see him like this. He takes off my hands and wipes my tears instead of his. Then only I realized I am crying, without my permission tears came out and Shree left us alone. I hold his hands tightly because I  don't know how to console him. He just lay down on my lap.

The sun rises, I found myself alone and there is a card on the table. 'sorry to make you cry' he might be written it. I searched him anxiously and called him but he didn't pick up the call. Now I am totally blanked I don't know what to do next...

I cried helplessly, praying to God for him. After a few moments later my neighbors came, I told everyone with uncontrollable tears ' I've missed my Amudan' but no one gives a word. Suddenly he came with colorful balloons and chocolate cake. He says 'surprise!!! Happy Birthday...' I gave him a big slap and went to my room. In the room with the tears I thanking God for giving him back to me. He enters slowly like a tiger and kneels down on the bed 'Catty, sorry to make you cry' again I slapped him. He holds his hands on my chin and says 'I realized your importance in my life when I saw ur tears.. my heartbeat stopped I want you as my everything and will u be mine forever' 

This is an open confession again I cried. But these are all tears of happiness. After the birthday party, he cooked my favorite fish gravy which he hates. Then he brings me to the church where he proposes me for the marriage. I am confused. He says 'this time our marriage will be soul full and I hope you can understand what I mean..?' right now I refused to do and I insist him to go to the office because he should overcome his problems. We both of us move to office. On the way to the office I think about my pasts. How I came to Delhi, how I fell in love with Amudan...

eleven months ago, the first day in Delhi which so embarrassing. On the first meet, I didn't like Amudan, even he also hates me because of the inevitable situation we both should live in the same house. The first few days he didn't even look at me, he just does his work. Every morning he used to prepare a coffee and go to work. I won't do any household works. He appointed a servant but I hate her because she used to combine my belongings with his. Even he also dislikes her. he didn't fire her because 'I hate her'. Whatever I hate, he will like to do, which makes me irritated. In the house, we have been like Tom and Jerry. When I was in a bad situation he will irritate me. I went to an interview where he plots against me. Later a few more days, I felt, a kind of happiness when I irritate him. Every morning I used to hide his tie, socks, bike key, Identity Card, or whatever makes him late. I just want to reach the office before he reaches. This my task of every morning as well as evening also. 

I need a proper program to develop my add. I asked everyone for help to teach me. But everyone was busy with their works. I've tried to develop it but I can't it need some professional technique. He came first I'm late and skips the dinner. I never give up, I tried so hard but can't get the result. He knocks the room and asked me to switch off the light, I never mind him. He knocks very fast. I opened the door and shouted to him madly. He gave me some paper and ask me to switch off the light. 

He gave me some techniques to develop the add, it is not a printed paper. It is handwritten. 'perhaps is he written for me?' but even now I can't understand that I decided to ask him in the morning. I can't sleep, I keep thinking that why he told me to switch off the light because he always sleeps on the sofa which is in the hall and I used to sleep in my room. Or else he wants me to sleep early, what might be the reason...

I woke up very early and made some breakfast for him. I want his help, till now I didn't talk to him nicely. He ate, without telling anything he went out. I'm late and rushes to the office by auto. At lunchtime I waited to see him but he is in another meeting. This day ended without doing anything. I fed up and slept for an hour. When I came out it became night, I saw a man who is holding a motorcycle. A little close enough it is Amudan who is wearing casuals. I never saw him in casuals I thought he is waiting for me so my footsteps speed towards him. But he picks up Shree. I was wrong, 'why am I expect him, I hate you' I madly speaking to myself. It's 9 o clock I couldn't get any autorickshaw. I decided to walk, but the house is quite far from here. I can't walk more than one bus stand. Again I waited for auto. He came.....


Asks 'what happened to your phone?' I shouted him without telling the reason. For a moment we both kept quiet and he dropped me to the house. Again I can't sleep well, he came to my room without knocking, brings some food with coffee. He took the papers, which he gave to me last night. He Clearly explained the techniques and gave some advice to develop the add more. Before he leaves the room he says, 'hereafter let's go together'. I don't have any idea what he meant by together.

I can see some changes in him. Every time we fight each other, nowadays he is the one who avoids the fight. We start to eat together actually we did everything together. We both talk to our parents through video call, neighbors assumes that we were the married couples. In-office Amudan has its own girl followers. When they saw me with him, they start to spread the rumor. 

One of my senior directors asked to work overtime for my add project. After hearing that I think '

will he allow me..?' I request the senior to give some time to think about it. On the way to home, Amudan brings me to the restaurant. After ordering the food I told him about overtime work. He didn't give a word, even the night passed he didn't say anything. The next day dropping me to the office, he asked ' how many hours should I wait?'

To be continued....

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