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Sujata Dash



Sujata Dash


Singing paeans

Singing paeans

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Dear diary,

With the onset of change in the way we live and work ,people have been discovering themselves and reinventing ways and means for mass remote working.

We may term this shift as revolutionary or the call of the hour,but looks like this is going to stay for long.

"Work from home " culture finds its roots in our history.

 We all grew up being part of a large family. To house more people, the architecture of yore had solutions.

 Each house was supported by a verandah-an outer appendage, (cooler version of our balconies) where grannies sat with grandchildren and fed them with fables , tales from Arabian Nights and stretched the borders of their imagination. This is where conch was blown in the evening ,synchronizing with sound of bells from nearby temples. It was done with a purpose-to ward off evil .

What we all recently did and supported the cause as a nation perhaps is a rejoinder of routines of our forefathers. By saying this, I do not mean to support, thinking and practices of any particular sect or religion, nor do I intend to offend any.

This is where the ladies sat in the afternoon to get some fresh air and engrossed them with knitting, stitching weaving etc and could cut down expenditures on tailoring.

Male members too had their share of cool breeze and took stock of procurement and maintenance of food chain. 

Thus the appendage remained a fluid barrier of work and home.

A bucket full of water with a mug was kept there. Anybody and everybody entering the house had to wash hands,legs and face before entering house.

So we now get to know that, sanitation is an age old phenomenon & History always loves to repeat itself.

It was pretty much there,though relegated to our psyche, today we are doing it religiously as fear goads us.

Since only pros are picked today, let me delve a bit deeper into human behavior as the impact has effected change in the pattern of functioning.

Dating and mating may be off the table due to the scare, but chatting has been fueled by this isolation.

Watsapp is flooded with forwards. Inputs about the scare does rounds and titillates our irritation break even.

Yet engrosses some. Something is always better than nothing.

Long distance romance is on the rise. One is no more lonely...does not feel lonely to be precise.

Simple pleasures of life and joys of having control over time, have contributed to yield of better results.

The biggest upside.... is the greater flexibility,to some extent it spells wonder for doing away with the presence of an intimidating boss. Like the sword of Damocleus he/she hangs over head perpetually.

One can log in for longer hours now and still be steady, as there is no stress for commutation.

Getting back home after a full day's work has remained a botheration all through and the present scenario has helped us to do away with it.

Cleaner air, smog free atmosphere,calmer work place(as we are working from home) perhaps will contribute to hone the best version of ourselves.

Slowly we are travelling back. The cusp of events have forced us to. 

We are learning to hug simple pleasures of life savoring home cooked meals,indulging in hobbies, taking diary notes,decorating house and putting each nook and corner to order.

Perhaps the dread has made us realize that, we are no different from each other when grim, scare and misfortune sets in.  

We shed a few drops when grief spreads tentacles, we exude smile when happy, we love ourselves and run for cover when chased by the ultimate. 

The giant tower of lavish illusions,that only rich can access the escape route, has crumbled to pieces....but HOPE has not.

Let us be there for each other, remain in unison ...these things matter in the present situation.  

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