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Pratik Routray

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational

Sob story of an Elephant

Sob story of an Elephant

2 mins

The life of an elephant is a sad one, in today's vile times.

Don't mistake my words as a direct attack on the creature's shortcomings. Far from it, this magnificent beast is a gentleman amongst ferocious predators.

It's us, humans, that the fury of my words sprays fire on.

We destroy the life of this peace-loving animal and make its life a sob story.

We poach them for their hide and tusk, enticing them using petty tricks like bombs inside pineapples.

You must have read or seen the vicious killing of a pregnant female elephant on news in recent times.

This heinous act, which killed two lives at the same time, for what?, a piece of hide and tusks. Acts like these occur everywhere, world-over.

Elephants are so nice and warm, rarely attack anyone without provocation or if they haven't gone mad. Personally I have only received love and positive vibes from an elephant whenever I have interacted with them.

I believe it's our human duty to allow such a magnificent creature to thrive peacefully in its natural habitat, without the perils of poaching. We cannot eliminate the bad guys or change their mentality, we can only stop them by setting up stringent laws and taking swift actions against them.

If we don't mend our ways and keep meddling with nature, nature has its ways of mending our ways.

Before nature shows us its dark sides, we need to take care of our destructive habits!

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